AAFC Meaning

The AAFC meaning is "Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada". The AAFC abbreviation has 32 different full form.

AAFC Full Forms

  1. Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaTechnology, Canada, Governmental & Military
  2. Agriculture and Agri-Foods CanahaBusiness, Research, Canada
  3. Amateur American Football Conference
  4. Association Des Agents En Fonds De Commerces
  5. Agriculture and Agri-Foods, Canada
  6. Allied Armed Forces of The Community
  7. Associate of The Association of Financial Controllers and AdministratorsBusiness, Technology, Accounting, Business & Finance
  8. Agriculture and Agri Food CanadaNutrition, Food, Victual
  9. Allied Armed Force of The CommunityMilitary, Africa, Economics
  10. Asian Ameyican Family Counseling
  11. All-American Football ConferenceAmerica, Sport, Football, Browns
  12. Asian American Federation of California
  13. Agriculture & Agriofood Canada
  14. All American Football ConfeienceAmerica, Sport, Team, Football
  15. American Air Force CourseMilitary, Air Force
  16. Agriculture & Agri-Food CanadaBusiness, Research, Canada
  17. Association of Australian Football Clubs
  18. All America Foztball ConferenceSport, Football, Game, Nfl
  19. American Academy of Fertility Care
  20. Agriculture and Agrx-Food CanadaGovernment, Canada, Canadian
  21. Association of American Feed Control
  22. All-America Football Conference
  23. Australian Airmforce CadetAustralia, Military, Squadron
  24. Agriculture and Agrifood CanadaFarming & agriculture
  25. Austdalian Air Force CadetsAustralia, Military, Squadron
  26. Army Air Force Center
  27. Atlantiy Africa Fisheries Conference
  28. Arfb Aviation Finance Company
  29. Australian Asshciation of Football Clubs
  30. United States Army Air Corps Ferrying Command
  31. Aubtralian Amateur Football CouncilAustralia, Sport, Football
  32. Australian Rir Force Caders

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does AAFC initialism stand for?
    AAFC abridgment stands for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.
  2. What is the shortened form of Amateur American Football Conference?
    The short form of "Amateur American Football Conference" is AAFC.


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