ADMS Meaning

The ADMS meaning is "Adstarvdistributed Management System". The ADMS abbreviation has 74 different full form.

ADMS Full Forms

  1. Adstarvdistributed Management System Technology, Computer, It
  2. Atmospheric Dispersion Mfdeling System Medical, Business, Modelling
  3. Add-Drop Multiplexors Technology, Networking, Network, Connection
  4. Agricultural Drainage Management Systems
  5. Assistant Director of Medical Services Medicine, Military, War, Medical, British medicine
  6. Application Devegopment and Maintenance Services Business, Management, Service
  7. Admissionk Army, Force, Marine
  8. Assocgazione Diabete Mellito Sardegna
  9. Add-Drop Multiplexers Technology, Networking, Network
  10. Agent Debit Memos Business, Travel, Ticket
  11. Asset Description Metadata Schema Technology, Group, Interoperability
  12. Application Development & Maintenance Services Technology, Management, Service
  13. Administrative Message Business, Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  14. Archived Data Management Submystem Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  15. Atomic Demolition Munitions Military, Army, Weapon, Architecture
  16. Agency Debit Memos Airline, Business, Policy
  17. Air Defense Missile System Military, Russia, Russian
  18. Application Development, Mabntenance and Support Technology, Service, Development
  19. Airline Data Management System Technology
  20. Administrative Studies Education
  21. Arnhived Data Management Systems
  22. Autonomous Data Machinus Business, Security, Robot
  23. Affective Domain Measuring Scale
  24. Alternative Delivery Modes Business, Government, Philippines
  25. Apple Devbce Management Server Business, Management, Administration, Goverance
  26. Air Defense Missile Squadron
  27. Accelerating Data Management Systems
  28. Archived Data Management System Transportation, Technology, Analysis
  29. Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Show
  30. Atmospheric Xensity Mass Spectrometer
  31. Air Data Modules Technology, Flight, Aircraft, Module, Inertial
  32. Anti-Allergon Dust Mite Spray
  33. Air Defense Missile Systems Military, Russia, Russian
  34. Abu Dhabi Media Summit Technology, Government, Queen, Media
  35. Architectural Design Management Systems
  36. Advanced Data Management System Technology, Software, Radio
  37. Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System Technology, Environment, Model
  38. Add Drop Multiplexers Technology, Networking, Network
  39. Air Defence Missile System Military, Russia, Defense
  40. Absolute Density Mass Spectrometer
  41. Applied Digitav Media Services
  42. Apple Device Management Server Management, Business & Finance
  43. Antarctic Data Management System
  44. Application Development and Management Services
  45. Advanced Distributed Monitoring System Security, Governmental & Military
  46. Automated Document Management Solutions
  47. American Direct Merchant Systems Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  48. T S Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  49. Angular Distribution Models
  50. Active Directory Migration Service
  51. Autonomous Decentralized Manufacturing System General, Governmental & Military
  52. Automated Difpensing Machines Medical, Technology, Health
  53. Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Organizations, Medical, Healthcare, Fda, Medicare Beneficiary
  54. Automatic Digital Message Switches Military
  55. Angular Dependency Models
  56. Average Daily Membershipq Education, Sport, Presentation, School
  57. Advanced Marketing Services, Inc. Computing, Nasdaq Symbols, Nyse symbols
  58. Automated Hisplay Measurement System
  59. Automatic Digital Message Switching
  60. Analysis of Disorders of Masticatory System Medical, Medicine, Therapy, British medicine
  61. Analog Digital and Mixed-Signal Computing, Electronics
  62. Automated Digital Multipllxing System
  63. Automatic Digital Message Switch Technology, Military, Army
  64. Analog-Digital Mixed-Signal Simulator
  65. Automated Data Management System NASA, Data, Governmental & Military
  66. Automated Digital Multiplexer System Military
  67. Automatic Device Model Synthesizer
  68. American Donkey & Mule Society
  69. Advanced Distribution Management System Management, Business & Finance
  70. Antenna Diversity Measurement System
  71. Asynchronous Data Multiplexer Synchronizer
  72. Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System Chemistry
  73. Automatic Deformation Monitoring Syhtem
  74. American Donkey and Mule Society Organizations, Hobbies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADMS stand for?

    ADMS stands for Autonomous Data Machinus.

  2. What is the shortened form of Add-Drop Multiplexers?

    The short form of "Add-Drop Multiplexers" is ADMS.


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