The TÜDKİYEB meaning is "Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği". The TÜDKİYEB abbreviation has 1 different full form.


  1. Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği (Turkey Purebred Sheep and Goat Breeders Association in English) is a non-profit organization based in Turkey that represents the interests of purebred sheep and goat breeders in the country. The association was established in 1954 to improve the quality of sheep and goat breeds in Turkey and to promote the interests of its members. It is responsible for developing and implementing policies, programs, and projects related to breeding, research, and training in the sheep and goat industry. The association also works to improve the economic and social conditions of its members and to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish sheep and goat sector both domestically and internationally.


  1. TÜDKİYEB. (). turkiyekoyunkeci.org.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does TÜDKİYEB stand for?

    TÜDKİYEB stands for Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği.

  2. What is the shortened form of Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği?

    The short form of "Türkiye Damızlık Koyun Keçi Yetiştiricileri Birliği" is TÜDKİYEB.


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