Abbreviations and Acronyms

Acronyms are new words made composed of the first letter of a defined organization, group, cluster, or association (generally abbreviation). In other words, an acronym is a grouping of characters that represents a word or a name. Abbreviations are brief typings that use the first letter of the sentence as the starting point. Its goal is to shorten the word count and hence save money on the transcript. Acronyms that were available in ancient times have now come in the form of coins and texts. For practical considerations, such as saving space and making things easier, frequently used terms, people, places, and institution names have abbreviated versions. NATO, for example, is the acronym for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” The letters N, A, T, and O are combined. NATO will be shortened as a result.

Latest Meanings
  1. Directed Asynchronous Monte Carlo Lesson
  2. Duchess of Sussex
  3. All-wheel Drive System
  4. Swipe Up
  5. Too Much
  6. Pop Up
  7. Shout out for Shout out
  8. Snap for Snap
  9. Snap Back
  10. Define a Relationship
  11. Authority, Diligence, Accountability, Policy, Prudence and Transparency
  12. Creative Original Life Optimistic Radiant
  13. Indian National Rupee
  14. Vaccinated Travel Lane
  15. Safe management measures
  16. Stay-home notice
  17. Swab and Send Home
  18. Regional screening centre
  19. Rostered routine testing
  20. Quarantine Order