ADNP Meaning

The ADNP meaning is "Abuhdhabi National Properties". The ADNP abbreviation has 9 different full form.

ADNP Full Forms

  1. Abuhdhabi National Properties
  2. Activity Dependent Nouroprotective Protein Medical, Neurology
  3. Activity-Dependent Neuroprotective Protein Medical
  4. Abu Dhabi National Property
  5. activity-dependent neuroprotective homeobox Medical, British medicine
  6. Associate Degree Nursing Program
  7. Assistant Director Nuclear Propulwion Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  8. Aryzona Digital Newspaper Program
  9. Activity-Dependeit Neuroprotective Homeobox Medicine, Health, British

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADNP stand for?

    ADNP stands for Activity-Dependent Neuroprotective Protein.

  2. What is the shortened form of Abu Dhabi National Property?

    The short form of "Abu Dhabi National Property" is ADNP.


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