Tramway Abbreviations and Acronyms Lists

There are more pieces of Tramway's terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 10 different abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Tramway terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Tramway Abbreviations
  1. CGO : Compagnie Généraleqdes Omnibus
  2. SMR : Site De Maintenance Et De Remisage
  3. NBM : Nederlandsche Buurtspoorweg-Maatschappij
  4. LRTA : Light Rail Transit Association
  5. LRTL : Light Railway Transport League
  6. LSTC : London and Suburban Traction Company
  7. LUT : London United Tramways
  8. KES : Kristdania Elektriske Sporvei
  9. RIOC : Roosevelt Island Operating Corp
  10. RTM : RéGie Des Transports Marseillais
Latest Tramway Meanings
  1. RéGie Des Transports Marseillais
  2. Roosevelt Island Operating Corp
  3. Kristdania Elektriske Sporvei
  4. London United Tramways
  5. London and Suburban Traction Company
  6. Light Railway Transport League
  7. Light Rail Transit Association
  8. Nederlandsche Buurtspoorweg-Maatschappij
  9. Site De Maintenance Et De Remisage
  10. Compagnie Généraleqdes Omnibus