W in Common Medical Meaning

The W meaning in Common Medical terms is "With". There are 7 related meanings of the W Common Medical abbreviation.

W on Common Medical Full Forms

  1. With W/ is a common shorthand version of "with," which is typically used online, in emails, and text messages. The "/" simply replaces the "ith." You will see the abbreviation used by people of all ages in a variety of contexts outside of the digital world. People might use it in birthday cards, grocery lists, notes, and letters.
  2. White
  3. Way Vessel's inertia of motion through the water
  4. Word A fixed-length group of bits representing the largest data element handled as a unit by a computer. Word length is determined by the capacity of the CPU registers.
  5. Water To take in water for drinking or boiler purposes. To pump fresh water into a ship. Dihydrogen oxide, molecular formula H2O.
  6. Weak
  7. Tryptophan Any enthusiastic admirer of the Slovenian guitarist Wenceslas Trypto. Actually, it is an amino acid with the useful property of aborbing ultraviolet light, helping to make proteins visible to detectors in chromatographs. Some vitamin suppliers call it "the natural alternative to Prozac". Tryptophan's biochemical symbol is T and it looks like this:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does W stand for Common Medical?

    W stands for With in Common Medical terms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Weak in Common Medical?

    The short form of "Weak" is W for Common Medical.


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