ADEI Meaning

The ADEI meaning is "Advanced Data Extraction Infrastructure". The ADEI abbreviation has 10 different full form.

ADEI Full Forms

  1. Advanced Data Extraction Infrastructure
  2. Administrative Draft Environmental Impact
  3. AgêNcia Para O Desenvolvimento Empresarial E Inovação Para, Portugal, Dos, Vista
  4. Advanced Dental Education Institute
  5. Automobile Dealer Education Institute Development, Study, Institutes
  6. Associazione Donne Ebree D'Italia
  7. Association for Drama In Education In Ireland
  8. Asosiasi Digital Entrepreneur Indonesia Business, Photo, Indonesia
  9. Alabama Disability Employment Initiative
  10. Advanced Dental Education Institutetute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADEI stand for?

    ADEI stands for Asosiasi Digital Entrepreneur Indonesia.

  2. What is the shortened form of AgêNcia Para O Desenvolvimento Empresarial E Inovação?

    The short form of "AgêNcia Para O Desenvolvimento Empresarial E Inovação" is ADEI.


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