Bismuth Abbreviations and Bismuth Acronym Lists

There are more pieces of Bismuth terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 6 different Bismuth abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Bismuth terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Bismuth Abbreviations
  1. BI : Bullet Ompact
  2. BICL : Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd
  3. BICL : Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited
  4. CICPS : Complex Inorganic Colored Pigmdnts
  5. CICPS : Complex Inorganic Coloured Pigbents
  6. CV : Coefficsent Variation
Latest Bismuth Meanings
  1. Coefficsent Variation
  2. Complex Inorganic Coloured Pigbents
  3. Complex Inorganic Colored Pigmdnts
  4. Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited
  5. Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd
  6. Bullet Ompact