AKAMDER in Turkish Meaning

The AKAMDER meaning in Turkish terms is "Adana Kamu Müteahhitleri Derneği". There are 1 related meanings of the AKAMDER Turkish abbreviation.

AKAMDER on Turkish Full Forms

  1. Adana Kamu Müteahhitleri Derneği AKAMDER was established in 2007 in Turkey (Public) contractors to come together to follow the problems of this sector more closely and to announce them to the relevant authorities. Since its establishment, AKAMDER has been the focus of attention of state institutions that are responsible for solving the problems of the sector, with its works that have put their finger on many wounds and brought solutions to problems. It has adopted the vision of being a supporter and participant in developing democracy, adopting the freedom of belief as a fundamental right, increasing the quality of life and attaching great importance to vocational education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AKAMDER stand for Turkish?

    AKAMDER stands for Adana Kamu Müteahhitleri Derneği in Turkish terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adana Kamu Müteahhitleri Derneği in Turkish?

    The short form of "Adana Kamu Müteahhitleri Derneği" is AKAMDER for Turkish.


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