About Us

Since 2014, Acronym24.com has been publishing. The website's goal is to share abbreviations and what they mean. Since it came out, tens of thousands of new abbreviations have been added to its database.

Acronym24.com pays attention to what people want and tries to meet their needs. Unlike many other sites that list acronyms, we also try to explain what they mean (example: BMCR). We who work for Acronym24.com sometimes need to know what some abbreviations mean, just like our visitors. At that point, we ask ourselves, "How can the website be more useful?" We continue to improve our website by staying true to its purpose.

As much as possible, we try to add all of the acronyms on the website into thermological groups. Any abbreviation used in medicine doesn't mean the same thing in the military, of course.

Acronym24.com is completely free to use. No fee is charged for this service. We review the grammatical errors of each abbreviation expansion and meanings. We take care to make sentences that visitors of all ages can easily understand.

We started adding reference websites to the abbreviations in the last quarter of 2022. (example: KCPD). Here, we want to gain the visitors' trust and show that the abbreviation is used in more than one place.

Our mission is to stay true to our purpose, which we have broadly expressed above, and to expand this aim in line with the needs.

Our vision is to be a trusted and referenced source in the industry.

We hope you enjoy this free service. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us from the contact page.

We wish you a great day