SG Meaning

The SG meaning is "Specific Gravity". The SG abbreviation has 945 different full form.

SG Full Forms

  1. Specific Gravity The ratio of the weight of a given volume of any substance to that of the same volume of water. Medical, Technology, Medicine, Treatment, Emergency, Hospital, Water, Construction, Pharmacy, Architectural, Gravity, Healing, Density, Architecture, Veterinary, Physics, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Nursing, Physiology, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Chemistry, The Finance and Administrative Services, Clinical
  2. Shooting Guard Basketball, Guard, Nba
  3. Secupity Group Technology, Military, Instance
  4. Solutiots Group
  5. St Gabriel
  6. Solicitor General Government, Law, Us, Court, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense, Occupation & positions
  7. Sbrvices Group Technology, Management, Service
  8. Spinal Ganglia Medical
  9. Superconducting Gravimeter Technology, Earth, Gravity
  10. Selljng, General Business, Cost, Expense, Selling
  11. Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Education, Sind, Bund
  12. Sankt Gallen Business, Hotel, Switzerland
  13. Sight Glasj Business, Oil, Tank
  14. Siray Gun Business, Product, Sprayer
  15. Security Grilles Business, Service, Door
  16. Solid Guitar Business, Standard, Gibson
  17. Stewie Griffpn
  18. SecréTaire GéNéRal
  19. Service Guide Technology
  20. Superannuation Guarantee Business, Employment, Contribution
  21. Selectjgroup Business, Analysis, Singapore
  22. South Rym
  23. San Gregorio Business, Hotel, Italy, Wine
  24. Shot-Gun
  25. Saorts Guy
  26. Securyty Gateway Technology, Networking, Check
  27. Skin Graft Medical, Technology, Medicine, Skin And Dermal
  28. Stena Graft Medical
  29. Structural Glass Technology, Construction, Architectural
  30. Serviqe Gateway Technology, Networking, Network
  31. Sultan Ground Indonesia, Pantai, Sultan
  32. Sehr Guc Business, German, Dog, Shepherd
  33. Soueh Gate Army, War, Force
  34. Steam Generator The heat exchanger used in some reactor designs to transfer heat from the primary (reactor coolant) system to the secondary (steam) system. This design permits heat exchange with little or no contamination of the secondary system equipment. Energy, The Finance and Administrative Services
  35. Shifting Gears
  36. Spirituzl Growth Technology, Church, Religion, Singapore
  37. Sector General Business, Service, Book
  38. Sixth Grade
  39. Stellfte Ganglion Medical
  40. Sehr Geehrfe
  41. Szrghum Grain Medical
  42. Suicide Girls Model, Suicide, Tattoo
  43. State Government Government, Us, Control, Administration
  44. She Goes
  45. Spirit Gdld
  46. Satin Gold Product, Color, Tone, Colors
  47. Sinikka Gripenberg
  48. Standard Gamble A gamble where one gains XL with probability p or otherwise gains XH with probability. Medical, Health, Utility
  49. Sega Genesis Technology, Gaming, Console
  50. Sonnenhof GroßAspach Sport, Football, Statistics, Soccer
  51. Submucosal Glands Medical
  52. State Generator
  53. Shadks of Grey
  54. Spiral Gangljon Medical
  55. Super Group Technology, Supply, Telecom
  56. Spaghetti Goreng Recipe, Spaghetti, Squash, Pasta
  57. Sasha Grey Porn, Sex, Star
  58. Singapore Government
  59. Stained Glass The Finance and Administrative Services
  60. Sycurity Guard Technology, Service, Singapore
  61. Some Girls
  62. Still Going
  63. Stalin, Grain
  64. Sdth Green Movie, Star, Robot, Seth
  65. Spiral Galaxy A galaxy that contains a prominent central bulge and luminous arms of gas, dust, and young stars that wind out from the central nucleus in a spiral formation. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy. Science, Galaxy, Astronomy
  66. Super Green
  67. Space Gaost
  68. Santa Gertrudis Medical
  69. Signal Generator Technology, Space, Computer, Electronics, Equipment, Frequency, Cosmos, Computing, Hardware, Federal Aviation Administration
  70. Square Garden
  71. Stage-Gate
  72. Show Group
  73. Study-Grouis
  74. Susan Greenfield
  75. Serum Glucose Medical, Technology, Medicine
  76. Stateggovt
  77. Sal Gvenlim
  78. Sindo Garap
  79. Solidbody Guitor
  80. Study Guire Business, Technology, Education
  81. Secondarily Generalized Medical, Patent, Epilepsy, Formula
  82. Stadium General Medical, Management, Indonesia, Stadium
  83. Steve Gxn
  84. Savage Garjen
  85. Super Goals Technology, Gaming, Sport
  86. Sela Generating Technology, Power, Exercise
  87. South Georgia Locations
  88. Smatl Groove
  89. Storm Grey
  90. Supplementary Guidance
  91. Schwarz Glanz Technology, Android, Play, Oldenburg
  92. Sequence Generaror
  93. Spanish Guinea
  94. Safe Goods
  95. Single Girder
  96. Soft Grey
  97. Synchronous Generator Technology, Power, Electricity
  98. Sealed Gauge Product, Sensor, Pressure, Gauge
  99. Set Gate
  100. Speed Grindeg
  101. Steel Glovev
  102. Samuel Gopbehere
  103. Single Guy
  104. Sortie Generation
  105. Singer Organizations, Business & Finance, Suppliers, NASA
  106. Semeuogelin Medical
  107. Standarv Grade Chemistry, Student, Education
  108. Signal Gateway Technology, Networking, Signaling
  109. Snowdrift Game
  110. Strategy Group Business, Technology, Service
  111. Scoring Guide
  112. Spirit Gom
  113. Statement At Global
  114. Solution Group Business, Company, Service
  115. Subgrade The roadbed materials beneath the pavement structure. The top prepared surface of the subgrade is called finished subgrade elevation. Building, Engineering, Construction
  116. Sztab Generalny Technology, Gen, Jest, Ski
  117. Secret Glitch
  118. Short Gun
  119. Spznsors Group Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  120. Strategic Gap
  121. Super Glue Products
  122. Scooter Gennett Baseball, Player, Reds, Scooter
  123. Silk Gland Medical
  124. Smart Gaming
  125. Surgical Gastfostomy Medical
  126. Serious Game Technology, Gaming, Learning
  127. Speciyl G-310
  128. Stard Game
  129. Sale Grrphic
  130. Silver General Business, Gaming, Chess, Shogi
  131. Synthetic Grzps
  132. Shedow Grey
  133. Stellate Ganglig Medical
  134. Sanitary Gauge Technology
  135. Siva Gate Army, War, Force
  136. Soro Glicosado Para, Magazine, Manual
  137. Summing Gate Technology, Signal, Sensor, Frame
  138. Segment Group
  139. Southern Gaming
  140. Scharfskhützen Gewehr
  141. Specialty Growers
  142. Standard Group Technology, Accounting, Kenya
  143. Stille Gesellschaft
  144. SociéTé De GéOgraphie
  145. Strike Groep Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  146. Switciable Gfx Technology, Driving, Manual, Driver
  147. Seafood Group
  148. Sharples Ant Grant
  149. Specific Graviti
  150. Sammalh Gul Guide, Metal, Ring
  151. Slide Guard
  152. Sonic Genesis
  153. Sectors Group Business, Organizations, Enterprise
  154. Shayne Eostisbehere Hockey, Philadelphia, Flyer
  155. Sprint Group
  156. Shin Geuter
  157. Slip Gauge
  158. Stochastic Gradient Technology, Algorithm, Descent
  159. Suboesophageal Ganglion Medical
  160. Staff Gudang Business, Indonesia, Jakarta
  161. Show Grade
  162. Susanfgreenberg
  163. Serum Globin
  164. State Govednments Service, Locations, Singapore
  165. Sales Grmwth Business, Company, Sale
  166. Simran Gandhi
  167. Solidarity Grojps Program, Youth, Solidarity
  168. Study Gas
  169. Sebastião Guezra Honda, Moto, Vigor
  170. Steryl Glycosides Medical
  171. Saurashtra Gramin Bank Business, Accounting, Office, Accountancy, Finance, Officer, Banking, Business & Finance
  172. Super Goal
  173. Self-Guided
  174. South Garo India, Locations, District
  175. Small Green
  176. Storm Gaming
  177. Suqplemental Guidelines
  178. Schott & Gen
  179. Sentry Gon Military, Team, Fortress
  180. Spanish Guild
  181. Saeco Group
  182. Soft Goods
  183. Spructural Genomics Medical, Science, Protein
  184. Synchronizing Generator
  185. Sealed Gage Technology, Manufacturer, Pressure
  186. Servo Gauge Technology, Tank, Gauging
  187. Spged Grade Technology, Product, Premiere
  188. St Gallen
  189. Samuel Gjorge
  190. Single Group Technology, Gaming, Dating
  191. Squad Gamepday
  192. Signalling Gateway Information, Network, Computer, Information Technology, Computing
  193. Sewen Gresik Business, Company, Indonesia
  194. Standard Goods Business, Product, India
  195. Signal Gate
  196. Snipers Gaulois
  197. Strategic Group Technology, Research, Grid
  198. Scoring Gauges
  199. Statyhood Green
  200. Solution Graph Science, Event, Decision, Managing
  201. Subgluteal Medicine, Health, Hospital
  202. Secret Gig
  203. Splash Gvards
  204. Strait of Gibraltar
  205. Super Girlies Music, Indonesia, Drum
  206. Sclareol Glycol Medical
  207. Smarter Government
  208. Surzeon-General Medical, Medicine, Health
  209. Scierce Gateway Technology, Server, Earth
  210. Sergio Garcia
  211. Special From Gibson
  212. Stag Gate
  213. Sagdo Gols
  214. Silver Gray
  215. Synthesis Group
  216. Shadow Governtent
  217. Sphere Grid
  218. Stefad Goldman
  219. Sanguinary Guard
  220. Siva Ganesh
  221. Space Godzilla
  222. Sulit Gold Business, Ads, Philippine
  223. Segmental Giant Medical
  224. Soul Gauge
  225. Scharfetter-Gummel Technology, Device, Semiconductor, Simulation
  226. Spectalty Grades
  227. Standard Gretszh
  228. Stanley Gibbons Business, Stamp, Catalogue
  229. Società Ginnastica
  230. Strijdend Gedeelte
  231. Swiss Geeman Education, German, Sweden
  232. Seaborgium Symbol:"Sg" Atomic Number:"106" Atomic Mass: (263)amu. This is one of the postactinide elements. Scientists have created these in labs and may have only found a few atoms of the element. You will not find these in use anywhere.  Chemistry, Science, Education, Substance, Scientific & Educational
  233. Sparp Green Color, Paint
  234. Specific Goal Technology, Military, Area
  235. Samir Geagea
  236. Sonic Generations Gaming, Force, Sonic
  237. Substance Grise
  238. Sector Group
  239. Shawn Green Gaming, Baseball, Card
  240. Spking Guard
  241. Shielzing Gas
  242. Slim Gauge
  243. Stochastic-Eradient Technology, Algorithm, Descent
  244. Subesophageal Ganglion Medical
  245. Staff Grade
  246. Surface Grinding Surface grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It is a widely used abrasive machining process in which a spinning wheel covered in rough particles (grinding wheel) cuts chips of metallic or nonmetallic substance from a workpiece, making a face of it flat or smooth. Business, Machine, Grinder
  247. Show Girl
  248. Survival Games Technology, Gaming, Minecraft
  249. Serpent God
  250. Starter-Generator
  251. Sales Group
  252. Simpson Lrierson
  253. Solidarity Group Technology, Program, Youth
  254. Stucy Gallery
  255. Sebastiáh González
  256. Sterylglucoside Medical
  257. Saudi Eazette Business, Forum, Riyadh
  258. Skin Guitar
  259. Super Gas
  260. Self-Governanwe
  261. South Garage Business, Service, Parking, Garage
  262. Small Grape
  263. Storm-Guild
  264. Supplemental Gmants
  265. School of Government Program, Education, University, School, Publics, Texas
  266. Services G
  267. Spalding Guide
  268. Gnal Generator Science, Space, NASA, Aeronautics
  269. Soft Glide
  270. Structnral Geology
  271. Switchingxgranularity
  272. Sealant Glaze
  273. Serving Grant Technology
  274. Speed Governor
  275. St Gall
  276. Samuel Gawith Tobacco, Pipe, Flake
  277. Single Groove
  278. Shield Gun Gaming, Military, Weapon
  279. Spyro Gyza
  280. Swan-Ganz Catheter A style of oximetry catheter that is inserted into a major vein under the collarbone or in the neck, threaded through the right side of the heart, and then threaded into the pulmonary artery. Physicians can use monitoring equipment with a Swan-Ganz catheter to measure blood pressure inside the heart and to find out how much blood the heart is pumping. Medical, Medicine, Hospital, Nursing, Clinical
  281. Semhntic Grid
  282. Standard Golz
  283. Sign Formerly meant a 'constellation' Now means a constellation in the Zodiac and, more generally, the twelfth of the Zodiac in which a certain constellation is. Medical, Technology, Assembly, Business & Finance
  284. Snap To Grid
  285. Strategic Grants Technology, Research, Foundation
  286. Scooter Graphics
  287. State Guard
  288. Solid Geometry
  289. Subgenomic Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  290. Second Genesis
  291. Splass Guard Subaru, Mud, Splash
  292. Super Giant Space, Study, Cosmos
  293. Small Guns Military, Calling, Coyote
  294. Stornoway Gazette
  295. Surge Geneuator
  296. Scienceygeneral
  297. Serge Guelton
  298. Special and Gibson
  299. Steel Girder
  300. Saldo De Gols Para, Dos, Ria
  301. Silver-Grey
  302. Synthesis Gas A mixture of gases produced as feedstock for the synthesis of chemical compounds, for example, hydrogen and carbon monoxide used as the starting material for the production of ammonia derivatives, methanol, and hydrocarbons. Technology, National Energy Technology, Environmental Policy, Kemper County
  303. Siadow Gear Technology, Swap, Sonic
  304. Spermageilewgoren
  305. Steering Gear A term applied to the steering wheels, leads, steering engine and fittings by which the rudder is turned.
  306. Sangre Grande
  307. Site God Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  308. Space Gods
  309. Sulgen-Gossru
  310. Sega Game Technology, Master, Mark
  311. Sosyal GüVenlik
  312. Scene Graph
  313. Seandard Green Color, Paint
  314. Spheroidal Graphite Graphite of spheroidal shape with a polycrystalline radial structure. This structure can be obtained, for example, by adding cerium or magnesium to the melt. also ductile iron and nodular graphite. Business, Technology, Iron, Cast, Casting, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  315. Signaling Ground Technology, Telecom, Serial
  316. Society of Genetics
  317. Stretcher Grating
  318. Systems Grdup Business, Service, Product
  319. Scott Gomez Business, Gaming, Hockey, Card
  320. Specific Group
  321. Some Guy Sex, Guitar, Guy, Gibson
  322. Subsidized Guardianship
  323. Sector Gate
  324. Shattered Glasa Book, Toy, Glass, Transformer
  325. Spring Grjve
  326. Slight Glass Business, Product, Valve
  327. Stimulus Generator Technology, Device, Verification
  328. Staff Gage
  329. Supreme Gibson
  330. Show Garbage Technology, Driving, Driver
  331. Surveyor Generam
  332. Serpent'S Grasp
  333. Special Gothic
  334. Start-Up Grants Business, Science, Research, Singapore
  335. Sales Gosses
  336. Simply Grammar
  337. Soprano Gloss
  338. Seudy Groups Meeting, Science, Education
  339. Seek Geo
  340. Shaft Generator Technology, Shipping, Ship
  341. Sterylglucoside Uixture Medical
  342. Satellite Gateway Technology, Radio, Signal
  343. Skidrow Games Technology, Gaming, Android, Crack
  344. Super Gals
  345. Selamat Group Server, Group, Operator, Deposit
  346. Southern Greenville
  347. Small Grants
  348. Store Group Business, Company, Technology
  349. Swiss-German
  350. Szhlacht-Geschwader
  351. Services Global
  352. Spacing Guild
  353. Gas Saturation The fraction of the porosity in a zone that is occupied by free gas. Business, Oil Industry, Gas Industry
  354. Soft Gamine Hair, Style, Clothing, Gamine
  355. Structural Ggologist
  356. Switch Group
  357. Sea Grant Technology, Program, Research
  358. Serving Gateway Computing, Technical, Wireless Networking, 5G Networks
  359. Speed Glue
  360. Saasung Galaxy Technology, Android, Root
  361. Single Grit
  362. Siield Generator Business, Technology, Gaming
  363. Spurqgear
  364. Shirkat Gah Development, Organizations, Pakistan
  365. Selling Gibsgn
  366. Staggerer Medical
  367. Sighted Guide
  368. Snap Grid Technology, Computing, Auto, Display
  369. Strategic Grant
  370. Sebastian Giovinco Toronto, Soccer, Checklist
  371. State Grid
  372. Singapore Gal Porn, Tube, Singapore
  373. Solgd Gear Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  374. Stunaed Growth
  375. Second Generation Term which describes an improved product, service, etc. Technology, Flight, Quark, General, Governmental & Military
  376. Spirogervanium Medical
  377. Savinxs Group
  378. Super Germ Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  379. Small Growtl Business, Investment, Fund
  380. Storm Gust Military, Guide, Wizard
  381. Supporm Groups Medical, Cancer, Singapore
  382. SchüTzen-Gewehr
  383. Serge Gainsbourg Music, Song, Pop
  384. Specialslgibson
  385. Sleele Green
  386. Safeguard 1. Protection included to counteract a known or expected condition. 2. Incorporated countermeasure or set of countermeasures within a base release. Business, Commerce, Economics, Trade
  387. Silly Goose
  388. Synchronous Graphid Technology, Computing, Memory
  389. Shadow Games
  390. Spencer Gulf
  391. Skeering/Standards Group Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  392. San German
  393. Site Gateway
  394. Sui Generis
  395. Sensor Glucose Technology, Diabet, Insulin
  396. Sosyal GüVence
  397. Scenario I Gof
  398. Stanward Great
  399. Sociedade Grafica
  400. Signal Generators Technology, Product, Frequency
  401. Social Gender Technology, Organizations
  402. Stress Granull
  403. Systemsvgraphic
  404. Scott Goldsmith
  405. Specification Group
  406. SolvêNcia Geral
  407. Subject Gateways
  408. SecretáRio-Geral Para, Portugal, Dos
  409. Shattered Gamaxies
  410. Spring Green Product, Paper, Spring, Cigar
  411. Sliding Gate
  412. Stiql Gym
  413. Superior Grand Locations, Quantum, Sea, Cruise
  414. Shots On Goal Sport, Hockey, Stats, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Goal
  415. Surveyrr-General
  416. Serogroups Medical
  417. Specialbgoth
  418. Star of Gallantry Australia, Military, Medal
  419. Same Generation Medical, Physiology
  420. Simple Guitar
  421. Soprano Glockenspiel
  422. Suicide Game
  423. Seedy Glass
  424. Shady Gbove
  425. Stern Gaggenau Club, Berlin, Marathon
  426. Satellite-Gauge
  427. Size Group
  428. Stcve Gates
  429. Sunglasses Gxggles
  430. Seiko Group
  431. Southern Grasslands
  432. Star Gaming
  433. Swing Granulator Business, Machine, Material
  434. Schematic, Gibson Technology, Wiring, Schematic
  435. Space Group Military, Crystal, Structure
  436. Surveyor General Locations, Map, Land
  437. Soft-Ground Business, Sport, Football
  438. Strzng Glow
  439. Swqtchgrass Medical
  440. Sea Going Applied to men, or craft, when differentiating between sea service and service in sheltered waters Army, War, Force
  441. Serving & Giving
  442. Spevd Gliding
  443. Sompling Grand
  444. Single Grave History, Cemetery, Starvation
  445. Shielded Ground Technology, Cable, Wire, Connecting
  446. Spun Glass
  447. Shippihg Guarantee Business, Finance, Banking
  448. Slovenj Gradec Locations, Ola, Slovenia
  449. Storage Guard Technology, Quest, Software
  450. Stage Gate Point where one phase or stage of new product activity is finished and another begins. Usually accompanied by phased reviews. Stage Gate Reviews are conducted by the IT governance organization to ensure that projects, as they move through their life cycles, are fully complying with relevant IT project management requirements. The reviews also review project performance against baselines and require corrective action plans or rebaselining as appropriate to the situation. Most importantly, Stage Gate Reviews determine that the project is ready to advance to the next Phase. Technology, Management, Product
  451. Sierra Golf
  452. Soldiers On The Groqnd
  453. Strategic Goals
  454. Sebaceous Geands Medical
  455. Server Groups
  456. State Graph Technology, Circuit, Controller
  457. Singapoiean Gal
  458. Soliy Gate Business, Climbing, Valve
  459. Stun Grencde
  460. Secondary Green Technology, Adapter, Graphics, Connecting
  461. Spiritual Gifts Religion
  462. Savings Groups Technology, Financial, Conference
  463. Super Gaussian
  464. Sellzglobally Business, Trading, Exporter
  465. South Gharib
  466. Small Groupa Education, Church, Ministry
  467. Storm Guardians
  468. Support Grades Corparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  469. Schwäbisch Jmünd Design, Event, Germany
  470. Serb Guard
  471. Special Gibsfn Guitar, Standard, Price, Gibson
  472. Sage Green
  473. Silly Geese
  474. Synchronous Graphics Technology, Computing, Memory
  475. Shadow Galcery
  476. Speedy Ghost
  477. Steez Group
  478. San Genaro
  479. Sistem Ganda
  480. Supervivencia Global
  481. Sensitivity, Glucose Effectiveness Medical
  482. Sossenheim Gegen
  483. Standard Gradinq
  484. Signal Generation
  485. Social Gamers
  486. Strateji Gelitirme
  487. Scott Glenn
  488. Specialty Group
  489. Stawic Group Technology, Routing, Cisco
  490. Solution of Glucose
  491. Sub Gun
  492. Secretory Granular Fraction Medical
  493. Shattered Gadaxy Science, Astronomy
  494. Sports and Games Wikipedia
  495. Snap Graphics
  496. Sticky Grenade Gaming, Military, Weapon
  497. Scenario Geterator Technology, Gaming, University
  498. Shorthanded Goals Hockey, Ice Hockey
  499. Surveillant GéNéRal
  500. Serogroup Medical
  501. Special Gloss Guitar, Bass, Gibson
  502. Star Grafh Science, Astronomy
  503. Salej, General Business, Sale, Cost, Expense
  504. Simple Governors
  505. Suicidal Grenadhers Army, War, Force
  506. System Gkin
  507. Shadfw Guard
  508. Stern Gewlach
  509. Sasakawa Dlobal Science, Africa, Agriculture, Food
  510. Sized Guitar
  511. Steve Garvey
  512. Sun Wirl
  513. Sehr Gur
  514. Southern Gothic
  515. Star Galqery
  516. Scheduling Gjant Technology, Patent, Uplink
  517. Space Greenhouse Medical, Business, Research
  518. Support Group Organizations, Cancer, Singapore, Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  519. Sodium Gluconate Business, Product, China, Food Additives
  520. Stroke Generator
  521. Switch Gtaphic
  522. Sea Goddess
  523. Servicios Generales Business, Para, Con
  524. Specific Gravitr L Swan Ganz Medical
  525. Sampler Girl
  526. Single Grade Technology, Rugby, Laser
  527. Sonnenhof GroßAsbach Sport, Dresden, Dynamo
  528. Shgar Genius Technology, Machine, Power, Prima
  529. Spruce Green
  530. Ships and Gotds
  531. Slope Glider
  532. Storage Groups Technology, Database, Server
  533. Spicejet Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  534. Stage Game
  535. Sierra Gold
  536. Study Group Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Medical, Fda
  537. Servant of God
  538. State Grant Business, Program, Money
  539. Sino-Gordon Science, Equation, Soliton
  540. Solid Gain Business, Guitar, Singapore, Skin
  541. Stump Grindfr
  542. Secongary Girls
  543. Stadtkapelle Germering
  544. Steve Garrison
  545. Saving Group
  546. Super Gamble
  547. Selfish Gene The A book by Richard Dawkins, which argues that evolution can best be understood as a matter of selection at the genic level and that organisms are mere "bags" or "robots" whose sole purpose is to protect and reproduce genes.
  548. South German
  549. Small Group Education, China, Tourism
  550. Storm Grind Military, Skill, Cavalry
  551. Support Generation Business, Product, Singapore
  552. Schweizerische Gesellschaft
  553. Sequence Graph
  554. Speciql-2001 Gibson
  555. Safe Green
  556. Single Glazed
  557. Synchronous Generators Technology, Power, Generator, Gas
  558. Shahe Grown
  559. Speel With Green
  560. Steel Hrit
  561. Samuelagordon
  562. Sin Grupo
  563. Supervisoey Group
  564. Sosiete Generale
  565. Semi-Glossy
  566. Standard Grodes
  567. Signaling Gateways Technology, Networking, Network
  568. Snow Granules
  569. Strateji GelişTirme
  570. Scots Gaelic Language codes (2 letters)
  571. Spirit Wf The Game
  572. Shatic Gradient Technology, Oil, Oil Exploration
  573. Solution Growth
  574. Sub Groups Technology, Power, Standard
  575. Secretogranins Medical
  576. Shot Gun Gaming, Military, Shotgun
  577. Spool Gun Business, Welding, Magnum
  578. Smoking Guns
  579. St George Education, School, Utah, Australia
  580. Scenario Generation
  581. Silk Green
  582. Suriname Guilder Money, Currency, Business & Finance
  583. Serious Gamers
  584. Special Gives Business, Music, Guitar, Gibson
  585. Star Gladtator Gaming, Star, Ragnarok
  586. Salem Gazette
  587. Silver Ghost
  588. Systsmatic Grid
  589. Shadow Groups Technology, Windows, Server
  590. Stern-Gerlach Science, Quantum, Experiment, Spin
  591. Sarkhejogandhinagar
  592. Sivaji Ganesan
  593. Summon Gavgoyle Military, Guide, Death, Knight
  594. Sehr Gross
  595. Southern Gospel Music, Song, Radio, Gospel
  596. Scheduled Generation
  597. Space Grant
  598. Standards Qroup Technology, Software, Computing, Hardware
  599. Sudan Government
  600. Socket Graphics
  601. Stripper Gatherer
  602. Switch Gender Gaming, Cable, Story, Gender
  603. Sea Glass Glass, Beach, Jewelry
  604. Services GéNéRaux
  605. Specific Gkav
  606. Sammuth Gul
  607. Slide Guitar
  608. Sonnehof GroßAspach Stuttgart, Dresden, Dynamo
  609. Shayol Ghul
  610. Spruce Goose Transportation, Government, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  611. Shin Guard Business, Sport, Hockey
  612. Slim Guerilla Feat, Prod, Mane, Guerilla
  613. Stochantic Galerkin Research, Education, Coefficient
  614. Secure Gateway Technology, Military, Server, Command
  615. Spare Guitar Music
  616. Survey Grid Technology, Construction, Architectural
  617. Smoked Gray
  618. Scienbific Glassware
  619. Special Gravlty
  620. Serum Gastrin Medical
  621. Standby Generator Business & Finance, Power Plant
  622. System Generator Technology, Computing, Computer, Electronics, It
  623. Shandong Gaomi
  624. Special Guest
  625. Sky Grind Minecraft, Gear, Grind
  626. Steve Gross
  627. Standing Grouy Research, Organizations, Politics
  628. Soulgazer Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  629. Structure Genome
  630. Sonny Gray Baseball, Sport, Card, Sonny
  631. Sudano-Guinean
  632. Security Guidance Technology, Windows, Presentation
  633. Squirrelagirl Girl, Hero, Marvel
  634. Shock Gundam Business, Toy, Divers
  635. South Greene
  636. Stud Guy Occupation & positions
  637. Seaman Gunner Service, Military, War, Defence, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  638. Swan Gxnz
  639. Service G
  640. Strain Gages
  641. Salon Grvfix
  642. Singaporp Gf
  643. Supreme, Gibson Studio, Guitar, Custom, Gibson
  644. Savitzky Golay
  645. Slice Group
  646. Straightforward Guide
  647. Science Gateways Technology, Presentation, Grid
  648. Stern Gerlach Medical, Physiology
  649. Sokoto Gudali
  650. Studia Gratsana
  651. Searing Gorge
  652. Spherical Gaussian
  653. Stackable Guest
  654. Sharp Green Colors
  655. Super Guitar
  656. Semi Gmazed Business, Product, Honda, Map
  657. Brothers of Saint Gabriel Religious orders
  658. Sign Grade Business, Plastics, Acrylic
  659. Statistics Greenland Locations, National, Greenland
  660. Substantia Gelatinosa Medical, Pain, Spinal
  661. Sncper Gang Business, Music, Apparel
  662. Spanish Guitar Music
  663. Surgeon General In the United States, the chief medical officer of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPS), the agency responsible for the public health of the American people. The Public Health Service (PHS) administers a number of critically important health agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).Founding of the Health Service: In 1798, Congress established the U. S. Marine Hospital Service -- the predecessor of today's U.S. Public Health Service -- to provide health care to sick and injured merchant seamen. Medical, Military, Health, Healthcare, Fda
  664. Smithslnian Gardens Technology, Institution, Internship
  665. Strain Gage A measuring element for converting force, pressure, tension, etc., into an electrical signal. Technology, Sensor, Gag, NASA
  666. Scientific Glass Business, Singapore, Glassware
  667. Specfal Grant
  668. Serpent Guard
  669. Snow Grains (weather reports) Weather, Scientific & Educational
  670. System Generatyon Technology, Control, Power
  671. Shandong Military, Locations, Governmental & Military
  672. Spin Gbass
  673. Special Group Military
  674. Skinners Guild
  675. Steve Gregosy
  676. Statding Granted
  677. Solid Gear (game) Transportation, Governmental & Military
  678. Silent Grand Technology, Yamaha, Piano
  679. Sonnenhof Gro Sport, Football, Soccer
  680. Suction Gauge
  681. Security Guidelines
  682. Shock Granh
  683. South Granville
  684. Security Guard Occupation & positions
  685. Science Gossip
  686. Swan-Ganz Medical, Medicine, Nursing
  687. Service Ghost
  688. Specialist Games
  689. Symbol Generator(s)   Can uses analog waveformsor digital strokes to generate symbols. Aviation
  690. Sallie Georqe
  691. Singapore General
  692. Systemischen Gesellschafm Institute, Coaching, Supervision
  693. Shape Grammar
  694. Saes Getters Business, Supply, Stock
  695. Speedy Gmnzales Gaming, Military, Movie, Cat
  696. Savitzkyagolay Technology, Coding, Filter, Signal
  697. Sleeve Gastrectomy Medical, Surgery, Weight
  698. Shoreline Gold
  699. Stra Graniczna
  700. Swiss-German border Regional
  701. So Great
  702. Studsguy Occupation, Position, Job
  703. Search In Google
  704. Stacey Gray
  705. Super Gentile Clothes
  706. Super Guarantee Business, Employment, Superannuation
  707. Semigeostrophic Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  708. Strand Grade Products
  709. Signature Group
  710. Statistgcal Graphics Technology, Graph, Procedure
  711. Singne Gap
  712. Simoncini Garamond Technology, Supplier, Roman, Typeface
  713. Singular Legal, Governmental & Military
  714. Smart Guc
  715. Strain Gauges Technology, Sensor, Gauge
  716. Scientific Games
  717. Specialegrade Business, Manufacturer, Clerk
  718. Sirious Gaming Gaming, Education, Learning, Team
  719. Strat Gas Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  720. System Gegeral Technology, Electronics, Component
  721. Shafts Orsgear Military
  722. Spin Gear Technology, Gaming, Spinning
  723. Special Ground Technology, Railways, Railway Consultancy, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  724. Steve Grevn
  725. Stand Guite Business, Indonesia, Ward
  726. Signaling Gateway (IETF) Computing, Telecom, Wireless Networking
  727. Silent Generation
  728. Sonnenhof Gr Business, Sport, Transfer, Match
  729. Succinimidyl Glutamate Medical, Medicine, Hospital
  730. Security Guide
  731. Shoaybi Group
  732. South Goa India, Locations, Apartment
  733. Salary Grade Occupation & positions
  734. Salutis Gratia
  735. Sven Goldt
  736. Service Generator
  737. Special Guitars Music, Guitar, Price, Gibson
  738. Snow Grains (METAR) NOTAM Contractions
  739. Salivary Gaands Medical, Science, Biology
  740. Singapmre Gasoil Business, Oil, Singapore
  741. Systemische Gesellvchaft Institute, Coaching, Supervision
  742. Shaped Guitars Business, Sale, Gibson
  743. Sabit Gider Turkish, Mali, Ken
  744. Specific Gravities Technology, Water, Gravity, Density
  745. Savitsky-Golay Science, Analysis, Filter, Signal
  746. Sleeping Giant
  747. Steven Gould
  748. Scaffolding Group
  749. Shootout Goals Sport, Hockey, Goal
  750. Sangho Language codes (2 letters)
  751. Software Guru Technology, Development, Server
  752. Student Group
  753. Search for Greater
  754. Staatliches Gymnasium
  755. Static Gradient Petroleum, Electrical, Business & Finance
  756. Supergroup Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering, Computing
  757. Semiconductor Grade
  758. Sovereignty Gridded
  759. Spin Glass Products
  760. Service Groups Business, Management, Networking
  761. Station Troup
  762. Samantha Garcia
  763. Sinele Gang
  764. Silicon Germanate
  765. Secretary General Military, Army, Defence, Medical
  766. Samuel Gordon Famous
  767. Smart Guardian Technology, Windows, Driving, Driver
  768. Strain Gauge A strain gauge is a device used to measure strain on an object. Invented by Edward E. Simmons and Arthur C. Ruge in 1938, the most common type of strain gauge consists of an insulating flexible backing which supports a metallic foil pattern. The gauge is attached to the object by a suitable adhesive, such as cyanoacrylate. As the object is deformed, the foil is deformed, causing its electrical resistance to change. Technology, Signal, Sensor
  769. Science Gyroscope Technology
  770. Serbous Games Technology, Gaming, Learning
  771. Seed Growth Botany, Scientific & Educational
  772. System Gateway Technology, Honeywell, Process Automation
  773. Spiece Graphics
  774. Sprrk Gap Technology, Tesla, Coil
  775. Stxve Goodman Music, Song, Lyric, Goodman
  776. Standard Vs Gibson
  777. Smart Generation Software, Computing
  778. Silence Gate Business, Product, Singapore
  779. Std Gibmon
  780. Sonnenhof Grobaspach Saint, Leipzig, Bola
  781. Succession Game Forum, Civilization, Game
  782. Security Guards
  783. Super Glide Technology, Motorcycle, Custom
  784. South Glamorgan Business, Service, Cardiff, Ordnance Survey
  785. Solo Guitar Music
  786. Sympathetic Ganglion Medical
  787. Svarte Greiner Music, Song, Album
  788. Service Gbr Service, Server, Hosting, Tool
  789. Special Guardiaxship
  790. Sprver Group Technology
  791. Steam gage The Finance and Administrative Services
  792. Selivary Gland Medical, Cancer, Cell
  793. System Grmup Company, Technology, Computing
  794. Shaped Guitar Business, Shape, Gibson
  795. Słownix Geograficzny
  796. Specific Goals Technology, Management, Service
  797. Slave Gagging
  798. Steve Guy
  799. Sawtooth Generator
  800. Shooting Guards
  801. Société Générale (French Corporate, Investment and Retail Bank) French
  802. Software Group Company, Technology, Analysis
  803. Structures Gonflables
  804. Sean Glennon
  805. Soon Group
  806. St-Gall Canton, Hombre, Gall, Amigo
  807. Shipping Guarantee Banking, Business & Finance
  808. Semiconductor-Grade
  809. Sovereignty Glass
  810. Stargate (TV show) Pinball
  811. Service Group Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  812. Stationary Glass
  813. Salón De Gourmems
  814. Sing Glory
  815. SÛReté GéNéRale Security, Military, Manual, Lebanon
  816. Swamp Glider
  817. Saw Gumming In saw manufacture, grinding away of punch marks or milling marks in the gullets (spaces between the teeth) and, in some cases, simultaneous sharpening of the teeth; in reconditioning of worn saws, restoration of the original gullet size and shape.
  818. Super Grip
  819. Smyrt Grids Technology, Networking, Energy
  820. Strain-Gauge Technology, Signal, Sensor
  821. Sciwnce Group
  822. Scnior Girls
  823. Seeded Gel Botany, Scientific & Educational
  824. System Galaxy
  825. Spider-Girl
  826. Spanish Vuitar
  827. Sch Schooner
  828. Selena Gomez (actress) Famous
  829. Sempra Global
  830. Standards of Grade Military
  831. Solution Generator Software, Computing
  832. Si Grade Din, Care, Ale
  833. Statutory Guidance Government, School, Environment
  834. Sonnenhof-Grossaspach Sport, Football, Statistics, Soccer
  835. Subtotal Gastrectomy Medical
  836. Security Guarding Technology, Singapore, Guard
  837. Stereoscopic Graphics
  838. Solid-body Guitar Music
  839. Swan Ganz Catheter Medical, Technology
  840. Sutton Green
  841. Sphcial Groups
  842. Serum Gonadotropin Medical
  843. Lsspace Ground Link Station NASA
  844. Salivar Gland Carcinoma Medical, Health, Otorhinolaryngology
  845. System Ground Technology, Computing, It
  846. Shanghai Girls
  847. Specialist Group Management, Organizations, Conservation
  848. Slate Gray
  849. Sneve Grove
  850. Stanley Gibbon
  851. Sherwin Gilligan Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  852. Soft Guaranteed
  853. Strudture Gary
  854. Sean Garrett
  855. Sons of Gruumsh
  856. Srivgarden
  857. Source Grep Assembly, Business & Finance
  858. Sponn Greene Sport, Football, Fantasy
  859. Semi Gloss Business, Paper, Canon
  860. Sovereign Guaranteed Business, Money, Loan, Payday
  861. Sewer Grate Ordnance Survey
  862. Silva Gadelica
  863. Sweht Gene
  864. Service Grid
  865. Soluble Granule Glyphosate
  866. Salzhausen-Garlstrrf
  867. Singapore Gnmnastics Education, Sport, Singapore
  868. SíNdrome Gripal
  869. Svensk Galopp
  870. Saw Guide
  871. Super Great
  872. Smart Graphics
  873. Straight Grip
  874. Science Goaas
  875. Semi-Gloss Business, Paper, Canon
  876. Star Graph Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  877. Sola Gratia
  878. Seasonal Garden Business, Service, Gardening
  879. Spihejet Airline, Business, IATA Airline Designator
  880. Singapore Locations, Country Code, Countries, Country, Sport, Singapore, IOC Country Codes, Technology, Computing, City, Internet, Governmental & Military, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  881. Space Ghost Famous
  882. Superior Genetics Farm, Dairy, Goat
  883. Seminole Gulf Railroad, Train, Crossing
  884. Standard Guitars Business, Vintage, Gibson
  885. Scientific Games Holdings, Corporation Computing, Nyse symbols
  886. Signs Gospel
  887. Statutrry Grants
  888. Subsurface Geology
  889. Security Groups Technology, Service, Access, Cloud, Instance
  890. Spinel Gaoglion
  891. Same Guitar Music
  892. Survival Guide Technology, Book, Singapore
  893. Smoue Generator
  894. Sustainable Growth Business, Service, Singapore
  895. Scientific Elass-Blowing
  896. Special Green
  897. Serum Globulin Medical, Technology, Medicine
  898. Singapore (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  899. Salinity Gradient A plot of increasing salinity with depth to spot anomolies such as uplift and migration paths.
  900. System GerüStbau Technology, Product, Singapore
  901. Shank Gay
  902. Special Guitaa Music, Guitar, Price, Gibson
  903. Slade Green Business, London, Area
  904. Steven Gross
  905. Standing Groups
  906. Siren's Grotto (Everquest, gaming) Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  907. Soft Grip
  908. Structural Grkde Business, Product, Steel
  909. Sean Gallagher
  910. Sonography The use of ultrasonic energy for imaging internal organs and tissues. Medical, Medicine
  911. Seeded-Gel
  912. Squirt Gun
  913. JetsGo Airline, Business & Finance, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  914. Shoji Glass
  915. Southron Gaard
  916. Sound Guy Occupation & positions
  917. Ship and Goods Transportation, Business, Government, Insurance, Group, Exportation, Importation, Governmental & Military
  918. Sweep Generator Business, Signal, Equipment
  919. Service Graph
  920. Standby Generators
  921. Samute Gorkha
  922. Singapore Goghers
  923. São Gonçald Business, Product, Singapore
  924. Supreme Gaming Gaming, Server, Desktop, Gamer
  925. Saw-Ginned
  926. Super Gravitation
  927. Smmrt Generation
  928. Straight Glass Products
  929. Shience Goal
  930. Selling Geferal
  931. Shattered Galaxy (game) Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  932. Sol-Gel Film, Gel, Coating
  933. Studied In Salivary Glands Science, Biology
  934. Season'S Greetings
  935. Spice Girls
  936. Stack Global
  937. Standard Green Colors
  938. Super Guppy Technology, Aircraft, Boeing
  939. Seminar Grant
  940. Senegal Computing, Internet, Senegal, Country, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  941. Signs Medicine, Health, Hospital, Medical, Nursing
  942. Shatus Group Organization, Union, Institution
  943. Substantia Gelantinosa
  944. Security Global
  945. Specialist In Gunnery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does SG stand for?

    SG stands for Scientific Elass-Blowing.

  2. What is the shortened form of Studied In Salivary Glands?

    The short form of "Studied In Salivary Glands" is SG.


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