Abbreviations and Acronyms

A new word, which is consist of first letter of defined organization, group, cluster, association are called acronyms (generally abbreviation). In other saying, acronym is the showing a word, name with several letters. Abbreviations are short typings by using first letter of the sentences. It's purpose to decrease the word length, therefore economize transcript. Acronyms which available in ancient times arrived today with coins and writings. Frequently used words, person, place, institution names has short version for practical purposes as saving place and make easy. For instance, “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” abbreviations is NATO. N, A, T, O letters are joined. Thus bring shortening of NATO.

Latest Meanings
  1. Mercedes-Benz User Experience
  2. Naval Nuclear Power Training Command
  3. Offshore Major Accident Hazards Advisory Committee
  4. Gujarat English Language Test
  5. Global English Language Test
  6. Muharip İnsansız Uçak Sistemi
  7. Milli Muharip Uçak
  8. National Clearinghouse for Periodical Title Word Abbreviations
  9. Content Protection Technology Working Group
  10. Copy Protection Technical Working Group
  11. Women Of Kolour Entertainers
  12. Woman Of Khrist Eymen
  13. Wisdom Optimism Knowledge and Enlightenment
  14. Wisdom Opportunity Knowledge Empowerment
  15. We Organize Knowledge Empowerment
  16. We Overstand Knowledge Evolution
  17. We Oppose Knowledge-based Education
  18. Wisdom Opportunity Knowledge and Empowerment
  19. Laboratory of Oncology and Experimental Surgery
  20. Linked OPINTEL Centers Europe