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PA meaning is Florida Coastal Airlines and other full form of PA definition take part in below table. There are 142 different meaning of PA acronym in the table which are compilation of PA abbreviation such as Airline, Ieee, Indiana, NASA, Aviation etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of PA acronym which you look for in 142 different PA meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does PA mean?, PA meaning” or you can search by typing only PA abbreviation in the search box.
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PA Meaning

  1. Florida Coastal Airlines Airline
  2. IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits Ieee
  3. Pacers Academy Indiana
  4. Pad Abort NASA
  5. Paging And Area Warning NASA
  6. Pan American Airways Airline, Aviation
  7. Panama Usps, Country domain names, Internet, 2-letter Country Codes, Country, Panama
  8. Panama (country Domains) Country domain names
  9. Pansophia Academy Michigan
  10. PANTHER Academy New Jersey
  11. Pantothenic Acid Amino Acid
  12. Papers submitted (e.g., naturalization papers) Genealogy
  13. Pará Brazilian State, Pará
  14. Paraguay FIPS Country Codes, Paraguay
  15. Paranoids Anonymous Hobbies
  16. Parapsychological Association, Inc Organization, Association
  17. Parent Alert Online
  18. Parental Advisory Film censorship
  19. Paris City
  20. Parklane Academy Mississippi
  21. Parkway Academy Florida, Tennessee
  22. Parramatta Australia
  23. Partial Arc Power Plant
  24. Partially Assembled Products
  25. Particular Average Insurance, Cargo, Freight, Air cargo, Shipping
  26. Partido Andalucista Politics
  27. Partnership Australia Tourism, Travel, Australia
  28. Pascal (1N/m2) Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Chemistry
  29. Paseo Academy Missouri
  30. Passive Acoustic Integrated Ocean Observing System
  31. Patent Act Banking
  32. Path Aux Ordnance Survey
  33. Pathology Ordnance Survey
  34. Pathways Academy Florida
  35. Pay Attention Texting
  36. Payload Accommodations Atmospheric Research
  37. Pease Academy Minnesota
  38. Pembroke Academy New Hampshire
  39. Pennsylvania Integrated Ocean Observing System, Gpo, List of All 50 State, Pennsylvania, Postal, State, Weather
  40. Pension Adjustment Mortgage
  41. Per Annum Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Occupation & positions
  42. Performance Artist Occupation & positions
  43. Performance Assessment Special Education
  44. Performing Artist Performing arts
  45. periapical Common Medical, Dental
  46. peridural artery Artery And Arteries
  47. periodic acid Amino Acid
  48. Periods after Financial
  49. Pernicious Anemia Medical
  50. Personal Assistant Rail transport, Occupation & positions
  51. Personal Author Occupation & positions
  52. Personal Authority Occupation & positions
  53. Personnel Administration SAP
  54. Personnel Agreement Common Medical
  55. Phillips Academy Massachusetts
  56. phosphatidic acid Amino Acid
  57. Photoinduced Absorption Chemistry
  58. Physical Activity Fda
  59. Physical Address Drivers
  60. Physical Aptitude Occupation & positions
  61. Physician Assistant Qualification, Common Medical, Medical education, Medical qualification, Nursing, Professional designation, Professional title, Degree
  62. physician’s assistant Occupation & positions, Infertility, Obstetrics, Physical Therapy, Pregnancy
  63. Pickens Academy Alabama
  64. Pilgrim Academy New Jersey
  65. Pillow Academy Mississippi
  66. PIMCO Advisors Holdings, Limited Partnership Nyse symbols
  67. Pinckney Academy North Carolina
  68. Pine Academy Michigan
  69. Pinkerton Academy New Hampshire
  70. Piong Astro Suppliers
  71. Planning Authority Electrical
  72. Plate Appearances Baseball, Sport
  73. Plato Academy Texas
  74. Pleasantview Academy Kansas
  75. polar accelerometer Physics
  76. Political Awareness Politics
  77. Polyamide Electrical, Chemistry, Polymer
  78. PolyAmide (Nylon) Plastics
  79. PolyAmide polymer number Chemistry
  80. Pop Art Performing arts
  81. Popular Astronomy Journal, Serial publication, Space, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Periodical
  82. Port Authority International business
  83. Portfolio Artifact Stock exchange
  84. Position Angle Astronomy
  85. Position Approximate Geology
  86. Positive Action Education
  87. Positive Affect Medical
  88. positive affectivity Medical
  89. Posterior Anterior Laboratory
  90. posterioranterior Physical Therapy
  91. Postero-Anterior Medical physics
  92. posteroanterior Clinical, Common Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy
  93. Potential Ability Football, Sport
  94. Power Adapter Hardware
  95. Power Amplifier Hardware, Power Plant
  96. Power of Attorney Mortgage
  97. Practical Arts Education
  98. Prearbitrated segment or slot IT Terminology
  99. Precision Academy Arizona
  100. Precision Architecture General
  101. Prefectural Advisor Occupation & positions
  102. Preliminary Assessment Environment, Technology, Science
  103. Presentation Academy Kentucky
  104. Pressure Air Auto
  105. Pressure Altitude Military
  106. Primary Air Power Plant
  107. Prince Albert Famous, Medical
  108. Print Artist Project File Extensions
  109. Printable ASCII Assembly
  110. Privacy Act Security
  111. Privacy Act of 1974 Fbi files
  112. Private Actress Occupation & positions
  113. Proctor Academy New Hampshire
  114. Procurement Administrator Manufacturing
  115. Producing Asset Electrical
  116. Product Assurance Sentinel online
  117. Production Assistant Occupation & positions, Performing arts
  118. Professional Accomplishment Special Education
  119. Professional Accomplishment (professional Teaching Standards) Education
  120. Program Announcement Health
  121. Program Assistant Occupation & positions
  122. Programmatic Agreement (USACE) Electrical, Energy, Government
  123. Project Administrator Occupation & positions
  124. Project Authorization Aviation
  125. Promise Academy California, High school, School
  126. Protactinium Chemistry
  127. Prothonotary apostolic Religious orders
  128. Proton Affinity Chemistry, Physics
  129. Providence Academy Minnesota, Wisconsin
  130. Provider Assigned (IP address space assigned to a specific provider by IANA) Technical
  131. provider-aggregated Technical
  132. Psoriatic Arthritis Common Medical
  133. Psychological Associate Occupation & positions
  134. Public Accountant Business Word, Occupation & positions
  135. Public Act Environment
  136. Public Address Military
  137. Public Addresses Rail transport, Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Hardware
  138. Public Affairs Army
  139. Pulaski Academy Arkansas
  140. Pulmonary Artery Artery And Arteries, Common Medical, Healthcare, Nursing, Pulmonary Hypertension, Pulmonary
  141. Pulse Amplifier NASA
  142. Pulse Arc welder Products

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What does PA stand for?

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  1. What does PA meaning stand for ?

    PA meaning stands for Pennsylvania.
  2. What is the meaning of PA abbreviation ?

    The meaning of PA abbreviation is "Program Announcement" .
  3. What is PA definition ?

    PA definition is "Precision Academy".
  4. What does PA mean ?

    PA mean that "Provider Assigned (IP address space assigned to a specific provider by IANA)".
  5. What is PA acronym ?
    PA acronym is "Psoriatic Arthritis".
  6. What is shorthand of IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits ?
    The shorthand of "IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits" is PA.
  7. What is the definition of PA acronym ?
    Definitions of PA shorthand is "Pathways Academy".
  8. What is the full form of PA abbreviation ?
    Full form of PA abbreviation is "Producing Asset".
  9. What is the full meaning of PA ?
    Full meaning of PA is "Parental Advisory".
  10. What is the explanation for PA ?
    Explanation for PA is "Procurement Administrator".

What is the meaning of PA Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of PA definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of PA abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of PA acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

PA Abbreviation in Astrology
  • PA (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

  • PA (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.