AAAF Meaning

The AAAF meaning is "Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation". The AAAF abbreviation has 20 different full form.

AAAF Full Forms

  1. Adonis Autism Assistance Foundation
  2. Anglo-American Authority File
  3. Australian Aviation Associations Forum
  4. Add As A Friend
  5. American Automobile Association Foundation
  6. Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Australia, Hair, Awareness, Alopecia
  7. American Academy of Applied Forensics Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  8. Atividades De Animação E Apoio à FamíLia
  9. American Academy of Audiology Foundation
  10. Atividades De Animação E De Apoio à FamíLia
  11. Aids Awareness Assistance Fund Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  12. Asian American Advertising Federation
  13. Affirmation of Aboriginal Affiliation Form
  14. Asian American Action Fund America, Government, Committee
  15. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Foreign
  16. Atracc Atm Added Functions General, Governmental & Military
  17. Asian American Aids Foundation
  18. L'Association A
  19. Azərbaycan AğıR Atletika FederasiyasıNa
  20. Azərbaycan AğıR Atletika Federasiyası

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AAAF stand for?

    AAAF stands for Asian American Action Fund.

  2. What is the shortened form of Australian Aviation Associations Forum?

    The short form of "Australian Aviation Associations Forum" is AAAF.


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