ā Meaning - What does ā mean?

ā meaning is (a with a bar over it) before and other full form of ā definition take part in below table. There are 96 different meaning of ā acronym in the table which are compilation of ā abbreviation such as Common Medical, Physical Therapy, Education, Funnies, Genealogy etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of ā acronym which you look for in 96 different ā meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does ā mean?, ā meaning” or you can search by typing only ā abbreviation in the search box.
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ā Meaning

  1. (a with a bar over it) before Common Medical, Physical Therapy
  2. A Computer Hardware Repair And Maintenance Program Education
  3. About Funnies, Genealogy
  4. Accelerating Contactor or Relay Occupation & positions
  5. Accept Us government
  6. Accepted Accounting, Us government
  7. Acceptor Us government
  8. Accord Politics
  9. Accusative Miscellaneous
  10. Acid Amino Acid
  11. Acre Architectural, Architecture, Genealogy
  12. Acting Rank Army & Military
  13. Active Flight, Transportation, Flight Status
  14. Activism Community
  15. Adam Police Code
  16. Adatom Chemistry
  17. Adenine Genomics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology
  18. Adenosine Common Medical, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics
  19. Aeroplane Aviation
  20. After-school Plus Program Education
  21. Agar Reading Prescription
  22. Age Genealogy
  23. Ages Miscellaneous
  24. Agilent Technologies Incorporated Nyse symbols
  25. Agiliance Software
  26. Air Branch Navy
  27. Air Frame Navy
  28. Alanine Common Medical, Amino Acid, Biochemistry, Biophysics
  29. Albino guinea pig Laboratory
  30. Alcove Architectural
  31. All lines Telecom
  32. Alley Ordnance Survey
  33. Alpha Police Code
  34. Alpha Time Zone Time Zones
  35. Alternative Miscellaneous
  36. Alveolization Physiology
  37. American Bank Note Company Suppliers
  38. Ampere Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Electrical, Measurement, Electronics, aerospace, Aviation, NASA, Astronomy, Engineering, Physics, Science
  39. Amplitude Physics
  40. Analog Electrical, NASA
  41. Anatomy Chemistry
  42. Anchor Football, Sport, Unix
  43. Aneuploid Prostate cancer
  44. Ångstrom Measurement, Physics
  45. Angstrom unit Astronomy
  46. Anna Names and nicknames
  47. Annapolis Names and nicknames
  48. Annihilate Names and nicknames
  49. Anno Names and nicknames
  50. Annual Names and nicknames
  51. Anode Electronics, Telecom
  52. Another Miscellaneous
  53. Ante Genealogy
  54. Apature priority autoexposure Photography
  55. Apical Common Medical
  56. Apple Food
  57. Applet Food
  58. Appraisal (well) Electrical
  59. Approach Ordnance Survey
  60. Appropriate Miscellaneous
  61. Approved General
  62. Apron Clothes
  63. Arcade Ordnance Survey
  64. Archive Unix
  65. Archived General
  66. Area Architectural, Architecture, Construction, Ordnance Survey
  67. Areal Architectural, Architecture
  68. Arterial blood Blood Test
  69. Artery Artery And Arteries, Common Medical, Medical, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy
  70. Asexual Miscellaneous
  71. Assessment Common Medical, Physical Therapy
  72. Assists Baseball, Sport
  73. Associate Master IEEE
  74. Asterix Satellite
  75. Atlantic Reporter Legal
  76. Atom Chemistry
  77. Atomic Chemistry, Physics
  78. Atomic Mass Chemistry
  79. Atomizing Chemistry
  80. Attack Football, Sport
  81. Australian Geology
  82. Autostrada Transportation
  83. Avenue Ordnance Survey
  84. Awesome Miscellaneous
  85. before Common Medical
  86. Blood Group A Blood Test
  87. class A stocks Investing, Stock
  88. Discounted First booking class Civil aviation
  89. form A (normally open) contacts Hardware
  90. Hey Blogging, Facebook, Neologism, Social media, Twitter
  91. Individual Financial
  92. Magnetic Vector Potential Physics
  93. Star Alliance Civil aviation
  94. Static Library File Extensions
  95. Tongue Touching Nose Texting
  96. Tumor Limited To The Bowel Bowel Gastric And Intestine

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What does ā stand for?

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  1. What does ā meaning stand for ?

    ā meaning stands for A Computer Hardware Repair And Maintenance Program.
  2. What is the meaning of ā abbreviation ?

    The meaning of ā abbreviation is "(a with a bar over it) before" .
  3. What is ā definition ?

    ā definition is "Aeroplane".
  4. What does ā mean ?

    ā mean that "Asterix".
  5. What is ā acronym ?
    ā acronym is "class A stocks".
  6. What is shorthand of A Computer Hardware Repair And Maintenance Program ?
    The shorthand of "A Computer Hardware Repair And Maintenance Program" is ā.
  7. What is the definition of ā acronym ?
    Definitions of ā shorthand is "Analog".
  8. What is the full form of ā abbreviation ?
    Full form of ā abbreviation is "Alveolization".
  9. What is the full meaning of ā ?
    Full meaning of ā is "Aneuploid".
  10. What is the explanation for ā ?
    Explanation for ā is "Atlantic Reporter".

What is the meaning of ā Abbreviation in Astrology ?

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ā Abbreviation in Astrology
  • ā (letter )
  • ā (letter )