AAAW Meaning

The AAAW meaning is "Advanced Airborne Antiarmour Weapon". The AAAW abbreviation has 17 different full form.

AAAW Full Forms

  1. Advanced Airborne Antiarmour Weapon Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  2. Advanced Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon
  3. Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon
  4. Adams Air Ambulance Worldwide
  5. Affirmative Action Association for Women
  6. Advanced Anti Armour Weapon
  7. Advanced Anti-Armour Weapon Technology, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  8. Advanced Airborne Anti-Armour Weapon Technology, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  9. Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington Organizations, Adoption, Washington, Adoptee
  10. Air-Launched Anti-Armor Weapon
  11. Artists Against Aids Worldwide
  12. Area Agency On Aging of Western
  13. Antique Associates At West
  14. Amino Acid Assessment Workshop
  15. Amazing Adventures Around The World
  16. Association of African American Web
  17. All Asia Athlete Women

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AAAW stand for?

    AAAW stands for Air-Launched Anti-Armour Weapon.

  2. What is the shortened form of Amazing Adventures Around The World?

    The short form of "Amazing Adventures Around The World" is AAAW.


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