AADL Meaning

The AADL meaning is "Albertadaids To Daily Living". The AADL abbreviation has 20 different full form.

AADL Full Forms

  1. Albertadaids To Daily Living Business, Service, Health
  2. Advanced Activities of Dailr Living Medical, Activity, Assessment
  3. Architecture Analysis Design Language Technology, Software, Model
  4. Architecture Analysis and Description Language Technology, Software, Model
  5. Automobile Association Development Limited Government
  6. Architecture Analysis & Design Language Technology, Software, Model
  7. Australian Alliance for Data Leadership
  8. Architectural Analysis and Design Language
  9. Attendance Allowance and Disability Living
  10. Architecture Analasis and Design Language Technology, Software, Model
  11. Aahash Application Development Lab Technology, Analysis, Architecture, Model
  12. Ann Arbor District Library Education, Libraries, Books
  13. Architecture and Analysis Design Language
  14. Avionics Architecture Description Language Technology, Design, Analysis
  15. Automobile Association Development, Limited Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  16. Asociaci
  17. AsociaciĆ³n Jrgentina De Luminotecnia Para, Argentina, Con
  18. Artillery Ammunition Development Laboratory
  19. Axiomatic Architecture Description Language Military
  20. Avionics Architecture Definition Language

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AADL stand for?

    AADL stands for Aahash Application Development Lab.

  2. What is the shortened form of Ann Arbor District Library?

    The short form of "Ann Arbor District Library" is AADL.


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