dL Meaning - What does dL mean?

dL meaning is Dachau Lustknaben and other full form of dL definition take part in below table. There are 89 different meaning of dL acronym in the table which are compilation of dL abbreviation such as Music, Suppliers, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix, Fbi files etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of dL acronym which you look for in 89 different dL meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does dL mean?, dL meaning” or you can search by typing only dL abbreviation in the search box.
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dL Meaning

  1. Dachau Lustknaben Music
  2. Dale Suppliers, Ordnance Survey, Street Suffix
  3. Dallas Field Office Fbi files
  4. Daniel Leo Names and nicknames
  5. Danier Leather, Inc. Toronto stock exchange
  6. Darklight game, Texting
  7. Darling River Australia
  8. Darryl Lynn Names and nicknames
  9. Data Left Assembly
  10. Data Line Power Plant
  11. Data Link Telecom
  12. Data logging Geographic
  13. dead link Texting
  14. Dead Load Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Engineering
  15. Dealogic London stock exchange
  16. Deborah Lynne Names and nicknames
  17. Deciliter Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, Nursing, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Physics
  18. decilitre Common Medical
  19. Decorative Lamp Architecture
  20. Defensive Lineman Football, Sport
  21. Deficiency Low Physiology
  22. Define List Unix
  23. Definition List Telecom
  24. Defintion List Assembly
  25. Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company Rail transport
  26. Delete Lines Assembly
  27. Delta Aviation
  28. Delta Air Lines Airline, Civil aviation
  29. Deluxe Products
  30. Demi Lovato Famous
  31. Density Line IT Terminology
  32. Deputy Lieutenant Police
  33. Derek Lam, fashion designer Famous
  34. Design Liaison Manufacturing
  35. Destroy List Assembly
  36. Destroyer Leader Hull code, Naval, Navy, Ship, US Navy, United States
  37. Detection Limit Oil
  38. Development Laboratory Laboratory
  39. Development Licence Electrical
  40. development license (United Kingdom) Electrical
  41. Development-left NASA
  42. Diagnostic Laboratory Special Education
  43. Dial Corporation Nyse symbols
  44. Dielectric Leakage Electronics
  45. Dies Loci Latin
  46. Diffuse layer Electronics
  47. Digital Library Telecom
  48. Digital Literacy Education
  49. Dimension Lengthwise Architecture
  50. Dimensionless Sentinel online
  51. Direct Labor Accounting
  52. direct laryngoscopy Healthcare, Otolaryngology, Surgery
  53. Directory list Assembly
  54. Directory Listing Assembly
  55. Disneyland Disney
  56. Display and Lock Assembly
  57. Distance Learning Education
  58. Dive Leader (BSAC) Diving, Underwater, Scuba diving
  59. Division Leader Diving, Underwater, Scuba diving
  60. DL Viewer Animation Display file File Extensions
  61. Doing Laundry Blogging, Facebook, Neologism, Social media, Twitter
  62. Don't Laugh Chat
  63. Don't Look Chat
  64. Don't Loop Assembly
  65. Doris Leona Names and nicknames
  66. Doris Loftsgaard Famous
  67. Dorothy Louise Names and nicknames
  68. Dottie Lou Names and nicknames
  69. Double Layered Clothes
  70. Double-Layer IT Terminology
  71. Down Low Chat, Classfields, Personals
  72. Downlink NASA
  73. Downlink Message Telecom, Wireless Networking, Aviation, Legal
  74. Download Computer, Computing Slang, Information technology, Security, Chat, game, Internet slang, Online, sms, Texting
  75. Download Last Security
  76. Download Link Security, Texting
  77. Dragon Lady Names and nicknames
  78. Drainage Layer Construction
  79. Drawing Limits Banking
  80. Drawing List Architecture, Construction
  81. Drivers License Police
  82. Dual-Layered Products
  83. Dummy Load Electronics
  84. Dynamic Library File Extensions
  85. Dynamically-Linked Assembly
  86. Electronics Engineering (ksc De Dir.) NASA
  87. Left Back Football, Sport
  88. Lung Diffusion Pulmonary
  89. Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File File Extensions

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What does dL stand for?

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  1. What does dL meaning stand for ?

    dL meaning stands for Deputy Lieutenant.
  2. What is the meaning of dL abbreviation ?

    The meaning of dL abbreviation is "Design Liaison" .
  3. What is dL definition ?

    dL definition is "Dies Loci".
  4. What does dL mean ?

    dL mean that "Dies Loci".
  5. What is dL acronym ?
    dL acronym is "DL Viewer Animation Display file".
  6. What is shorthand of Deciliter ?
    The shorthand of "Deciliter" is dL.
  7. What is the definition of dL acronym ?
    Definitions of dL shorthand is "Design Liaison".
  8. What is the full form of dL abbreviation ?
    Full form of dL abbreviation is "Danier Leather, Inc.".
  9. What is the full meaning of dL ?
    Full meaning of dL is "DL Viewer Animation Display file".
  10. What is the explanation for dL ?
    Explanation for dL is "Development Laboratory".

What is the meaning of dL Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of dL definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of dL abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of dL acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

dL Abbreviation in Astrology
  • dL (letter d)

    D people who get energy from universe and use it for themselves only, are quite helpful also. Numerological D corresponds to 4 number and D symbolizes balance. Besides, it is affected under Moon and it keeps energy of the Moon. Therefore, their emotions are so changeable and they are fond of family life.

    Love and compassion are significant terms for them. Being stubborn are worst character of them. They are off for strong communication and they do not change easily what they know true. They go their own way.

  • dL (letter L)

    The letter L people who keeps Venus’s love, are sensitive and harmonious like an artist. They express themselves very well. It is important for them to socialize. They like presence in crowded places and also they like to show themselves.

    Their humanitarian side always with them. They stand against injustice. They are romantic as they are in love with love. They can make clumsiness. Unforeseen accidents always find them.