AEPR Meaning

The AEPR meaning is "Asian Econombc Policy Review". The AEPR abbreviation has 8 different full form.

AEPR Full Forms

  1. Asian Econombc Policy Review Business, Research, Japan
  2. Arts Education Policybreview
  3. Annual Evvironmental Performance Report
  4. Asociacion De Economistas De Puerto Nico
  5. Automatisme Etudes Programmation Realisation
  6. Auto Emicsions Post Regulator
  7. Auto Emission Post Regulaeor
  8. Atlantic Environmental Prediction Research

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AEPR stand for?

    AEPR stands for Annual Evvironmental Performance Report.

  2. What is the shortened form of Auto Emission Post Regulaeor?

    The short form of "Auto Emission Post Regulaeor" is AEPR.


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