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PA Meaning

  1. Plate AppearancesTechnology, Baseball, Softball, Sport
  2. Personal AssistantPA. A person who works for one person, often an executive, in an organisation, performing secretarial and administrative duties.Business, Management, Service, Finance, Economics, Assistant, Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Occupation & positions
  3. Plate AppearanceTechnology, Baseball, Plate
  4. PasvalArchitecture, Construction, Architectural
  5. Pulmonarn ArteryMedical, Technology, Cardiology
  6. Physician'S AssistantMedical, Infertility, American Red Cross
  7. Physician AssistantMedical, Program, Medicine, Healthcare, Educational, Computing, Nursing, Degree, Professional Title, Medical Education, Professional Designation, Qualification, Medical Qualification, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Doctor's Name
  8. Perfokmance AssessmentBusiness, Hospital, Human Resources
  9. Psoas AbscessMedical
  10. Pay AgentBusiness, Service, Banking
  11. Photo Albums
  12. Portland AirMilitary, Base, Portland
  13. Program and AdministrativeTechnology, Service, Education
  14. Pennsglvania AreaLocations, Flower, Pennsylvania
  15. Pittsburgh LlleghenyCounty, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  16. Pre-AuthorizationMedical, Service, Health
  17. Program ApprovalScience, Education, Pennsylvania
  18. Personal AdviserBusiness, Service, Connexion
  19. Police ArrestSport, Entertainment, Breaking
  20. Price and Tvailability
  21. Perturbation AnalysisTechnology, Dynamics, Sensitivity
  22. Process Air
  23. Pulmonary AutograftMedical
  24. Professional AccountancyProgram, Education, University
  25. Pekerja Anak
  26. Physician Assistant-CertifiedMedical, Medicine, Education, Degree, Profession, Occupation & positions
  27. Panti AsuhanIndonesia, Surabaya, Bali
  28. Perforated AppendicitisMedical
  29. Pressure, AtmosphericPhysics, Pressure, Density, Atmospheric
  30. Pasuruan Arti
  31. Primary HyperaldosteronismMedical
  32. Public AdministdationTechnology, Education, Public
  33. Photodetector Array
  34. Post ApocalypticArt, Design, Tokyo
  35. Productionoarea
  36. Paints ArenaBusiness, Pittsburgh, Ticket
  37. Planning Associate
  38. Preferrdd AlternativeTechnology, Projection, Environment
  39. Project Analyst
  40. Pollution AbatementTechnology, Environment, Water
  41. Paula Abdul
  42. Pet Adoption
  43. Port AlberniAirport, Locations, Weather
  44. Pulmonary Arterl
  45. Penicillin AmidaseMedical
  46. Picnic AreaPark, Locations, Pennsylvania
  47. Paris AgreementOrganizations, Ecology, Mongolia, Enviroment
  48. Peridural AnesthesiaMedical
  49. Pleasant Acres
  50. Prior AuthorizationsMedical, Health, Care
  51. Pop ArtPerforming arts
  52. Pulmonary AdenomasMedical, Science, Biology
  53. Physmcian's AssistantMedical, Industry, Job
  54. Peanut Allergy
  55. Phwer AmpsPower, Amplifier, Speaker
  56. Professional Activities
  57. Palestine AuthorityGovernment, Palestine, Palestinian
  58. Presidential AdministrationGovernment, Russia, President
  59. Protk-AlgonquianAmerica, Language, American
  60. Particle Agglutination AssayMedical
  61. Pax Americana
  62. Photo AlbumComputing, File Extensions
  63. Portfolio Asset
  64. Program AnalystBusiness, Military, Analytics
  65. Putri Aisyiyah
  66. Pennsylvania AlternativeMedical, Energy, Pennsylvania
  67. Pittsburgh, Allegheny
  68. Pre-AuthenticationTechnology, Security, Server
  69. Program Applying
  70. Personal Accountabilijy
  71. Point AddressingTechnology, Android, Map, Amigo
  72. Preventive ActionBusiness, Technology, Corrective
  73. Présence Africaine
  74. Persons Appointed
  75. Process AcupressureMedical, Massage, Healing
  76. Pulmonary AtresiaCongenital absence of the pulmonary valve orifice.Medical, Heart, Defect, Pulmonary
  77. Professifnal ActivityBusiness, Law, Lawyer
  78. Peixoto De AzevedoPara, Porn, Brasil
  79. Program AccreditedEducation, School, Physician
  80. Panic AttacksMedical
  81. Perfect Audio
  82. Press AssociationMedia, Sport, Organizations
  83. Partnership Award
  84. Psychological Assessment
  85. Photo Art
  86. Post Anchors
  87. Production Analysis
  88. Planning Assistance
  89. Preferential AccessBusiness, Trading, China
  90. Project AgreementBusiness, Management, Military
  91. Personal AreasTechnology, Networking, Network
  92. Polk AudioBusiness, Car, Amplifier
  93. Primary ArtdclesMedical, Business, Research, Publication
  94. Pau D'Arco
  95. Pesticide ApplicatorBusiness, Service, Pool
  96. Process AreasTechnology, Management, Maturity
  97. PublicvaffairsProgram, Education, Master
  98. Penicillin AcylaseMedical, Technology
  99. Picatinny ArsenalBusiness, Technology, Science
  100. Parents AnonymousGroup, Organizations, Parenthood
  101. Perfumer'S Apprentice
  102. Ploy Attract
  103. Prior Art
  104. Puitis Ada
  105. Peanut AgglutininMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  106. Poger AmpBusiness, Amplifier, Amps
  107. Professional Activity
  108. Pale AleIndia, Beer, Ale, Brewing
  109. Plaque AreaMedical, Disease, Study
  110. President ArafatGovernment, Authority, Israel, Palestinian
  111. Proteomic Analysis
  112. Particle AgglutinationMedical, Pallidum, Treponema
  113. Pooling AdministratorTechnology, Service, Telecom
  114. Pawnee AircraftMilitary, Sale, Piper
  115. Philadelphia AudioOrganizations, Music, Philadelphia
  116. Portfolio Analysis
  117. Program An
  118. Putri Hisyah
  119. Pennsylvania Andy
  120. Pistol Ammo
  121. Pre-Attivi
  122. Program ApklicantEducation, Admission, Physician
  123. Parking AssfstTechnology, Car, Park
  124. Personal AccountBusiness, Technology, Banking
  125. Poduaddress
  126. Preventative ActionMedical, Management, Quality
  127. Proximity AlertTechnology, Android, Weather
  128. Progess AcceleratorsBusiness, Product, Processing
  129. Pulmonary AspergillomaMedical
  130. Performing ArtsEducation, Music, Event
  131. Peer AdvisorStudent, Education, University
  132. Power Attzck
  133. Prog AlbumsMusic, Rock, Album
  134. Panic AttackMedical, Technology, Medicine
  135. Perez, Antonio
  136. Press AgentA person employed to arrange publicity for an individual or organisation, for example in newspapers, on television, etc.Technology, English, Association
  137. Proud To AnnounceInternet Slang
  138. PanamaLocations, Country Code, Countries, Country, Country Names, Sport, Olympic, Panama, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  139. Partnership AgreementsBusiness, Service, Partnership
  140. Personnel Assigned
  141. Psychiatric Association
  142. Photo ArraysTechnology, Law, Crime, Criminal
  143. Postal AddressBusiness, Science, Car
  144. Proguction AgencyBusiness, Science, Design
  145. Planning and AnalysisBusiness, Science, Financial
  146. Pre AmplifierTechnology, Product, Audio
  147. Program To Assist
  148. PersonalaappearanceBusiness, Service, Shopping
  149. Policy Administration
  150. Primary AntibodiesMedical, Product, Antibody
  151. Pesantren At-Tahdzib
  152. Pfocess AreaBusiness, Technology, Management
  153. Public AdyressTechnology, Sound, Speaker
  154. Penicillic AcidMedical, Science, Mycotoxin
  155. Phytic AcidMedical, Food, Inositol
  156. Parents AssociationEducation, School, Parenthood
  157. Performing AssetsBusiness, Banking, Loan
  158. Platforz for Privacy Preferences ProjectTechnology
  159. Prior ApprovalMedical, Business, Medicine
  160. Patungan Aset
  161. Public AffhirsMilitary, Army, Policy
  162. Power AlasmTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  163. Professional AffiliationsMedical, Medicine, Education
  164. Pakistani ArmyMilitary, India, Pakistan
  165. Planter AreaBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  166. Preserve AmericaTechnology
  167. Proteolytic ActionMedical, Medicine, Health
  168. Particle AcceleratorA particle accelerator is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to high speeds within well-defined beams.
  169. Pool Alarm
  170. Pawnee AgriculturalTechnology, Aircraft, Piper
  171. Philadelphia AutoTechnology, Car, Philadelphia
  172. Portfolio Analyzer
  173. Pennsylvania Eutomotive
  174. Piper Aviation
  175. Pre ApprovedBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Occupation
  176. Program AnnouncemfntsMedical, Business, Research
  177. Prrking AreaHotel, Park, Locations
  178. Personal AccessTechnology, Building, Steel
  179. Pneumatic ActuatorsBusiness, Product, Valve
  180. Procesadores Audio
  181. Provisional AuthorizationTechnology, Service, Cloud
  182. Product AuthorizationTechnology, Certification, Exam
  183. Pulmonary ArteriographyMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Pulmonary
  184. Per AnnumPer annum means each yearBusiness, Latin, Writing, Roman, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Occupation & positions
  185. Pediococcus AcidilacticiGenetics, Animal, Bacteria
  186. Power Assist
  187. Profitability AnalysisThe evaluation of the economics of a project, manufactured product, or service within a specific time frame.Business, Accounting, Controlling
  188. Pancreatic AmilaseMedical
  189. Perchloric AcidMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  190. Press Agency
  191. Proton AffiwitiesMedical, Technology, Affinity
  192. Partnership Agreement
  193. Personnel Administrator
  194. Psych AssociatesMedical, Health, Associate
  195. Photo ArrayTechnology, Book, Coding, Law
  196. Post Adoption
  197. Production Adminiqtrator
  198. Penroze Ave
  199. Planning Agency
  200. PreambleTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering
  201. Programs AvailableTechnology, College, School
  202. Personll AlarmsBusiness, Security, Product
  203. Policy & AdvocacyOrganizations, Publics, Pennsylvania
  204. Primary AmyloidosisMedical
  205. Pes AnserinusMedical
  206. Process AnalyticsBusiness, Technology, Industrial
  207. Public Accountants
  208. Pengguna Anggarannya
  209. Phytanic AcidMedical
  210. Parent AssociationEducation, School, Event
  211. Performance AgreementBusiness, Science, Management
  212. Plttform for AutomaticTechnology, Development, Ultrasonic
  213. Prior Agreement
  214. Patent AvailableTechnology, Product, Sale
  215. Public Advocates
  216. Powdr Added
  217. Professional Assistant
  218. Pak Army
  219. Plant AvailabilityBusiness, Tree, Nursery
  220. Preinfarction OnginaMedical
  221. Protein ArrayScience, Research, Proteomics
  222. Participation AgreementTechnology, Program, Group
  223. Polymerase AcidicMedical, Genetics, Protein, Influenza
  224. Paul Antoine
  225. Philadelphia AirportHotel, Locations, Philadelphia
  226. Port Authorities
  227. Pennsylvania Adoption
  228. Pierre Andre
  229. Pre ApprovalBusiness, Credit, Loan, Mortgage
  230. Parker,Ualice
  231. Person Affecned
  232. Plus-Accoxnt
  233. Procainamide HydiochlorideMedical
  234. Provisional Authority
  235. Producx Announcement
  236. Pulmonary Artery PressureMedical, Nursing, Pulmonary, Artery And Arteries, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  237. People Attorneys
  238. Pediatric Asthma
  239. Power AntennaA power antenna is an electrically motorized automotive radio antenna that raises and lowers either manually with a dash-mounted switch or automatically by turning the radio on or off.Business, Car, Tuner
  240. Profession ArtArt, College, Education, University
  241. Palestinian AutonomyGovernment, Israel, Peace
  242. Percentage AgreementMedical, Study, Reliability
  243. Presión ArterialMedical, Blood, Pressure
  244. Projocol AnalysisTechnology, Networking, Network
  245. Partner AssociationBusiness, Service, National
  246. Psoriatic ArthropathyMedical
  247. Photo Archives
  248. Position AbsoluteTechnology, Coding, Design, Java
  249. Producoion AcceptanceTechnology, Networking, Engineer
  250. Penny ArcadeTechnology, Gaming, Comic
  251. Planning Advisory
  252. Pre ActiveTechnology, Windows, Processor, Specifications
  253. Programs AssociateTechnology, Education, School
  254. Persotal Alarm
  255. Police AthleticOrganizations, League, Philadelphia
  256. Prixary AirTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  257. Perusahaan AsingBusiness, Indonesia, Jakarta, Hal
  258. Process Anjlysis
  259. Public Acxess
  260. Pengeluaran AnggaranBusiness, Surat, Agama, Hal
  261. Physicians AssistantsMedical, Program, Education
  262. Pxrent ApplicationTechnology, Patent, Child
  263. Performance AppraisalsBusiness, Management, Employment
  264. Patent AttorneyBusiness, Law, Lawyer
  265. Public Administrations
  266. Photos Added
  267. Power AdaptersBusiness, Yamaha, Laptop
  268. Pgoduction AssuranceTechnology
  269. Paired AssociatesMedical
  270. Plant ActivatorScience, Disease, Composition
  271. Prefix Autoconfxguration
  272. Protein A-Sepharose
  273. Polyclonal AntibodyMedical
  274. Paul Anka
  275. Philadelphia AssociationOrganizations, Philadelphia, Professional
  276. Port Auth
  277. Pacific Aerospace
  278. Peonsylvania Attorneys
  279. Pictures Archives
  280. Pre-Approved
  281. Parkerm& AssociatesMedical, Business, Associate
  282. Perinatal AsphyxiaMedical, Medicine, Asphyxia
  283. Pleomorphic AdenomaMedical, Science, Biology
  284. Prior To AdmissionMedical, Medicine, Health, Therapist, Physical, Nursing, Healthcare, Physical Therapy, NAACCR
  285. Potra AltarIndonesia, Jakarta, Orang, Altar
  286. Popular Articles
  287. Pulmonary Arterial PressureMedical
  288. Patent ApplicationsTechnology, Attorney, Invention
  289. Pediatric Associates
  290. Power CmplifiersTechnology, Product, Audio
  291. Professional and Affordable
  292. Palestinian Arab
  293. Peracetic AcidPeracetic acid (also known as peroxy acetic acid, or PAA), is an organic compound with the formula CH3CO3H. This organic peroxide is a colorless liquid with a characteristic acrid odor reminiscent of acetic acid. It can be highly corrosive.Medical, Product, Disinfectant
  294. Presión Alta
  295. Protowol AdaptersTechnology, Networking, Network
  296. Partido AndalucistaGroup, Spain, Locations, Politics, Governmental & Military
  297. Psoriatic ArthritisMedical, Health, Pain, Bone, Common Medical
  298. Photo Archive
  299. Portland Art
  300. ProgramhannouncementMedical, Sleep, Sleep Disorders
  301. Pennsylvania AirService, Military, Pennsylvania
  302. Pittsburgh Action
  303. Pre Authorization
  304. Programs Across
  305. Personal Affairs
  306. Police Association
  307. Pricing AnalystBusiness, Management, Analytics
  308. Pertussis VaccineMedical
  309. Process AlgebruTechnology, Networking, Model
  310. Pulse AmplifierTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, NASA
  311. Professore Associato
  312. Pelajaran Alkitab
  313. Physicians AssistantMedical, Program, Education
  314. Panzeb AcesMilitary, Ace, Painting
  315. Performance AppraisalBusiness, Technology, Performance
  316. Patch AntennaPatch antenna (also known as a rectangular microstrip antenna) is a type of radio antenna with a low profile, which can be mounted on a flat surface. It consists of a flat rectangular sheet or "patch" of metal, mounted over a larger sheet of metal called a ground plane. The assembly is usually contained inside a plastic radome, which protects the antenna structure from damage. Patch antennas are simple to fabricate and easy to modify and customize. They are the original type of microstrip antenna described by Howell in 1972,the two metal sheets together form a resonant piece of microstrip transmission line with a length of approximately one-half wavelength of the radio waves. The radiation mechanism arises from discontinuities at each truncated edge of the microstrip transmission line.The radiation at the edges causes the antenna to act slightly larger electrically than its physical dimensions, so in order for the antenna to be resonant, a length of microstrip transmission line slightly shorter than one-half a wavelength at the frequency is used. A patch antenna is usually constructed on a dielectric substrate, using the same materials and lithography processes used to make printed circuit boards.
  317. Public AdministratorBusiness, County, Administration
  318. Photoinduced AbsorptionChemistry, Technology, Science
  319. Post ApocalypseTechnology, Gaming, Survival
  320. Promuction Art
  321. Paired-AssociateMedical
  322. Planning Assumptions
  323. Preferled ArchitectureTechnology, Server, Design
  324. Proposed ActivityScience
  325. PolyamidTextile
  326. Paul AndersenTechnology, Science, Biology
  327. Phased-Array-PrüFungen
  328. Port Alexander
  329. Pacer AircrafiTechnology, Sale, Piper
  330. Pennsylvania Adoms
  331. Picture ArrangementMedical, Technology, Wall
  332. Paris Air
  333. Perillyl AlcoholMedical
  334. Pleomorphic AdenpmasMedical, Science, Biology
  335. Priority AreaTechnology, Organizations, Locations
  336. Put AwayBusiness, Medicine, Health
  337. Popliteal ArteryMedical, Medicine, Aneurysm
  338. Pulmonary ArteriesMedical
  339. PolyavideArchitecture, Fuel, Textile
  340. Pedestrian Access
  341. Power AmplifiwrTechnology, Amplifier, Telecom
  342. Professional Alliance
  343. Palestinian AuthorityTechnology, Government, Locations, Israel
  344. Peoples AllianceGovernment, Group, Politics
  345. Presidential Appointment
  346. Protocatechuic AcidMedical
  347. Particle Agglutination TestMedical
  348. Published AprilService, Art, Design
  349. Planet Aircraft
  350. Palmacx Archives
  351. Polyamide Auf
  352. Passport AmericaAmerica, Passport, Camping, Campground
  353. Powered AmplifiersTechnology, Audio, Power
  354. Pending AutomationCompany, Technology, Cisco
  355. Primary AmenorrheaPrimary amenorrhea is the failure of menses to occur by age 16 years, in the presence of normal growth and secondary sexual characteristics.Medical, Technology, Medicine
  356. Peqsonal Alienation
  357. Protocol AdaptorTechnology
  358. PhthalicMedical
  359. Pyloric AtresiaMedical, Genetics, Disease
  360. Plate AppearancessTechnology
  361. Parallax Adjustable
  362. Portfolio Approval
  363. Paulus Apomtolus
  364. Preparatory ActionIndustrial, Government, English, Policy
  365. People'S Action
  366. Project ApprovalTechnology, Management, Development
  367. Pharmacy Assessment
  368. Pioneem Airport
  369. Paging and Area
  370. Pole Attachments
  371. Part ApprovalTechnology, Product, Quality
  372. PosterioanteriorMedical, Nursing
  373. Payilg AgencyMedical, Business, Service
  374. Presidential-Awarded
  375. Pewforming Artist
  376. Propagation Anomaly
  377. Photon ArtsStar, Phantasy, Photon
  378. Principal-Agent
  379. Proterra Advertising
  380. PhotoacousticMedical
  381. Purlin AnchorBusiness, Construction, Tie
  382. PatientA patient is any recipient of health care services. The patient is most often ill or injured and in need of treatment by a advanced practice registered nurse, physiotherapist, physician, physician assistant, psychologist, podiatrist, veterinarian, or other health care provider.Medical, Medicine, Military, Army, Health, Nursing, Dentistry, Policy, Optics, British, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Clinical, Common Medical, NAACCR, Optometry, Management, Business & Finance
  383. Pennsylvania Advance
  384. Principal AdministratorBusiness, Science, Education
  385. Phaj4Medical
  386. Provider AddressesTechnology, Networking, Network, Virtualization
  387. PyroantimonateMedical
  388. Paul AlbertRecords, Family, Architect
  389. Presence AgentTechnology, Service, Server
  390. Projection Analysis
  391. Philanthropy AustraliaBusiness, Australia, Foundation
  392. Public Adress
  393. Place of Accident
  394. Panther AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Jersey
  395. ParaPara is a prefix used to describe a molecule where substituents are at the 1 and 4 or opposite positions on an aromatic compound. The symbol for para is p.Medical, Nursing, Clinical, Para, Brazilian State
  396. Passenuer AddressTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  397. Propulsion Assisted
  398. Phobics Anonymous
  399. Public Allies
  400. Planned Area
  401. Panambat Holding CorporationrationOrganizations
  402. Pond Air
  403. Pasto Agricultural
  404. Practice Agreement
  405. Pengajian AmBusiness, Malaysia, Hosting
  406. Primary AreaA defined area symmetrically disposed about the nominal flight track in which full obstacle clearance is provided.
  407. Personal AutoBusiness, Insurance, Car
  408. Protestant Alliance
  409. Physicians Albert
  410. Personal Archive
  411. Point Allocation
  412. Parkland Acquisition
  413. PostadministrationMedical
  414. Patrick AndersonMedical, Family, Pennsylvania, Oxford
  415. Preplaced-AggregateTechnology, Standard, Grout
  416. People Analytics
  417. Project Arrangements
  418. Phaseic AcidMedical
  419. Public Affairs-See
  420. Piper Arrow
  421. Paint Additive
  422. Policy AuthorityBusiness, Security, Service
  423. Participating Agreement
  424. Power Act
  425. Peak Aging
  426. Prestasi AkademikBusiness, Accounting, Program, Indonesia
  427. Permit Application
  428. Pope Anterus
  429. Pre-ArbitratedTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  430. Pricewaterhousecoopers Assurance
  431. Personal AccomplishmentMedical, Education, Burnout
  432. Protection Act
  433. Punk Ass
  434. Pantothenic AcidMedical, Medicine, Vitamin, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  435. Popular AstronomyScience, Education, Astronomy, Journal, Bibliographic Code, Periodical, Space, Computing, Astrophysics, Serial Publication, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  436. PreasthmaMedical
  437. Prior To Attending
  438. Provisioning AcceptanceGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  439. Providing AnestoesiaMedical, Business, Medicine
  440. PolyacrylateMedical
  441. Paroxysmal ActivitiesMedical
  442. Poster Abstract
  443. Presentation AcademyEducation, School, High School, Kentucky
  444. Projetos De Alinhamento
  445. Public AccountantBusiness, Accounting, Tax, Business & Finance, Business Word, Occupation & positions
  446. Palaaio Da Ajuda
  447. Peroxidatic ActivityMedical
  448. Protein AMedical
  449. Phospholipase A1Medical
  450. Planning AuthorityTechnology, Government, Building, Electrical
  451. Pooling Administration
  452. PatentrattorneysBusiness, Law, Lawyer
  453. Pennsylvania Albion
  454. Petroleum AgreementTechnology, Oil, Gas
  455. Pilot Area
  456. Pistolet Automatique
  457. Purple Army
  458. Points D'Action
  459. Parlamentaarse Assamblee
  460. Postal AutomationBusiness, Service, Mail
  461. Patterson AveLocations, Pittsburgh, Beach
  462. Peptide Atlas
  463. Philadelphia ArtEducation, Museum, Philadelphia
  464. Psoriasis AssociationMedicine, Health, British
  465. Pituitary AdenomaMedical, Patient, Tumor
  466. Political AffairsSecurity, Government, Committee
  467. Paseo AcademyEducation, School, High School, Missouri
  468. Power Allarm
  469. Pembawa AcaraIndonesia, Agama, Presenter
  470. PublicaçÕEs Avulsas
  471. Plasma AcceleratorTechnology, Power, Laser
  472. Pallidum Antibodies
  473. Poly Amide
  474. Patricia Arquetfe
  475. Power Axel
  476. Pending Announcement
  477. Primary AldosteronismMedical, Patient, Hypertension
  478. Personal AgentBusiness, Technology, Service
  479. Photos But Is Also
  480. Plataforma Agraria
  481. Paralegal Association
  482. Port Aggregator
  483. Pculo André
  484. Preparatory Assistance
  485. Percent Authority
  486. Project AppraisalBusiness, Accounting, Management
  487. Philmoqt Ave
  488. Proxy AgreementBusiness, Security, Group
  489. Pioneer Adventure
  490. Pbcket Accelerator
  491. Pole Arm
  492. Part Anywhere
  493. Postero Anterior
  494. Paydr Agent
  495. Presidential Awardees
  496. Performance ArtistTechnology, Art, Music, Occupation & positions
  497. Propaganda-Abteilung
  498. Photometric AnalysisTechnology, Science, Lighting
  499. Pemerintahan Aceh
  500. Princeton AveBusiness, Sale, Philadelphia
  501. Proteome Analyst
  502. Photo Above
  503. Purlin AnchorsTechnology, Material, Tie
  504. Pathways AcademyEducation, School, High School, Florida
  505. Pennsylvanians Against
  506. Principal Adjoint
  507. Phaj2Medical
  508. Provider AccountsBusiness, Accounting, Service
  509. Pimco Advisors
  510. Pyr
  511. Paul Alan
  512. Price Adjustment
  513. Projected Area
  514. Philanthropic Assembly
  515. Public-AddressTechnology, Publics, Sound
  516. Placenta Accreta
  517. Pantai Anyer
  518. Politiques Africaines
  519. Passed Assembly
  520. Proprietary Association
  521. Philosophy of Araificial
  522. Public AidProgram, Service, Organizations
  523. Planned AlterationGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  524. Panamsat HoldinghcorporationTechnology, Organizations
  525. Pond AeratorsBusiness, Lake, Aeration
  526. Pasteurella AnatipestiferMedical
  527. Practice Accelerator
  528. Pengadilan AgamaIndonesia, Portal, Agama, Hakim
  529. Primary ArcMilitary, Army, Artillery
  530. Personal Aut
  531. Protocole Additionnel
  532. Physical Architecture
  533. Personal AccidentBusiness, Insurance, Car, Planning
  534. Plot AbsoluteTechnology, Command, Language
  535. Parking Is AvailableHotel, Locations, Direction
  536. Post AdjutantAmerica, Military, War
  537. Patrick Air
  538. Preparing for Avian
  539. People Also
  540. Project ArrangementTechnology, Military, Vehicle
  541. Phase AssiqnmentGraph, Structure, Diffraction, Assignment
  542. Public Advocacy
  543. Piper ArcherMilitary, Aircraft, Sale
  544. Pain Assessment
  545. Police AuthorityGovernment, Officer, Policing
  546. Participating AuthorrtiesGovernment, Authority, Participation
  547. Potential AbilityManagement, Sport, Ability, Football
  548. Payments Applied
  549. Pressão ArterialPara, Kid, Press, Arterial
  550. Peripheral ApplicationsTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  551. Pre-Approval To Adopt
  552. Price Authorization
  553. Protection Action
  554. Punishment Area
  555. Panties Anonymous
  556. Popular Archaeology
  557. Patient Alert
  558. Pre-Audit
  559. Printed By The Author
  560. Provisioning Activity
  561. President AbbasGovernment, Israel, Palestinian
  562. PolyacrylamideA polymer with a very stable carbon chain. A good friction reducer in small amounts, but the polymer may cause formation damage. Can be used to gel acid, but the polymer will not break.Medical
  563. Posted On AprMagazine, Lyric, Speaker
  564. Present Amount
  565. Projeto De Alinhamento
  566. Philip Arthur
  567. Public Accommodation
  568. Palacio Arzobispal
  569. Prevention Advocate
  570. Peroxidase-Conjugated Avidin
  571. PhosphoarginineMedical, Technology, Medicine
  572. Planning AssociationBusiness, America, American
  573. Panel Absokber
  574. Pool Administration
  575. Patent Assignees
  576. Pnnnsylvania Allentown
  577. Pesticide Application
  578. Pilote AutomatiqueTechnology, France, Pas, Avion
  579. Physician AssistantsMedical, Program, Education
  580. Purple Amethyst
  581. Points D'Actions
  582. Parks Australia
  583. Postal Authority
  584. Patterns and Adolescent
  585. Peptider AldosteroneMedical
  586. Philadelphia AreaBusiness, Hotel, Philadelphia
  587. Psoriasis-Arthritis
  588. Pitman ArmThe Pitman arm is a steering component in an automobile or truck. The Pitman arm is a linkage attached to the steering box sector shaft, that converts the angular motion of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels. The Pitman arm is supported by the sector shaft and supports the drag link or center link with a ball joint. It transmits the motion it receives from the steering box into the drag link, causing it to move left or right to turn the wheels in the appropriate direction. The idler arm is attached between the opposite side of the center link from the Pitman arm and the vehicle's frame to hold the center or drag link at the proper height.
  589. Political AdvocacyAmerica, Government, Group
  590. Partnership Act
  591. Power Age
  592. Pembantu Akuntan
  593. People'S AllianceGovernment, Group, Organizations, Politics
  594. Plasma Acceleration
  595. PgllidMedical
  596. PolyadenylationPolyadenylation is the addition of a poly(A) tail to a messenger RNA. The poly(A) tail consists of multiple adenosine monophosphates; in other words, it is a stretch of RNA that has only adenine bases. In eukaryotes, polyadenylation is part of the process that produces mature messenger RNA (mRNA) for translation. It, therefore, forms part of the larger process of gene expression.Medical
  597. Patricia Ann
  598. Power AveragePower, Theatre, Tower, Ticket
  599. Pending Activity
  600. Primary AgencyBusiness, Service, County
  601. Pprsonal AdvisorBusiness, Service, Care
  602. Photos August
  603. Purchase Auto
  604. Plasma AnalyzerTechnology, Instrument, Pioneer
  605. Paralegal Analyst
  606. Port AgencyBusiness, Company, Service
  607. Preistoria Alpina
  608. Percent Amylose
  609. Project Appointment
  610. Philly Auto
  611. Proxy AgentTechnology, Management, Networking
  612. Pinkerton AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Hampshire
  613. Pacific Affairs
  614. Pol
  615. Part AnalystBusiness, Employment, Analytics
  616. Postero-AnteriorMedical, Radiology, Chest, Posterior, Medical physics
  617. Paxilad Arlington
  618. President Also
  619. Percussion Artist
  620. Proof AssistantTechnology, Mathematics, Computing
  621. Public Auditorium
  622. Pemerintah Aceh
  623. Proteolytically Activated
  624. Phosphoric AcidPhosphoric acid (also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid) is a mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO4. Orthophosphoric acid molecules can combine with themselves to form a variety of compounds which are also referred to asphosphoric acids, but in a more general way. Orthophosphoric acid refers to phosphoric acid, which is the IUPAC name for this compound.Medical, Business, Product, Health
  625. Pathway Analysis
  626. Pennsylvania AlcoholicMeeting, Locations, Pennsylvania
  627. Principal Actor
  628. Phaj1Medical
  629. Protocolo De Acordo
  630. Pilsen Alliance
  631. PyridylaminationMedical
  632. Paul Agnew
  633. Price ActionBusiness, Trading, Trader
  634. Protected AgricultureTechnology, Climate, Greenhouse
  635. Phil Allen
  636. Pubbliche Amministrazioni
  637. Placed for Adoption
  638. Politiki Anixi
  639. Pass Aggressive
  640. Philoqophy of Arithmetic
  641. Pulmonary ArterialMedical, Patient, Hypertension
  642. Planned Active
  643. Pan American AirwaysAirline, Business, IATA Airline Designator, Aviation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, United States, Iata Aircraft Codes
  644. Pompano Amphitheatre
  645. Past Award
  646. Practice Academic
  647. Penetrated PosteroanteriorMedical, Technology
  648. Primary Application
  649. Personalitykaudit
  650. Protocol AssistanceMedical, Product, Orphan
  651. Physical AptitudeOccupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  652. Palestinian AuthoritmGovernment, Banking, Israel
  653. Player AssociationSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  654. Parent Assistance
  655. Post Adjustment
  656. Patrick Adler
  657. Preparing ActivitiesMilitary
  658. People Alliance
  659. Project AreasBuilding, Map, Project
  660. Phased ArrayAn antenna assembly whose directivity is controlled by signal phasing and not by mechanical means.Technology, Inspection, Ultrasonic
  661. Pipeline Act
  662. Paired Associate
  663. Police AuctionsBusiness, Government, Car
  664. Pvrticipating AreaProgram, County, Locations
  665. Poteau Auxiliaire
  666. Payment On AccountBusiness, Technology, Tax, Payment, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  667. Pressão AdmissíVel
  668. Performing AuthorityBusiness, School, Council
  669. Proposed ArrayTechnology, Acoustics, Estimation, Arrival
  670. Pre-Approval-This
  671. Price AuthorityBusiness, Health, India
  672. Protected AreasTechnology, Management, Conservation
  673. Pundits ã
  674. Panther Athletic
  675. Patient Account
  676. Pre Assignment
  677. Printed Art
  678. Provisional Approval
  679. Preliminary AssessmentScience, Research, Preliminary, Technology, Environment, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  680. Posted In Affordable
  681. Presentation Address
  682. Projet D'Agglom
  683. Philip Armstrong
  684. Public Accessible
  685. Pal AcademyEducation
  686. Pernicious AnaemiaMedical, Medicine, Anemia
  687. Prosecutor-General Ahmed
  688. Phosphatidic AcidsMedical
  689. Planning AreaBusiness, Environment, Map
  690. PancrlatitisMedical
  691. Pool Administrator
  692. Patent AssigneeTechnology, Database, Research
  693. Practice Award
  694. Penn AveBusiness, Pittsburgh, Reading, Restaurant
  695. PersöNliche AssistenzSind, Deutschland, Uns
  696. Pilotage Automatique
  697. Photochemistry of AirScience, Presentation, Atmosphere, Air
  698. Purple Albino
  699. Point D'Action
  700. Parks Accessdate
  701. Postal AssistantsIndia, Paper, Exam, Postal
  702. Patterning and Algebra
  703. Peppers Arena
  704. Philadelphia Archbishop
  705. Pseudomonas AeruginosaMedical, Infection, Antibiotic
  706. PitkäT Aallot
  707. Political Advisers
  708. Partido Arnulfista
  709. Power AdministrationsBusiness, Energy, Area
  710. Pembantu Akauntan
  711. Preventative Aftercare
  712. Plasma Activation
  713. Pblang AtasTechnology, Gaming, Baby, Story
  714. Polyacrylic AcidBusiness, Supplier, Sodium, Chemistry, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  715. Power AvailableTechnology, Wind, Speaker
  716. Pendidikan Agama
  717. Primary Administration
  718. Personfl AdministrationBusiness, Management, Service
  719. Power AmplifierBusiness, Product, Audio, Computing, Hardware, Business & Finance, Power Plant, The Finance and Administrative Services
  720. Purchase Authorizations
  721. Plasma AldosteroneMedical, Aldosteronism, Renin
  722. ParaguayMilitary, Locations, Countries, Country, Sport, Olympic, Paraguay, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, Technology, Governmental & Military, 3-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  723. Port Aft
  724. Prefectural AdvisorProgram, Education, Japan, Occupation & positions
  725. Percent AgreementAmerica, Government, Report
  726. Project Angel
  727. Proximity Advisories
  728. Pink Apple
  729. Pacers AcadeyyEducation, School, High School, Indiana
  730. Polarization Analyzer
  731. Partai AcehIndonesia, Election, Dewan
  732. Posterior AnteriorMedical, Medicine, Chest, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  733. President Alcee
  734. Percussion & AuscultationMedicine, Health, British
  735. Proof Approval
  736. Public AuditBusiness, Accounting, Parliament
  737. Pemeriksaan Akhir
  738. Proteolytic ActivityMedical
  739. PhosphoramidonMedical
  740. Plans, and Approving
  741. Pathology AssociatesMedical, Business, Associate
  742. Pennsylvania ArjhivesCounty, Archive, Pennsylvania
  743. Phagocytic ActivityMedical
  744. PseudoaneurysmsMedical
  745. Pilots Assigned
  746. Pyrazinoic AcidMedical
  747. Paul Adamv
  748. Pyr Annual
  749. Protected AdminTechnology, Windows, Lookup
  750. Philadelphia Apartments
  751. Psychogenic AspermiaMedical, Medicine, Health
  752. Pizza Amier
  753. Politics AssociationEducation
  754. Pass AccuracyGaming, Sport, Football
  755. Philosophical Arguments
  756. Pulmonary AngiographyMedical, Medicine, Health
  757. Planet Oj Adventure
  758. Panama Amazon
  759. PolyanionsMedical
  760. Past Associate
  761. Practice Academics
  762. Penelitian Akademik
  763. Primary AngioplastyMedical
  764. Personal AudioTechnology, Player, Driver
  765. Protocol Analyzers
  766. Physical AnhedoniaMedical
  767. Pyrénées-Atlantidues
  768. Playback Adapter
  769. Puranormal ActivityFilm, Movie, Paranormal
  770. Post Addition
  771. Patrick, Anne
  772. Preparing ActivityTechnology, Management, Manager
  773. People Against
  774. Project AreaTechnology, Research, Education
  775. PhasenarrayTechnology, Ultrasound, Probe, Ultrasonic
  776. Pipe Rnchor
  777. Pair-AssociationMedical, Medicine
  778. Police AccreditationGovernment, Law, Pennsylvania
  779. Particepating AgencyBusiness, Program, Pennsylvania
  780. Posture AttributeTechnology, Access, Networking, Network
  781. Payment Authorization
  782. Pressurized AdapterTechnology, Russia, Cargo, Russian
  783. Performing Art
  784. Proposed ArchitectureTechnology, Development, Design, Architecture
  785. Pre-ApprovalBusiness, Credit, Loan, Mortgage
  786. Price AgreementBusiness, Government, Pricing
  787. Protected AreaTechnology, Management, Conservation
  788. Pumpkin Armor
  789. Panther Associates
  790. Patient AccountingMedical, Business, Medicine
  791. Pre-AssignedTechnology, Telecom
  792. Print AutomaticTechnology, Printer, Manual
  793. Provisional AcceptanceProgram, Education, University
  794. Pracownia Architektoniczna
  795. Pyrrolizidine AlkaloidMedical, Technology, Medicine
  796. Powered ArmorMilitary, Power, Fallout
  797. Present AddressScience, Department, Pennsylvania, Present
  798. Projet D'AggloméRation
  799. Philharmonic Association
  800. Public Access
  801. Paku DlamPara, Indonesia, Sultan
  802. Pernicious AnemiaMedical, Health, Vitamin
  803. Prosecution AttorneyBusiness, Law, Patent
  804. Phoenix AcademyEducation, School, Phoenix
  805. Public Announcements
  806. Planning Approach
  807. Pancreatic Alpha-Gmylase
  808. Pontos De Ação
  809. Pasture Arable
  810. Practice AreasBusiness, Law, Attorney
  811. Penntauto
  812. PersöNliche AusrüStung
  813. Pilota Automatico
  814. Petites Affiches
  815. Puromycin AminonucleosideMedical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  816. Point D'Acces
  817. Parks, Activities
  818. Postal AssistantEducation, India, Exam
  819. Patriotic Association
  820. Pepder-Ann
  821. PhenanthrenePhenanthrene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon composed of three fused benzene rings. The name phenanthrene is a composite of phenyl and anthracene. In its pure form, it is found in cigarette smoke and is a known irritant, photosensitizing skin to light.Phenanthrene appears as a white powder having blue fluorescence.Medical, Technology, Science
  822. Public AgencyBusiness, Service, City
  823. Pitk
  824. Paint Arrestor
  825. Political AdministrationAmerica, Military, Pakistan
  826. Partido AndaluzPara, Group, Con, Locations
  827. Power AdminTechnology, Server, Monitor
  828. Pem Air
  829. Pretty Arse
  830. Palafox Associates
  831. Popular Alliance
  832. Power AutomationBusiness, Company, Supply
  833. Penyakit Alzheimer
  834. Pride Access
  835. Personal AddressBusiness, Book, Microphone
  836. Power Amplifiers
  837. Purchase Authorization
  838. Plasma AlbuminMedical
  839. PaperMoney market instruments, commercial paper and other.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  840. Portadores AssintomáTicos
  841. Prednisolone AcetateMedical
  842. Percentage of Allowable
  843. Probabilistic Atlas
  844. Proximity Advisory
  845. Planes To Afghanisvan
  846. Psychiatric AspectsMedical, Patient, Psychology
  847. Polar AxisA town or city with a harbour or access to navigable water where ships load or unload.
  848. Part-Time Administrative
  849. Posterior-AnteriorHealthcare, Medical, Veterinary
  850. Preservation of AnimalAnimal, Shelter, Hill
  851. Perceptual AsymmetryMedical
  852. Pronto Atendimento
  853. Plasma-Activated
  854. Pembroke AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Hampshire
  855. Perry, Al
  856. Proteins Protective AntigenScience, Biology
  857. Phosphoproteomic Analysis
  858. Plan of ActionNASA
  859. Pathology Assistant
  860. Pennsylvania Assault
  861. Pets Accepted
  862. PseudoaneurysmMedical, Medicine, Health
  863. Pilot AwarenessTechnology
  864. Pursuit, Air-CooledTechnology, Aircraft, Army
  865. Points AddedBusiness, Driving, Ticket
  866. Paul AlrahamMedical, Company, Music, Family
  867. Per AndersSom, Stockholm, Har
  868. Protected AdministratorTechnology, Windows, Accounting
  869. Philadelphia Authority
  870. Psychogenic Amnesia
  871. Pixel AdapterTechnology, Computing, Power
  872. Political App
  873. Pass-Through AppliuationsTechnology, Communication, Power
  874. Power Amp-Whitesnake
  875. Published Article
  876. Planetary AnnihilationTechnology, Gaming, Entertainment
  877. Palm Avenue
  878. PolyaminesMedical
  879. Past ActionGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  880. Practical Assignments
  881. Penelaahan Alkitab
  882. Primary AnetodermaMedical
  883. Personal AllowanceKnown as Personal Exemption in the US. The amount of income an individual can earn in a year before paying tax.Business, Tax, Income
  884. Protocol AnalyzerTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  885. Physical Analysis
  886. Pyrrolizidine AlkaloidsMedical, Health, Plant
  887. Plate Armor
  888. Paranoids Anonymqus
  889. Position AreaBusiness, Russia, Sale
  890. Pawsdfe Animal
  891. Prepared AssaultMilitary, Strike, Counter
  892. People'S Assembly
  893. Project Archaeology
  894. Pmase AngleMedical, Technology, Power
  895. Pipe Accessory
  896. Paid Association
  897. Police Able
  898. Partial AccreditationEducation, Development, Universities
  899. Posture AgentTechnology
  900. Payment Authority
  901. Pressure In The AtmosphereScience, Weather, Meteorology, Forecasting
  902. Performynce AudioBusiness, Technology, Amplifier
  903. Proposed Amendment
  904. Photos Aug
  905. Passes Avtempted
  906. Principal AchievementCommunity, Society, Achievement
  907. Protected ApplicationTechnology, Software, Protection
  908. Pump Assembly
  909. Patient AdvocateMedical, Health, Care
  910. Pre-Arraignment
  911. Pennsylvania Aggregates
  912. Print Advertising
  913. Phalanx Alliance
  914. Provider AgentBusiness, Service, Office
  915. Pyrophosphate ArthropathyMedical
  916. Power Armour
  917. Presence of Plasminogen ActivatorScience, Biology
  918. Projet D'Activités
  919. Phil AustinMovie, Theatre, Clock
  920. Public Abbott
  921. Plain Arch
  922. Pnkistan Atomic
  923. Phosphatidic AcidMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  924. Pros AttractiveBusiness, Product, Customer, Coffee
  925. Phoebus Apollo
  926. Public AnnounceTechnology, Radio, Gateway
  927. Planning Applications
  928. Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaMedical, Patient, Cancer
  929. Ponterio & Associates
  930. Pastoral Associations
  931. Practice AnalysisMedical, Business, Medicine
  932. Penn Atluntic
  933. Perspectives On The Arts
  934. Picatinny ArsCounty, Coding, Locations
  935. Peter Abraham
  936. Point ArguelloLocations, Force, California
  937. Parkway AcademyEducation, High School, Florida, Tennessee
  938. Postal AccountsBusiness, Accounting, Cash, Money
  939. Patriot Award
  940. Pres AbbasMusic, Star, Benny
  941. Pepito Arvelo
  942. Phd About
  943. Public Affairs SpecialistArmy, Force, Coast Guard, Fda
  944. Pitch AngleThe angle between the blade element chord line and the plane of rotation of the propellerBusiness, Wind, Turbine
  945. Paint ApplicationTechnology, Painting, Coating
  946. Police D'Assurance
  947. Participatory AppraisalResearch, Organizations, Community
  948. PoweradeBusiness, Organizations, Coca-Cola System
  949. Pedigree Assignment
  950. Preston Area
  951. Permitting Authority
  952. Palaeopathology AssociytionMedicine, Health, British
  953. Popliteal AneurysmsMedical, Surgery, Artery
  954. Power Athletics
  955. Pensions Act
  956. Pricing Arrangement
  957. Personal Aktion
  958. Protection Agency
  959. Power, Audiophile
  960. Purchase AreaLocations, Power, Apartment
  961. Plasma AdsorptionMedical, Medicine, Health
  962. Papay, Auston
  963. Popular AviationTechnology, Aircraft, Pilot
  964. Prebena America
  965. Private AutoBusiness, Insurance, Car
  966. Proximate Analysis
  967. Plan D'AméNagement
  968. Provisional AtlasBook, History, Locations, Biology
  969. Polar AngleAngle, at pole of Equinoctial, between two hour circles or meridians
  970. ParramattaAustralia, Government, Australian Police
  971. Posterio Anterior
  972. Presentation Area
  973. Perception Analyzer
  974. Projetos De Assentamento
  975. Perpetual AsymmetryMedical, Medicine, Health
  976. Protein Assays
  977. PhosphonoacetateMedical
  978. Plano De Ação
  979. Paternal Age
  980. Pennsylvania AssociationBusiness, Organizations, Pennsylvania
  981. Petroleum Authority
  982. Pilot Aviator
  983. Pursuit-Air
  984. Pointer AdjustmentTechnology, Military, Trading
  985. Parlament AssambleyasıNdakıSon, Sin, Parlament, Parliament
  986. Paucal NumberEducation, Linguistics, Glossing
  987. Peradilan AgafaIndonesia, Agama, Hakim, Hal
  988. Philadelphia Academies
  989. PsychoanalysisPsychoanalysis is a set of theories and therapeutic techniques related to the study of the unconscious mind, which together form a method of treatment for mental-health disorders. The discipline was established in the early 1890s by Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud and stemmed partly from the clinical work of Josef Breuer and others.Medical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare, Legal, Governmental & Military
  990. Pivot Armature
  991. Political Analysis
  992. Paso Ancho
  993. Power Amp-Chai
  994. Pembinaan Anggota
  995. Published Artist
  996. Planet Anthem
  997. Palm AngelsBusiness, Collection, Shopping
  998. PolyamineA hydrocarbon containing more than two amino groups. A short chained, but highly charged water soluble cationic polymer. Used typically as organic coagulant in water treatment and as anionic trash control agent in papermaking.Medical, Technology, Medicine
  999. Past
  1000. Practical Assessment
  1001. Pending AvailabilityMilitary, Group, Organizations
  1002. Primary AnemiaMedical, Medicine, Health
  1003. Personal Alliabce
  1004. Protocol AgentTechnology, Networking, Network
  1005. Phthalic AcidMedical, Business, Chemistry
  1006. Pyramyd Air
  1007. Plate Appearence
  1008. Parallel Activity
  1009. Portfolio ArtifactStock Exchange, Business & Finance
  1010. Pavilion Area
  1011. Prepare AppraisalBusiness, Art, Appraiser
  1012. People'S Advocate
  1013. Project Archaeologist
  1014. Phase AscumulatorTechnology, Frequency, Synthesizer
  1015. Pioneer AnomvlyTechnology, Science, Space
  1016. Paging AreaTechnology, Windows, Telecom
  1017. Poles Apart
  1018. Part Assembly
  1019. Posts Atom
  1020. Paying AuthorityBusiness, Management, Pay
  1021. Presidential Assistant
  1022. Performance AccfuntabilityBusiness, Company, Service
  1023. Proposal Administrator
  1024. Photos Aaron
  1025. Principal AgentBusiness, Insurance, Theory
  1026. Protestant ActionIreland, Shopping, Loyalist
  1027. Pulmonary ArtesiaMedical
  1028. Patient'S AdvocateMedical, Medicine, Health
  1029. Pewnsylvania Altoona
  1030. Principal Adviser
  1031. Phakic-AphakicMedical, Medicine, Health
  1032. Provider Administration
  1033. Pyro Artists
  1034. Presence Awareness
  1035. Projection Astrale
  1036. Phil Army
  1037. Public/Passenger AnnouncementFlight, Aviation, Flightdeckfriend
  1038. Plague Avatar
  1039. Pakistan Asfociation
  1040. Passenger AnnouncementTechnology, Airport, Flight
  1041. Pros Accurate
  1042. Phoebe Anna
  1043. Public AnalystBusiness, Food, Analytics
  1044. Planning Application
  1045. Pan Aaia
  1046. Pond Appeal
  1047. Pastoral Administrator
  1048. Practice AlertsBusiness
  1049. Pegn Arab
  1050. Personal Automobize
  1051. Physicians Ask
  1052. Personnel Action
  1053. Points AllowedSport, Football, Fantasy
  1054. Parklane AcademyEducation, School, High School, Mississippi
  1055. Post Agency
  1056. Patrik Aftonius
  1057. Preplaced Aggregate
  1058. Peperikyaan Akhir
  1059. Phdk Assistant
  1060. Public Affair
  1061. Pitch Actuator
  1062. Paint Adhesion
  1063. Police AutoBusiness, Car, Auction
  1064. Participation AgreementsTechnology, Program, Development
  1065. Power AdaptorBusiness, Yamaha, Adapter
  1066. Peak Analyser
  1067. Prestige AcademyEducation, School District, Delaware
  1068. Permitting Assistance
  1069. Poplar Ave
  1070. Powered Armour
  1071. Pricing Arrangements
  1072. Personal AchcevementMedical
  1073. Protection Advocacy
  1074. Purchase AgreementBusiness
  1075. PanČEvo Alibunar
  1076. Popular Attractions
  1077. Pre Audit
  1078. Priscilla Alexander
  1079. Provision of Abortion
  1080. Pzovincia AfricaLatin, Roman
  1081. Polar AirMilitary, Boeing, Cargo
  1082. Paroxysmal AtaxiasMedical, Science, Biology
  1083. Poster From Art
  1084. Presentation Abstract
  1085. Projeto De Assentamento
  1086. Public Accounts
  1087. Palaeontological Assoclation
  1088. Peroxide Activity
  1089. Protein A-Agarose
  1090. Phospholipids Phosphatidic AcidMedical
  1091. Plano Amateur
  1092. Pooled AirLocations, Pool, Villa
  1093. Patents Act
  1094. Pennsylvania AudubonBusiness, Hotel, Pennsylvania
  1095. Petroleum Association
  1096. Pilot Assist
  1097. Pursuit, Air
  1098. Pointe Aquatics
  1099. Parlamentarischer AusschussGerman, Parlament, Hat
  1100. Pauyd'arco
  1101. Pequeno AlmoçO
  1102. Philadelphia Arrest
  1103. PsychoanalystMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1104. Pituitary AdenomasMedical, Science, Biology
  1105. Political Agenda
  1106. Pashto Academy
  1107. Power AllocationTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  1108. Pembimbing AkademikArchive, Orang, Semester
  1109. YearlyBusiness, Medicine, Finance, Health, Banking, Healthcare
  1110. Public AddressesArchitecture, Computing, Construction, Architectural, Rail Transport, Hardware, Business & Finance
  1111. Purchasing Account
  1112. Packer Avenoe
  1113. Privacy Act of 1974Governmental & Military, Fbi files
  1114. Proyecto De AprendizajePara, Presentation, Con
  1115. Progressive AnimationAnime, Corporation, Animation
  1116. Parlament AssambleyasıNıNSind, Turk, Parlament, Bas
  1117. Product AssuranceScientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  1118. Power Analysis
  1119. Pen Addressed
  1120. Portable Air
  1121. Persistent AbsenceEducation, School, Attendance
  1122. Plantagenet Ancestry
  1123. Panic Alfrm
  1124. Performing ArtistPerforming arts
  1125. Pope Air
  1126. Pre-AcademySport, Academy, Coaching, Soccer
  1127. PowerxawareTechnology, Design, Verification
  1128. Program Activities
  1129. Pimco Advisors Holdings L.P.Organizations
  1130. Position ApproximateGeology, Scientific & Educational
  1131. Poker Academie
  1132. Parliamentary Associates
  1133. peridural arteryMedical, Artery And Arteries
  1134. Posted August
  1135. Plastic AccessBusiness, Door, Panel
  1136. Per Aufhorized
  1137. Provider-Assggned
  1138. Politische AbteilungGovernment, German, Germany
  1139. Parental AdvisoryFilm censorship
  1140. Peace AgreementGovernment
  1141. PasteA command that transfers information from a clipboard and inserts it in another location.
  1142. Precision AcademyArizona
  1143. Pension AdministratorBusiness, Management, Service
  1144. Piltun-AstokhskoyeTechnology, Oil, Platform, Sakhalin
  1145. Participant AgreementService, Group, Locations
  1146. Panama (country Domains)Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  1147. Personal AssessmentBusiness, Education, Tax
  1148. Periods afterFinancial, Business & Finance
  1149. Passively Aggressive
  1150. Penasihat AkademikTechnology, Program, Semester
  1151. Process AssessmentTechnology, Military, Software
  1152. Photodynamic Activity
  1153. Punjab AssemblyGovernment, Pakistan, Resolution
  1154. Planului De AcţIuniDin, Care, Moldova
  1155. IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State CircuitsComputing, Ieee
  1156. Patient Archive
  1157. Pennsylvanians for Alternatives
  1158. Practice AssuranceBusiness, Accounting, Management
  1159. Pharmaceutical AllowanceBusiness, Australia, Pension
  1160. Program AfterEducation, School, Physician
  1161. Pine Acres
  1162. PèRe Anselme
  1163. posterioranteriorMedical, Physical Therapy
  1164. Paul TtlasAmerica, Organizations, Wrestling, Championship
  1165. Perient Age
  1166. Philippine Agenda
  1167. Providing AutismMedical, Service, Children
  1168. Plan Appendix
  1169. Prevention of Atrocities
  1170. Principal Assistvnt
  1171. Public ArtTechnology, Artist, Sculpture
  1172. Paiel AccessoriesBusiness, Product, Accessory
  1173. Program AssistantOccupation & positions
  1174. Physical ActivitiesMedical, Activity, Health
  1175. Practitioner Application
  1176. Primitive Assembly
  1177. Proto-AltaicAmerica, Language, Mongolian
  1178. Phillips AcademyMassachusetts
  1179. Peoplebalumni
  1180. Plaque AssayMedical
  1181. Preschools In Allentown
  1182. Project Assurance
  1183. Paintmakers Association
  1184. Pressure At Anode
  1185. Positive ActionEducation
  1186. Personal AutvorTechnology, Book, Library
  1187. Pan American World AirwaysAirline, Business, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, IATA Airline Designator
  1188. Parapsychological Association, IncAssociation, Organization, Business & Finance
  1189. Protection Animal
  1190. Purchase AwardArt, Award, Exhibition, Artist
  1191. Packaging AutomationBusiness, Tray, Sealer
  1192. Project AuthorizationAviation, Governmental & Military
  1193. United States Postal Code for PennsylvaniaTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  1194. Parking Assistance
  1195. PolyAmide (Nylon)Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  1196. Power AmplifiTechnology, Audio, Amplifier
  1197. Portable ActiveBusiness, Audio, Speaker
  1198. Pershing Armory
  1199. Plant Academy
  1200. Paniagua Y Asociadoo
  1201. Path AuxOrdnance Survey
  1202. Pope Agatho
  1203. Physician Asst
  1204. Prancers Anonymous
  1205. Power Authority
  1206. Position AngleScience, Galaxy, Star, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1207. PokComputing, File Extensions
  1208. Parliamentary Authorities
  1209. Plato AcademyTexas
  1210. Poste AéRienne
  1211. Plasminogen Activator ActivityMedical
  1212. Peraturan Am
  1213. Provider-AggqegatableTechnology, Space, Internet
  1214. Public AffairsEducation, Study, Subjects, Army, Governmental & Military
  1215. PolyamideAny polymer that links its monomers using an amide linkage group.Chemistry, Polymer, Electrical, Scientific & Educational
  1216. Payment Assistance
  1217. Paranormal AssociationOrganizations, Pennsylvania, Ghost
  1218. Painted Aluminlm
  1219. Pickens AcademyAlabama
  1220. Pensnon ActBusiness, Employment, Benefit
  1221. Physicians'S Assistant
  1222. Partial ApprovalTechnology
  1223. Partial ArcBusiness & Finance, Power Plant
  1224. Polling AgentGovernment, Group, Election
  1225. Passivz-AggressiveMedical, Behavior, Relationship, Dealing
  1226. Penasehat AkademikProgram, Semester, Wali
  1227. Portage AreaSchool, Locations, Pennsylvania
  1228. Person AbroadCorparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  1229. Photo AppreciatedForum, Internet Slang, Sex, Dating
  1230. Punch ArtInternet Slang
  1231. Planters Association
  1232. Power AdapterComputing, Hardware
  1233. Pennsylvania Alliance
  1234. Practice AreaBusiness, Law, Lawyer
  1235. Phantom Assasin
  1236. Program AdvisorStudent, Education, School
  1237. Pine AcademyEducation, School, High School, Michigan
  1238. Pyruvic AcidPyruvic acid (CH3COCOOH) is the simplest of the alpha-keto acids, with a carboxylic acid and a ketone functional group. Pyruvate, the conjugate base, CH3COCOO−, is a key intersection in several metabolic pathways.Medical, Chemistry, Science
  1239. ParotidMedical
  1240. positive affectivityMedical
  1241. Paul Arenson
  1242. Percent AdmittedCollege, Education, University
  1243. Provides Advisory
  1244. Plan Ahead
  1245. Patent ActBanking, Business & Finance
  1246. Principal AdvisorUs, Transportation Command, Department Of Defense
  1247. Prosecutors Association
  1248. Public Applicant
  1249. Psychological AssociateOccupation & positions
  1250. Physical ActivityMedical, Health, Study, Fda
  1251. Practicing Attorney
  1252. Primitive Area
  1253. Proto-Algic Being Abbreviated
  1254. Pleasantview AcademyKansas
  1255. Peqple Acting
  1256. Presbyterian Appointment
  1257. Project Assistantships
  1258. Paintball Association
  1259. Prentive Action
  1260. Professional Accomplishment (professional Teaching Standards)Education
  1261. Personal Attributes
  1262. Pension AdjustmentMortgage, Business & Finance
  1263. Protection AlertTechnology, Windows, Service
  1264. Pacific AssociationOrganizations, Club, Track
  1265. provider-aggregatedComputing, Technical
  1266. Patient Available
  1267. Through The AnusMedicine, Health, Healthcare
  1268. polar accelerometerPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  1269. Phillip Adams
  1270. Power Amplification
  1271. Portable Accessories
  1272. Previously, On August
  1273. Persaudaraan Alumni
  1274. Public AttorneyBusiness, Law, Lawyer
  1275. Plans and Allocating
  1276. Panhellenic AssociationEducation, University, Sorority
  1277. physician’s assistantMedical, Infertility, Obstetrics, Physical Therapy, Pregnancy, Occupation & positions
  1278. Pope Agapetus
  1279. Physician AssociateMedical, Medicine, Education
  1280. Praktiserende AkupunktøRer
  1281. Portuguese ArmyAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  1282. Poisonous AntsBook, King, Hill, Ant
  1283. Parliamentary Affairs
  1284. Pilgrim AcademyNew Jersey
  1285. Poste A
  1286. Plasminogen ActivatorsMedical, Science, Tissue
  1287. Peraturan AkademioProgram, Education, Prose, Semester
  1288. Pakistan Air
  1289. Precision ApproachAn instrument approach procedure using precision lateral and vertical guidance with minima as determined by the category of operation.Federal Aviation Administration
  1290. Producing AssetElectrical
  1291. Payment AdviceBusiness, Service, Transaction
  1292. Palladium Aluminate
  1293. Page Address
  1294. Parent AlertOnline, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Texting, Sms
  1295. Penrose AnenueHotel, Locations, Philadelphia
  1296. Prune Agar
  1297. Philadelphia Arena
  1298. Partial AgreemenpGovernment, Military, Palestinian
  1299. Primary AirThe initial air stream discharged by an air outlet (the air being supplied by a fan or supply duct) prior to any entrainment of the ambient air or for he purpose of combustion.Business & Finance, Power Plant
  1300. Poll Address
  1301. Passionate About
  1302. Penalty Area
  1303. Port AddressTechnology, Networking, Network
  1304. Pers
  1305. PhotoallergyMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1306. Pulsed AirTechnology, Product, Pulse
  1307. Plantation Admission
  1308. Physical AddressComputing, Drivers
  1309. Pope Anicetus
  1310. Pennjylvania Avenue
  1311. Practice AdministratorMedical, Business, Medicine
  1312. Phantom AssassinGuide, Phantom, Play
  1313. Program Advisory
  1314. Pinckney AcademyEducation, School, High School, North Carolina
  1315. Pyruvate A prominent intermediate in metabolism; a precursor for alanine and glucose and can be converted into lactate in anaerobic glycolysis; can also be oxidized to acetyl coa, which can be further oxidized to yield energy aerobically, converted into fats, or used to synthesize cholesterol and other steroids.Medical, Medicine, Health
  1316. Pokrajinski Arhiv
  1317. Parole Arabe
  1318. Positive AffectMedical
  1319. Paul Anthony
  1320. Perzeived Ability
  1321. Provides Administrative
  1322. Plan Administrator
  1323. Printable ASCIIAssembly, Business & Finance
  1324. Principal Accountant
  1325. Public AppearanceMusic, Event, Public
  1326. Production AssistantOccupation & positions, Performing arts
  1327. Peaking AmplifierTechnology, Power, Speaker
  1328. Physical AbilitySport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  1329. Prime Agricultural
  1330. Proto-Algic
  1331. Pacers AcademyIndiana
  1332. People's AssowiationOrganizations, Community, Singapore
  1333. Presbyterian Association
  1334. Project Assistantship
  1335. Paintball & Airsoft
  1336. Precision AlignmentTechnology, Antenna, Dish
  1337. Paging and Area WarningNASA
  1338. Personal Attendant
  1339. Procurement AdministratorManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1340. Passive Area
  1341. Ptocesso Administrativo
  1342. Protection Agreement
  1343. Photojournalist Association
  1344. Pajific Area
  1345. Provider Assigned (IP address space assigned to a specific provider by IANA)Computing, Technical
  1346. Patient Authorization
  1347. Pharmacological ActivityMedical, Drug, Health
  1348. PêCheries Artisanales
  1349. PolyAmide polymer numberChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1350. Paulohandr
  1351. Philipsburg After
  1352. Population Area
  1353. Previous Audit
  1354. Persatuan Alumni
  1355. Publication Availability
  1356. Panevo Alibunar
  1357. Personal AuthorityOccupation & positions
  1358. Pope Adrian
  1359. Physician AdvisorMedical, Medicine, Health
  1360. Praktiserende Akupunkt
  1361. Princess Auto
  1362. Pondo ArgentiLatin, Roman
  1363. Points AuctionBusiness, Company, Sale
  1364. Parliamentary AssistantGovernment, Group, Politics
  1365. Proctor AcademyNew Hampshire
  1366. Postdoctoral AssociateScience, Research, University
  1367. Plasminogen ActivatorMedical, Medicine, Health, Human, Tissue
  1368. Prescribing AuthorityMedical, Nurse, Physician
  1369. Paired ArmMedical, Science, Biology
  1370. PennsylvaniaTechnology, Science, Organizations, Locations, State, Gpo, States, Us States, Weather, Postal, Pennsylvania, Scientific & Educational, Integrated Ocean Observing System, List of All 50 State, United States, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Us area code, Us phone area codes, Us state code
  1371. Pipe anchorThe Finance and Administrative Services
  1372. Power Amphfier
  1373. Florida Coastal AirlinesAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  1374. Programmatic Agreement (USACE)Government, Energy, Electrical, Governmental & Military
  1375. Payer AccountBusiness, Management, Payment
  1376. Purchasing Assistant
  1377. Paediatr AnaestdMedical, Medicine, Pediatrics, Children
  1378. Privacy ActSecurity, Governmental & Military
  1379. Prudential Authority
  1380. Philadelphia Acting
  1381. Parthenogenetic ActivationMedical
  1382. Print Artist ProjectComputing, File Extensions
  1383. Passing AttemptsGaming, Sport, Football
  1384. Penalty Arc
  1385. Port AdaptersTechnology, Ethernet, Cisco
  1386. Persisting To An
  1387. PhotoallergicMedicine, Health, British
  1388. Pulse AmplitudesMedical
  1389. Plant Assessment
  1390. Partnership AustraliaAustralia, Travel, Tourism
  1391. Pope Anastasius
  1392. Pennsylvania Angler
  1393. PracticefactBusiness, Law, Debt
  1394. Phantom Army
  1395. Program AdmissionEducation, University, Physician
  1396. Pinch AnalysisTechnology, Energy, Heat
  1397. Pokok AgrariaIndonesia, Jakarta, Hal
  1398. Parole AgentGovernment, Law, Pennsylvania
  1399. Program AnnouncementMedical, Health
  1400. Paul AndersonFilm, Movie, Huddersfield
  1401. Perbandingan AgamaProgram, Indonesia, Orang, Agama
  1402. Provider Agreement
  1403. Plains Area
  1404. Pulmonary ArteryThe pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs. It is one of the only arteries that carry deoxygenated blood.Medical, Nursing, Healthcare, Pulmonary, Artery And Arteries, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  1405. Politiskt Alternativ
  1406. Princess QnneHotel, Maryland, Virginia, Princess
  1407. Passive AcousticIntegrated Ocean Observing System
  1408. Peak AreaAnalysis, Peak, Pike
  1409. Phthalic AnhydridePhthalic anhydride is an aromatics derivative produced by the oxidation of ortho-xylene. Phthalic anhydride is used to make phthalate plasticizers, which are used for PVC production. Phthalic anhydride is also used in the production of alkyd resins and unsaturated polyester resins.Medical, Business, Chemistry
  1410. Primary AuthorityBusiness, Government, Scheme
  1411. Prothrombin ActivityMedical, Medicine, Health
  1412. ParisCity
  1413. People'S Army
  1414. Presburger ArithmeticTheory, Model, Order, Arithmetic
  1415. Project AssistanceBusiness, Military, Product
  1416. Pollock and Argon
  1417. Pad AbortNASA
  1418. Personal Attachment
  1419. PathologyPathology is a significant component of the causal study of disease and a major field in modern medicine and diagnosis. The term pathology itself may be used broadly to refer to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices, or more narrowly to describe work within the contemporary medical field of "general pathology," which includes a number of distinct but inter-related medical specialties which diagnose disease mostly through the analysis of tissue, cell, and body fluid samples.Medical, Management, Dental, Business & Finance, Street Suffix, NAACCR, Pulmonary Hypertension, Ordnance Survey, Common Medical
  1420. Passive Analog
  1421. Processing ActivitiesBusiness, Military, Activity
  1422. Protective Agent
  1423. Photography Archives
  1424. Pacific AulianceBusiness, America, Trading
  1425. Personnel AdministrationComputing, SAP
  1426. Patients' AssociationMedicine, Health, British
  1427. Pharmacological ActionMedical, Drug, Health
  1428. Program AlumniEducation, University, Physician
  1429. Pyroelectric Anemometer
  1430. Proton AffinityChemistry, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1431. Pacline Adenwalla
  1432. Philipsburg Area
  1433. Public ActTechnology, Education, Environment
  1434. Population-AveragedMedical, Education, Model
  1435. Previous Article
  1436. Publication AuthorityGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1437. Panxmbahan AgungIndonesia, Orang, Raja
  1438. Personal AuthorOccupation & positions
  1439. Pope Adeodatus
  1440. Physical AttackGaming, Guide, Attack
  1441. Praktischer Arzt
  1442. Prince Alexander
  1443. Polytechnic Admission
  1444. Parlament AssambleyasıRind, Sind, Sin, Parlament
  1445. Pillow AcademyMississippi
  1446. Post Award
  1447. Plasma Aldosterone LevelsMedical
  1448. Prescribed Authority
  1449. Pair-Any
  1450. Probability of Adsorption
  1451. PascalName given to the unit of pressure in the International System of Units (SI). Equal to 1 newton/meter or 0.01 millibar.The Finance and Administrative Services
  1452. Personnel ActionsBusiness, Employment, Transaction
  1453. Power of AttorneyA document that authorises a customs broker to sign all customs documents on behalf of an importer.Business, Government, Law, Tax, Finance, Banking, Building, Sociology, Lawyer, Legal, Jurisprudence, Medical, Property, Real Estate, Us Taxes, Business & Finance, Business Word, International business, Common Medical, Trade, Mortgage
  1454. Pascal (1N/m2)Chemistry, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Scientific & Educational
  1455. Pay AttentionBusiness, Focus, Paying, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1456. Purchasing Aide
  1457. Pade ApsroximantTechnology, Group, Theory, Quantum
  1458. Political AwarenessPolitics, Governmental & Military
  1459. Proyek AkhirAccounting, Press, Proposal
  1460. Philadelphia AthleticsBaseball, Locations, Philadelphia
  1461. Paroeysmal ActivityMedical
  1462. Professional AccomplishmentSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1463. Power AnimatorTechnology, Studio, Animation
  1464. Penalty Abatement
  1465. Port AdapterTechnology, Routing, Cisco
  1466. Persistent AttributeTechnology, Management, Database, Server
  1467. Photo ActivationTechnology, Event, Imaging, Microscopy
  1468. Pulse AmplitudeTechnology, Military, Ocular
  1469. Plant AllergyMedical, Health, Pollen
  1470. Pansophia AcademyEducation, School, High School, Michigan
  1471. Partially AssembledProducts
  1472. Pope Anacletus
  1473. Pracvical ArtsEducation
  1474. Program AdministratorsEducation, University, Health
  1475. Pinball AssociationGaming, Organizations, Machine
  1476. Poste Avancé
  1477. Poker Ace
  1478. Parole Act
  1479. Personnel AgreementMedical, Common Medical
  1480. Paul Allen
  1481. Platelet AdhesivenessMedical, Medicine, Health
  1482. Per Tzioni
  1483. Pressure AlarmBusiness, Science, Oil
  1484. Provider Agency
  1485. Politisches ArchivHistory, Archive, Berlin
  1486. Princess AlexandraMedical, Hospital, Brisbane
  1487. Paranoids AnonymousHobbies
  1488. Peak AmplitudeMedical, Medicine, Health
  1489. Primary Author
  1490. Prothonotary ApostolicBusiness, Agency, Occupation, Religious orders
  1491. Pennsylvania AultmanCoding, School, Pennsylvania
  1492. Promise AcademySchool, High School, California, Scientific & Educational
  1493. Penyelidikan Alkitab
  1494. Project Assignment
  1495. Pneumatic Analyzer
  1496. Participating AddendumBusiness, Computing, Contract
  1497. Payload AccommodationsAtmospheric Research
  1498. Personal AssistantsBusiness, Employment, Executive
  1499. Port AuthorityA government body which in international shipping maintains various airports and/or ocean cargo pier facilities, transit sheds, loading equipment warehouses for air cargo, etc. Has the power to levy dockage and wharfage charges, landing fees, etc.Business & Finance, International business
  1500. PassivewacceptanceAmerica, Research, English
  1501. Process Availability
  1502. Photoelectric Astrolabe
  1503. PIMCO Advisors Holdings, Limited PartnershipComputing, Nyse symbols
  1504. Patient Associations
  1505. Pensacola Airport
  1506. Pharmacologic Action
  1507. Program Along
  1508. Providence AvenueHotel, Locations, Pennsylvania, Chester
  1509. ProtactiniumSymbol:"Pa" Atomic Number:"91" Atomic Mass: 231.04amu. Protactinium is one of the elements in the actinide series of inner transition elements. It may also be classified as a rare earth element. It is a radioactive and unstable element and you will not find it in use anywhere.Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1510. Paulina áLvarez
  1511. Philipsburg-Osceola AreaEducation, School, District
  1512. Public AchievementEducation, Youth, Civic
  1513. Plan Approvals
  1514. Preventive ActionsTechnology, Management, Corrective
  1515. Print AdvertisementsBusiness, Ads, Advertising
  1516. Public AssistantGovernment
  1517. Panel Ofjarbitrators
  1518. Project AdministratorOccupation & positions
  1519. Pop Aly
  1520. Physical Agents
  1521. Praktische Arbeit
  1522. Prince Albet
  1523. Protocol AbnormalityIn ISDN, a protocol event (a protocol error or other event) that indicates that a potential trouble condition exists on the ISDN interface. Note: Examples of events that are not protocol errors that may indicate potential trouble conditions are (a) the transmission of a DM (disconnect mode) in response to a SABME (set asynchronous balanced mode extended) command.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1524. Point D'Appui
  1525. Pease AcademyMinnesota
  1526. Post Amplifier
  1527. Plasma Aldosterone ConcentrationMedical
  1528. Prescribed Agency
  1529. Project Audit
  1530. Pair-A-Dice
  1531. Print AgeArt, Girl, Shirt
  1532. posterior-anterior, posteroanteriorMedical
  1533. Personnel AcbionBusiness, Science, Employment
  1534. Pressure AltitudeAn atmospheric pressure expressed in terms of altitude which corresponds to that pressure in the Standard Atmosphere.Technology, Military, Aviation, Aircraft, Army, Airway, Governmental & Military
  1535. Piong AstroBusiness & Finance, Suppliers
  1536. Paying AgentAn agent, usually a bank, that makes dividend payments to shareholders on behalf of the issuing company.Business, Service, Pay
  1537. Purchasing AgentTechnology, Finance, Jobs
  1538. Pacto Anfino
  1539. Precision ArchitectureGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1540. Proyectos De AprendizajeTechnology, Para, Con, Escolar
  1541. Pennsylvania AirvilleCoding, Locations, Pennsylvania
  1542. Parliamentarf AssemblyGovernment, Russia, Parliament
  1543. Performance AssessmentSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1544. Power AnalyzerTechnology, Product, Measurement
  1545. Penalties AllowedSport, Law, Penalty
  1546. Port AccessMedical, Technology, Surgery
  1547. Persistent Aloha
  1548. PhotoacousticsMedical
  1549. Plant AirTechnology, Science, Industrial
  1550. Panik Atak
  1551. Pulse Arc welderProducts
  1552. Pope Alexander
  1553. Pre-Apprenticeship
  1554. Powered ActiveBusiness, Sale, Loudspeaker, Speaker
  1555. Program AdministratorBusiness, Science, University
  1556. Pinacolyl Alcohol
  1557. Post-Apocalypse
  1558. Poker Academy
  1559. Parliamentary ArchivesHistory, Projection, Parliament
  1560. posteroanteriorMedical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical, Common Medical
  1561. Posted By Admin
  1562. Paul Alexanier
  1563. Plated AluminumBusiness, Plate, Diamond
  1564. Perawat AssocifteTechnology, Presentation, Power, Model
  1565. Pressure AirTechnology, Auto, Automobile
  1566. Provider AddressTechnology, Networking, Network, Virtualization
  1567. PeriapicalMedical, Medicine, Healthcare, Dental, Common Medical
  1568. Politisches AbteilungGerman, Deutschland, Deutsch
  1569. Prince AlaMusic, Song, Lyric, Prince
  1570. Papers submitted (e.g., naturalization papers)Genealogy
  1571. Peak AccelerationMedical, Business, Jump
  1572. Primary Assessment
  1573. Protesters Against
  1574. Penn AvonBusiness, Pennsylvania, Campground
  1575. Pulaski AcademyArkansas
  1576. Pension Alimentaire
  1577. Project Arrow
  1578. Pistol Arena
  1579. Participating AreasTechnology
  1580. Public AddressMilitary, Governmental & Military, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1581. Personal AssistanceBusiness, Service, Living
  1582. Particular AverageInsurance, Shipping, Freight, Air Cargo, Cargo, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Trade
  1583. Passive AbilityGaming, Strike, Counter, Ability
  1584. Pencil Addressed
  1585. Process Audit
  1586. Photodynamic ActionTechnology, Patent, Light
  1587. Punta ArenasHotel, Locations, Chile
  1588. PlasmaA form of ionized gas in which the temperature is too high for atoms to exist in their natural state. Plasma is composed of free electrons and free atomic nuclei.Medical
  1589. Prearbitrated segment or slotComputing, IT Terminology
  1590. Patient AssistanceMedical, Company, Program
  1591. Penrose Airplrt
  1592. Pre-TmplifierTechnology, Audio, Tube
  1593. Pharmaceutical Animation
  1594. Program AideProgram, Girl, Scout, Camp
  1595. Pine Australia
  1596. Professionisti Associati
  1597. periodic acidAmino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  1598. Paul Auburn
  1599. Percentage Allocation
  1600. Philippine AirMilitary, Force, Philippine
  1601. Plan ApprovalTechnology, Development, Permit
  1602. Preventive Act
  1603. Princbpal AxesClub, Golf, Head, Principal
  1604. Public Assembly
  1605. Panel Action
  1606. Private ActressOccupation & positions
  1607. Physical Acts
  1608. Practitioner Assoc
  1609. Prince AlbertScience, Locations, Chastity, Medical, Famous
  1610. Proto-AthabaskanLanguage, Alaska, Dene
  1611. PiÙ Analiticamente
  1612. Providence AcademyMinnesota, Wisconsin
  1613. Post AllowanceBusiness, Service, Nigeria
  1614. Plasma-Assisted
  1615. Prescott Auto
  1616. Project Attributes
  1617. Painters In Allentown
  1618. Prignitzer Asphaltbau
  1619. Practical ArtsEducation
  1620. Personaf AuthorityArmy, War, Force

Please also find PA meaning in other sources.

What does PA stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about PA acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the PA abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does PA meaning stand for?

    PA meaning stands for Pope Alexander.
  2. What is the meaning of PA abbreviation?

    The meaning of PA abbreviation is "Positive Action".
  3. What is PA definition ?

    PA definition is "Polling Agent".
  4. What does PA mean ?

    PA mean that "Partner Association".
  5. What is PA acronym ?
    PA acronym is "Practice Assurance".
  6. What is shorthand of Parent Association ?
    The shorthand of "Parent Association" is PA.
  7. What is the definition of PA acronym?
    Definitions of PA shorthand is "Philadelphia Archbishop".
  8. What is the full form of PA abbreviation?
    Full form of PA abbreviation is "Patient Alert".
  9. What is the full meaning of PA ?
    Full meaning of PA is "Pre-Assigned".
  10. What is the explanation for PA ?
    Explanation for PA is "Penasehat Akademik".

What is the meaning of PA Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of PA definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of PA abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of PA acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

PA Abbreviation in Astrology
  • PA (letter P)

    The letter P people who have full confidence to themselves, are distant and mysterious. Although they can catch what's going on around them, they give up being interested if it became an obstacle to their business. Sometimes they may show selfish behavior. When they said 'mine' for something, it is special for themselves.

    The letter, which numerological value 7, represents power. He wants to be the leader in the community since he is self-confident. He selects his darling from nice people who also are respected in the community.

  • PA (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

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