YVW Meaning in Sms - What does YVW mean in Sms?

The meaning of YVW is You'Re Very Welcome and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Sms terminology and YVW has 1 different meaning. All meanings which belong to YVW abbreviation are take part only within Sms terminology and other meanings are not found. If you want to see other meanings, please click the YVW meaning link. Thus, you will be directed to page which indicates all meanings of YVW.
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YVW Meaning in Sms

  1. You'Re Very Welcome

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What does YVW stand for Sms?

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  1. What does YVW meaning stand for Sms?

    YVW meaning stands for You'Re Very Welcome.
  2. What is the meaning of YVW abbreviation in Sms?

    The meaning of YVW abbreviation is `You'Re Very Welcome` in Sms.
  3. What is YVW definition ?

    YVW definition is "You'Re Very Welcome".
  4. What does YVW mean in Sms?

    YVW mean that "You'Re Very Welcome" for Sms.
  5. What is YVW acronym ?
    YVW acronym is "You'Re Very Welcome".
  6. What is shorthand of You'Re Very Welcome ?
    The shorthand of "You'Re Very Welcome" is YVW.
  7. What is the definition of YVW acronym in Sms?
    Definitions of YVW shorthand is "You'Re Very Welcome".
  8. What is the full form of YVW abbreviation?
    Full form of YVW abbreviation is "You'Re Very Welcome".
  9. What is the full meaning of YVW in Sms?
    Full meaning of YVW is "You'Re Very Welcome".
  10. What is the explanation for YVW in Sms?
    Explanation for YVW is "You'Re Very Welcome".

What is the meaning of YVW Abbreviation in Astrology ?

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YVW Abbreviation in Astrology
  • YVW (letter Y)

    You are sexual, sensual, and very independent. If you can't have it your way, you will forgot the whole thing. You want to control your relationships, which doesn't always work out too well. You respond to physical stimulation, enjoy necking and spending hours just touching, feeling and exploring. However, if you can spend your time making money, you will give up the pleasures of the flesh for the moment. You need to prove to yourself and your partner what a great lover you are. You want feedback on your performance. You are an pen, stimulating, romantic.

  • YVW (letter V)

    You are individualistic, and you need freedom, space, and excitement. You wait until you know someone well before committing yourself. Knowing someone means psyching him out. You feel a need to get into his head to see what makes him tick. You are attracted to eccentric types. Often there is an age difference between you and your lover. You respond to danger, thrills, and suspense. The gay scene turns you on, even though you yourself may not be a participant.

  • YVW (letter W)

    You are very proud, determined, and you refuse to take no for an answer when pursuing love. Your ego is at stake. You are romantic, idealistic, and often in love with love itself, not seeing your partner as he or she really is. You feel deeply and throw all of yourself into your relationships. Nothing is too good for your lover. You enjoy playing love games.