ACBS Meaning

The ACBS meaning is "Antique & Classic Boat Society". The ACBS abbreviation has 34 different full form.

ACBS Full Forms

  1. Antique & Classic Boat Society Organizations, Magazine, Wood
  2. Advisory Committee On Borderline Substances Medical, Technology, Food, British medicine, Common Medical
  3. Aqueous-Ceramic Binding Suspension Chemistry, Technology, Science
  4. Asthma Call Back Survey Medical, Health, Surveillance
  5. Accrediting Commission for Business Schools
  6. Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science Medical, Therapy, Acceptance
  7. Asthma Call-Back Survey
  8. Accredits Certification Bodies Technology, Program, Health
  9. Antique and Classic Boat Show Organizations, Sale, Wood
  10. Association of Contextual Behavioural Science Medical, Therapy, Psychology, Acceptance
  11. Accredited Certification Bodies
  12. Antique & Classic Boat Shows
  13. Amphibious Construction Battalions Military, Army, Locations
  14. Association of Consultant Building Surveyors
  15. Access Control Blocks
  16. Antique & Classic Boat Show
  17. Association of Collegiate Business Schools
  18. Academic Credit Bank System Business, Education, Learning, Korea
  19. Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  20. Association of Contextual Behavioral Science Medical, Therapy, Psychology, Acceptance
  21. Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Organizations, Therapy, Acceptance, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  22. Adams City Baptist School
  23. Association for Contextual Behavior Science Education, Therapy, Acceptance
  24. Australian Car Buying Service
  25. Audubon Coastal Bird Survey
  26. aortocoronary bypass surgery Medical, British medicine
  27. Auckland Confederation of Billiard Sports
  28. Articulated Concrete Blocks
  29. Atoa Custom Battle System Technology, Maker, Trigger
  30. Automated Container Bulking System Business, Circuit, Boat
  31. Atmosphere Control Breathing System Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  32. Auto Connect Battery Saver Technology, Windows, Driving, Power
  33. Asymptomatic Cervical Bruit Study Medical, Medicine, Therapy, British medicine
  34. Authorized Certification Bodies Technology, Program, Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACBS stand for?

    ACBS stands for Aqueous-Ceramic Binding Suspension.

  2. What is the shortened form of Antique and Classic Boat Show?

    The short form of "Antique and Classic Boat Show" is ACBS.


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