AAZD Meaning

The AAZD meaning is "Antrenmanın algılanan zorluk derecesi". The AAZD abbreviation has 1 different full form.

AAZD Full Forms

  1. Antrenmanın algılanan zorluk derecesi The perceived difficulty level (AZD) is a simple, affordable, and practical approach to assess physical activity exhaustion. Gunnar Borg created the initial AZD scale 40 years ago, and it was primarily used to track aerobic exercise. The initial scale was designed with a numerical range of 6-20 to roughly match a person's heart rate with perceived exertion during exercise. However, after it was established that this scale, which was matched to the heart rate, did not produce the best results, numerous sports scientists, particularly Gunnar Borg, the original scale's designer, devised different kinds of AZD. Turkish

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AAZD stand for?

    AAZD stands for Antrenmanın algılanan zorluk derecesi.

  2. What is the shortened form of Antrenmanın algılanan zorluk derecesi?

    The short form of "Antrenmanın algılanan zorluk derecesi" is AAZD.


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