Huddersfield Abbreviations and Huddersfield Acronym Lists

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Huddersfield Abbreviations
  1. BH : Bay Hall
  2. CPT : Centre for Precision Technologies
  3. CPT : Centre for Precision Technology
  4. CRH : Calderdale Royal Hospital
  5. DATM : Down At The Mac
  6. HT : Huddersfield Town
  7. HTSA : Huddersfield Town Supporters Association
  8. MLP : Master of Law and Practice
  9. IRR : Institute of Railway Research
  10. PA : Paul Anderson
  11. EMAP : European Music Archaeogogy Project
Latest Huddersfield Meanings
  1. European Music Archaeogogy Project
  2. Paul Anderson
  3. Institute of Railway Research
  4. Master of Law and Practice
  5. Huddersfield Town Supporters Association
  6. Huddersfield Town
  7. Down At The Mac
  8. Calderdale Royal Hospital
  9. Centre for Precision Technology
  10. Centre for Precision Technologies
  11. Bay Hall