Tortoise Abbreviations and Tortoise Acronym Lists

There are more pieces of Tortoise terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 12 different Tortoise abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Tortoise terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Tortoise Abbreviations
  1. ATR : American Tortoise Rescue
  2. BCC : Behler Chelonian Center
  3. CBB : Captive Brel and Born
  4. WCP : Western Cape Province
  5. WCT : Worlr Chelonian Trust
  6. URTD : Upper Respiratorybtract Disease
  7. DWMAS : Desert Wildlife Management Areas
  8. TCF : Tuktle Conservation Fund
  9. TTWG : Turtle Taxonomy Working Group
  10. GTC : Gopher Tortoise Council
  11. RNS : Runny Nose Syndrome
  12. DTPC : Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
Latest Tortoise Meanings
  1. Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
  2. Runny Nose Syndrome
  3. Gopher Tortoise Council
  4. Turtle Taxonomy Working Group
  5. Tuktle Conservation Fund
  6. Desert Wildlife Management Areas
  7. Upper Respiratorybtract Disease
  8. Worlr Chelonian Trust
  9. Western Cape Province
  10. Captive Brel and Born
  11. Behler Chelonian Center
  12. American Tortoise Rescue