TPP in Pulmonary Meaning

The TPP meaning in Pulmonary terms is "Treadmill Performance Test". There are 5 related meanings of the TPP Pulmonary abbreviation.

TPP on Pulmonary Full Forms

  1. Treadmill Performance Test
  2. Thiamine Pyrophosphate Thiamine pyrophosphate or thiamine diphosphate (ThDP), or cocarboxylase is a thiamine (vitamin B1) derivative which is produced by the enzyme thiamine diphosphokinase. Thiamine pyrophosphate is a cofactor that is present in all living systems, in which it catalyzes several biochemical reactions. It was first discovered as an essential nutrient (vitamin) in humans through its link with the peripheral nervous system disease Beriberi, which results from a deficiency of thiamine in the diet.
  3. Tripeptidyl peptidase
  4. Tetraphenylporphyrin
  5. Transpulmonary Pressure The difference between the pressure of the respired gas at the mouth and the pleural pressure around the lungs, measured when the airway is open; thus, it includes not only the transmural pressure of the lung but also any drop in pressure along the tracheobronchial tree during flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TPP stand for Pulmonary?

    TPP stands for Transpulmonary Pressure in Pulmonary terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Transpulmonary Pressure in Pulmonary?

    The short form of "Transpulmonary Pressure" is TPP for Pulmonary.


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