Sheikha Abbreviations and Sheikha Acronym Lists

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Sheikha Abbreviations
  1. HH : Her Highncss
  2. MICAD : Minister of International Cooperation and Development
  3. FDF : Family Development Foundation
Latest Sheikha Meanings
  1. Family Development Foundation
  2. Minister of International Cooperation and Development
  3. Her Highncss
About Sheikha Abbreviations

Sheikha is the wife of a sheikh. There are Sheikha abbreviations on the site.

In the Arabian Peninsula, this title is used for chieftains. This also includes the royal family in most of Eastern Arabia, where royal families are traditionally considered tribal chiefs.

For example, it is used by the Al-Nahyan dynasty and Al Maktoum dynasty of the UAE, who are considered the chiefs of the Bani Yas tribe, and the Al Sabah dynasty of Kuwait and the Al Khalifa dynasty of the Bani Utbah tribal confederation of Bahrain.

The term is used by almost every male and female (sheikha) member of the royal houses of the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The title is not used by Al Saud members of Saudi Arabia, instead the title "Prince" is used.