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AAC meaning is Advanced Audio Coding and other full form of AAC definition take part in below table. There are 530 different meaning of AAC acronym in the table which are compilation of AAC abbreviation such as Technology, Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Software etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of AAC acronym which you look for in 530 different AAC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does AAC mean?, AAC meaning” or you can search by typing only AAC abbreviation in the search box.
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AAC Meaning

  1. Advanced Audio CodingTechnology, Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Software, Telecom, Technical, Data, File Extensions, IT Terminology
  2. Army Acquisition CorpsManagement, Military, Officer
  3. Academic Advising CenterStudent, Education, University
  4. Agility Association of CanadaOrganizations, Canada, Dog, Dog Fanciers
  5. Army Accessions CommandMilitary
  6. Ableauctions.Com, Inc.Organizations
  7. Autoclave Aerated ConcreteBusiness, Technology, Construction
  8. Asian Advertising Congress
  9. Advanced Aviation CourseMilitary, Canada, Training, Cadet
  10. Apple Audio CompressionTechnology, Slang, Music, Computing
  11. Ableauctions.Com IncTechnology, Organizations
  12. Authorization and Access ControlTechnology, Computing, Computer
  13. Asia Aerospace CityTechnology, Asia, Malaysia
  14. Advanced Audio CoderTechnology, Coding, Freeware
  15. Appalachian Athletic ConferenceCollege, Education, Sport
  16. Arizona Administrative CodeBusiness, Service, Arizona, Legal, Governmental & Military
  17. Austin Automation CenterTechnology, Government, Health
  18. Asia-Africa ConferenceAsia, Africa, Locations
  19. Acalculous CholecystitisMedical, Medicine, Health
  20. Antibiotic-Associated ColitisMedical, Medicine, Health, Physiology
  21. Activity Address CodeManagement, Logistics, Armed Forces
  22. Army Air CorpsAirline, Government, Military, Organizations, Army, Award, Force, Marine, Call Sign
  23. Academy of Art CollegeFilm, Education, Artist
  24. Agriculture Et Agroalimentaire CanadaTechnology, Food, Canada
  25. Auxiliary Air ControlTechnology, Control, Automotive
  26. Army Air Corp
  27. Academic Advisory CommitteeEducation, University, Language
  28. Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaTechnology, Canada, Governmental & Military
  29. Acadiana Arts Council
  30. African Art Centre
  31. Australian Accommodation CouncilBusiness, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
  32. American Aerospace ControlsTechnology, America, Bosch
  33. Adirondack Athletic Club
  34. Asian Actuarial Conference
  35. Alameda Arts Council
  36. Annual Average Cost
  37. Advanced Analytic Capabilities
  38. Athletes Advisory CouncilOrganizations, Olympic, Athlete
  39. Alter All Commands
  40. Archaeology Advisory CouncilTechnology, Science
  41. Arthritis Advisory CommitteeMedical, Drug, Gout
  42. Accurate Automation Corporation
  43. Automatic Air ConditionTechnology, Car, Conditioning
  44. Advance Audio CodingTechnology, Software, Player
  45. Aqua Automatic ControlTechnology, Machine, Press
  46. Automatic Amplitude ControlTechnology, Military, Telecom
  47. Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationsTechnology, Speech, Telecom
  48. Arctic Air Conditioning
  49. Access Academic Consultancy
  50. Agusta Aerospace Corporation
  51. Australian Agricultural CoBusiness, Company, Australia
  52. American Aviation Corporation
  53. Adobe Acrobat Connect
  54. Assessment Advisory Council
  55. Autoridad AeronáUtica Civil
  56. All-Aluminum ConductorBusiness, Cable, Wire
  57. Anti Aircraft Common
  58. Advisory Appointment Committees
  59. Atlanta Ad Club
  60. Aluminum Alloy ConductorsBusiness, Cable, Wire
  61. Affirmative Action CommitteeCollege, Education, University
  62. American Academy Casablanca
  63. Acoustical Absorption Coefficient
  64. Aircraft Approach CategoryA grouping of aircraft based on a speed of Vref, if specified, or if Vref is not specified, 1.3 Vso at the maximum certificated landing weight. Vref, Vso and the maximum certificated landing weight are those values as established for the aircraft by the certification authority of the country of registry. An aircraft shall fit in only one category. If it is necessary to maneuver at speeds in excess of the upper limit of a speed range for a category, the minimums for the next higher category must be used.
  65. Airport Advisory CommissionTechnology, Colorado, City
  66. Advanced Acquisition ConceptMilitary
  67. All American Computers
  68. Aboriginal Action Circle
  69. Alumni Admission Council
  70. Arlington Arts CenterEducation, Exhibition, Artist
  71. Air-To-Air Communication
  72. Austrian Accreditation Council
  73. Angel Aircraft Corporation
  74. Association CortexMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  75. Autoridad De Aviaci
  76. Application Access Control
  77. Audit and Assurance CouncilBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  78. Academies Australasia College
  79. Africa Adventure CompanyAfrica, Locations, Safari
  80. American Aeronautical Corporation
  81. Adirondack Aquatic Club
  82. Asian American Center
  83. Alameda Aero Club
  84. Annual Allowance Charge
  85. Advanced Analysis Centre
  86. Athletes' Advisory Council
  87. Already Allocated Capacity
  88. Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy In Culture
  89. Arts Advisory Committee
  90. Acculink Access Controller
  91. Automatic Acceptance Criteria
  92. Association for American Colleges
  93. Aqaba Airports Company
  94. Augmentation and Alternative Communication
  95. Archive Awareness CampaignArchive, National, Event
  96. Access & Assessment Center
  97. Agriculture Et Agro-Alimentaire Canada
  98. Australian Agriculture Company
  99. American Automobile Club
  100. Administrative Appeals ChamberGovernment, Law, Tribunal
  101. Assessment Advisory Committee
  102. Autonomous Atmospheric Compensation
  103. All-Aluminium ConductorsBusiness, Cable, Manufacturer
  104. Anti Aircraft Co-OperationMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  105. Advisory Appointments CommitteeMedical, Science, Consultation
  106. Atividades AcadêMicas Complementares
  107. Aluminum Association of Canada
  108. Affirmative Action ComplianceScience, Sandi, Nuclear Science
  109. American Academy In ChinaTechnology, Architecture, China
  110. Acoustica Audio Converter
  111. Automatic Answer Card
  112. Airport Advisory CommitteeTechnology, City, Arbor
  113. Advanced Acoustic Coding
  114. All American CanalTechnology, America, Projection
  115. Abolitionist Action CommitteeTechnology
  116. Alumni Advisory Committee
  117. Arlington Aquatic ClubClub, Team, Swimming, Swim
  118. Air-Carbon Arc CuttingMilitary, Welding, Gas
  119. Austrian Academy CorporationsAcademia, Austria, Austrian
  120. Anesthesia Awareness Campaign
  121. Association Automobile Club
  122. Autoridad De Aviación CivilPara, Con, Internacional
  123. Application Authorization Cryptogram
  124. Aerial Ambulance CompanyMilitary, Army Regulation
  125. AttachTechnology, Military, Aviation, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  126. Academic Assistance Council
  127. African Action CongressGovernment, Group, Africa
  128. American Adoption CongressAmerica, Organizations, Adoptee
  129. Actual Acquisition CostMedical, Drug, Pharmacy
  130. Asian-American CenterAmerica, Education, University
  131. Al Amanah CollegeEducation
  132. Annual Allowable CutBusiness, Forest, Forestry, Timber
  133. Advanced Analytics CentreMedical, Business, Medicine
  134. Athlete Advisory CouncilSport, Organizations, Olympic
  135. Alliance Atlantis Communication
  136. Arbre à Came
  137. Art Advisory Committee
  138. Accueil Assistance Conseil
  139. Automatic Account CreatorTechnology
  140. Association for Assessment In CounselingMedical, Education, Professional
  141. Aviation Armament ChangeMilitary
  142. Approved Assessment CentreBusiness, Learning, Training
  143. Auditing Association of CanadaBusiness, Canada, Environment
  144. Archive Advisory Committee
  145. Accelerator Advisory CommitteeBusiness, Presentation, Power
  146. Aft Access Closure
  147. Australian Agricultural CompanyBusiness, Australia, Supply
  148. American Auto Club
  149. Administrative Affairs Committee
  150. Assessment Accommodations Checklist
  151. Autonomous Activation Condition
  152. All-Al Alloy Conductors
  153. Another Asteroids CloneGaming, Play, Pastime
  154. Adventist Aviation Center
  155. Athletic Alliance of ChicagoSport, Organizations, Chicago
  156. Aluminium Association of CanadaTechnology, Industrial, Canada
  157. Affiliated Acceptance CorporationBusiness, Club, Billing
  158. Achievement Ability Comparison
  159. Automatic Alarm Call
  160. Airport Administration Centre
  161. Advanced Access ControlTechnology, Server, Gateway
  162. All American Collectibles
  163. D'Agriculture Et Agroalimentaire CanadaTechnology, Agriculture, Food, Canada
  164. Alumnae Advisory CommitteeEducation, Club, Phi
  165. Arkansas Arts Council
  166. Air, Air, CorpsMilitary, Patch, Driver
  167. Austrian Academy CorpusAcademia, Austria, Austrian
  168. An Area of Clinical
  169. Associated Analysis CentreScience
  170. Autoridad Ambiental Competente
  171. All-American Challenge
  172. Application Authentication CryptogramTechnology, Card, Payment
  173. Aerated Autoclave ConcreteBusiness, Plant, Machine
  174. Atp/Adp CarrierMedical, Medicine, Health
  175. Academic Assistance Center
  176. Africa Action CongressGovernment, Group, Africa, Party
  177. American Addiction CentersBusiness, America, Holdings, Medical
  178. Activity Assistant Certified
  179. Asian African ConferenceGovernment, Africa, Indonesia
  180. Alain Amghar Consultants
  181. Annual Activity CertificatesBusiness, Office, India
  182. Advanced Analytical Centre
  183. Ateliers Aeronautiques De Colombes
  184. Alliance Atlantis CommunicationsBusiness, Film, Media
  185. Art Academy of CincinnatiCollege, Education, School
  186. Automated Assembly Center
  187. Anglo American Corporation
  188. Association Des Amidonneries De C
  189. Aviation Advisory Committee
  190. Apprentissage Anticip
  191. Auditing and Accounting Company
  192. Architecture Acier Construction
  193. Accelerated Assessment and Certification
  194. Afro-American Cultural
  195. Australian Agricultural CouncilTechnology, Organizations
  196. American Association for Clinical
  197. Asian-African ConferenceOrganizations, Africa, Indonesia
  198. Administrative Advisory Committee
  199. Asian American ClubAmerica, Organizations, Legacy
  200. Automotive Applications Council
  201. All African ConventionGovernment, Africa, History
  202. Another Anime Convention
  203. Advances In Automotive ControlTechnology, Conference, Symposium
  204. Athletic Academic Center
  205. Alternate Access Carrier
  206. Aesthetics and Art Criticism
  207. Articulated Animal CarrierTechnology, Vehicle Shape
  208. Acetaminophen Awareness CoalitionMedical, Medicine, Flu, Acetaminophen
  209. Automatic Aircraft Configuration
  210. Airline Administrative CommunicationTechnology, Aviation, Avionic, Governmental & Military
  211. Advanced Accelerator Concepts
  212. All Aluminum ConductorsBusiness, Technology
  213. Ayat Ayat CintaFilm, Indonesia, Novel
  214. Alumnae Advisory Committees
  215. Arkansas Arts CenterEducation, Rock, Museum
  216. Aids Action CommitteeOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  217. Australian Aluminium CouncilBusiness, Australia, Industrial
  218. Ananta Aspen Centre
  219. Associated Air CenterTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  220. Autoridad De Aeron
  221. All-American Canal
  222. Antibiotic-AssociatedMedical, Medicine, Health, Therapy
  223. Aerated Autoclaved ConcreteBusiness, Plant, Machine
  224. Atomic Absorption Coefficient
  225. Abyssmedia Audio Converter
  226. Afghan Air Corps
  227. American Acupuncture CouncilMedical, Medicine, Education
  228. Activity and Athletics Center
  229. Alachua Astronomy ClubScience, Organizations, Gainesville
  230. Annual Academic Conference
  231. Advanced Adaptive ControlTechnology
  232. Allegheny Athletic Club
  233. Arrival Area ControlMilitary
  234. Automated Assembly CorporationBusiness, Robot, Skin
  235. Anglo-American CorporationBusiness, America, Africa
  236. Association D'Agilit
  237. Aviation, Atmosphere and Climate
  238. Apprentissage Anticipé De La Conduite
  239. Auditing and Accounting Co
  240. Architecture Advisory Committee
  241. Accelera Auto ContestHonda, Auto, Surabaya
  242. African Awareness Campaign
  243. Australian Aerobatic ClubAustralia, Military, Competition
  244. American Association of CollegesCollege, Education, University
  245. Asia Africa ConferenceAsia, Africa, Locations
  246. Administrative Advisory CouncilCollege, Education, University
  247. Asian American Coalition
  248. All-African ConventionOrganizations
  249. Annually Adjusted Component
  250. Advances In Applied CeramicsChemistry, American Chemical Society, Cas
  251. Athletes Advisory CommitteeStudent, Education, Athlete
  252. Alternate AcTechnology
  253. Augmentative and Alternate CommunicationEducation, Device, Breath
  254. Artic Athabaskan Council
  255. Acer America Corp
  256. Automatic Air Conditioner
  257. Airline Administrative Control
  258. Advanced Ability Center
  259. All Aluminium ConductorBusiness, Cable, Wire, Computing, Electronics
  260. Aya Audio Converter
  261. Aluminum Anodizers CouncilBusiness, Conference, Industry
  262. Arizona Association of Chiropractic
  263. Aids Action CouncilMedical, Medicine, Microbiology
  264. Australian Air Corps
  265. An American CrimeAmerica, Rip, Crime
  266. Adopt-A-College
  267. Asset Acceptance Corporation
  268. Autoridad Aeron
  269. All-America CityTechnology, America, Award
  270. Antibiotic Associated ColitisMedical, Science, Medicine
  271. Advisory Appointment CommitteeMedical, Medicine, Consultation
  272. Atmospheric Analysis and Consulting
  273. Afghan-American Conference
  274. American Achievement CorporationBusiness, Company, America
  275. Active Armor Concept
  276. Airforce Attachment Camp
  277. Air To Air Communication
  278. Anno Ante Christum
  279. Advanced Active Clamping
  280. All Anglophone ConferenceNation, Locations, Cameroon
  281. Abysmal Andrew ComicsBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  282. Arnhemsche Athletische Club
  283. Air Ambulance Company
  284. Austrian Association of CinematographersFilm, Production, Cinematographer, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  285. Anglo American College
  286. Association D'Agilité Du Canada
  287. Aviation & Airport Consult
  288. Appointments Advisory CommitteeMedical, College, Scout
  289. Audit Assistance Conseil
  290. Architectural Advisory CommitteeOrganizations, Building, Spring
  291. AcadéMie De L'Art De Carthage
  292. African Association of Cartography
  293. Australian Academy of CommerceAustralia, Education, English
  294. American Aircraft Corporation
  295. Asia Advisory CouncilDevelopment, Learning, Study, Universities
  296. Adjusted Asphalt Content
  297. Asian Aerosol ConferenceTechnology, Science, Conference
  298. All-Advisory Committee
  299. Annual Awards Ceremony
  300. Advanced Antivibration ComponentsTechnology, Product, Mount
  301. Athletic Advisory Council
  302. Alter All Command
  303. Augmentative and Alternative Com
  304. Arthritis Alliance of Canada
  305. Accurate Automation CorpTechnology
  306. Automatic Air ConditioningTechnology, Car, Control
  307. Advance Audio CodecTechnology, Coding, Converter
  308. Autonomous Adaptive ControlTechnology, Presentation, Suspension
  309. Aluminum Aluminum ChromeChemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Scientific & Educational
  310. Arctic Athabaskan CouncilTechnology, Climate, Canada
  311. AgêNcia De Aviação CivilTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  312. Australian Aircraft ConsortiumTechnology, Australia, Trainer
  313. An American Childhood
  314. Adopt-A-Class
  315. Assessment Appeals Committee
  316. Autoridad De AeronáUtica Civil
  317. All Aluminium ConductorsBusiness, Cable, Wire
  318. Antibiotic-Associated-Colitis
  319. Advisory Appointments CommitteesMedical, Consultation, Committee
  320. Atmospheric Attack Carrier
  321. Affirming Anglican Catholicism
  322. American Accurate ComponentsTechnology, America, Electronics
  323. Active Air CleanBusiness, Vacuum, Filter
  324. Aircraft Armament ChangeTechnology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  325. Airport Aircraft CapacityTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  326. Advanced Activity ConceptTechnology, Car, Volkswagen, Transportation, General, Governmental & Military
  327. All Angel ChannelMedia, Radio, Television, Religion
  328. Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  329. Alumni Advisory CouncilEducation, University, Association
  330. Arndell Anglican CollegeEducation
  331. Air Agency Certificate
  332. Austrian Agricultural Cluster
  333. Anglo-American CollegeEducation, University, Czech, Prague
  334. Association Des Amidonneries De CéRéAles
  335. Average Avoidable CostBusiness, Law, Economics
  336. Appoint A Committee
  337. Audit Aptitudes ComportementTechnology, America, Coding, Audio
  338. Advanced Audio CompressionSoftware, Computing
  339. Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation
  340. Automobile Association of CeylonOrganizations, Car, Colombo
  341. American Aircraft Corporationration
  342. Australian Agricultural Company, LTD.Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  343. Ambient Air Concentration
  344. Airborne Aircraft Carrier
  345. Angola Air CharterAirline, Aircraft, Locations, Angola, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  346. Association for Autistic Community
  347. Academy for Architectural CultureScience, Research, Study, Knowledge
  348. All Adult ChannelTv stations
  349. Aerosol and CloudsTechnology, Science, Atmosphere
  350. El Arish International Airport, El Arish, EgyptEgypt, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  351. Academic Advancement Center InfoSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  352. Asian Aviation CenterEducation, Flight, Training
  353. Apprentissage Anticipé à La Conduite
  354. Augmentative Or Alternative CommunicationEducation, Language, Speech, Community
  355. American Anglican CouncilReligion
  356. Artisans Association of CambodiaBusiness, Cambodia, Fair
  357. Automatic Aperture ControlTechnology, Len, Nokia, Camera
  358. Annapolis Athletic Club
  359. Association of Accredited CertifiersBusiness, Building, Certificate
  360. Aerospace & Advanced CompositesTechnology, Research, Composite
  361. Arabian Automobiles Co
  362. Account Activity Code
  363. Adpative Audio Coding
  364. All-American Conference
  365. Audio Audio Converter
  366. Aero Asahi CorporationBusiness, Aviation, Helicopter
  367. Asia Aviation Company
  368. Australia Acquisition CorpBusiness, Australia, Supply, Stock
  369. Arcadia Financial, LTDComputing, Nyse symbols
  370. Asean Architect CouncilTechnology, Architecture, Philippine
  371. Automobile Acceptance Corporation
  372. Amateur Astronomy Club
  373. Alaskan Air CommandMilitary, Army, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  374. Amber Audio Converter
  375. Airborne Activity ConfinementScience
  376. Anglo American Company
  377. Advance Armament CorpMilitary, Blackout, Silencer
  378. Associations of Acrocentric ChromosomesMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  379. All About Corpora
  380. Aeronautics Advisory CouncilScience
  381. Al Arish, EgyptAirport codes
  382. Amino Acid ChelateChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  383. Apprentissage AnticipéE De La Conduite
  384. Augmentive and Alternative Communication
  385. Advanced Auto ClampProducts
  386. Artisans' Association of Cambodia
  387. Aircraft Administrative Communications
  388. Animation Asia Conference
  389. Association of Airline Consolidators
  390. Aeronautical Approach Chart
  391. Arabian Automobiles Company
  392. Accordion Association of Calgary
  393. acute allergic conjunctivitisMedical, Physiology
  394. Adp/Atp CarrierMedical
  395. All-American ComicsAmerica, Star, Comics
  396. At Any CostTechnology, Movie, Rip
  397. Asia-Pacific Amateur ChampionshipAsia, Golf, Amateur
  398. Austin Animal CenterDog, Pet, Animal, Shelter
  399. ATM Access ConcentratorComputing, IT Terminology
  400. Asean Agreement On CustomsAssociation, Organization, Community
  401. Automatic Attachment ChangerMachine, Tool, Column
  402. Alkyl Amines Council
  403. Aviation Advisory Commission
  404. Ambac Assurance CorporationBusiness, Financial, Group
  405. Air Assist ContainmentBusiness, Gun, Spray, Gel
  406. Anglo-American Code
  407. Advance Application Computers
  408. All About Communications
  409. Aeronautical Advisory Council
  410. Advanced AERA ConceptsTransportation, Governmental & Military
  411. Applications Acoustiques De Composites
  412. Augmented and Alternative CommunicationTechnology, Education, Speech
  413. Accident Assessment CoordinatorEnvironment
  414. American Academy of Cardiology
  415. Artisan'S Association of Cambodia
  416. Aircraft Administration Communications
  417. Animal Appreciation ClubMedicine, Veterinary, Animal
  418. Association of Asian Communicators
  419. Aeronautical Administrative Control
  420. Arabian Amines Company
  421. Accident Avoidance CourseMilitary, Army, Certificate
  422. Amino Acid CompositionMedical, Human genome
  423. Adp/Atp Carrier ProteinMedical
  424. At All CostsGeneral, Governmental & Military
  425. Arsenic Atmosphere Czochralski
  426. Ausbildung Am Computer
  427. Application Availability ConceptComputing, Internet
  428. Ascend Access Control
  429. Automatic Attenuation Control
  430. Aircraft Acquisition Corporationration
  431. Arbre A Cames
  432. Aviation Administrative Communications
  433. Amateur Athletic Club
  434. Accredited Agricultural ConsultantBusiness, Education, Organizations
  435. Air Armaments Center
  436. Advance America Cash
  437. All About Circuits
  438. Aeronautical Administration CommunicationsTechnology
  439. Alaska Administrative CodeAlaska, Legal, Governmental & Military
  440. American Aviation Corporationration
  441. Augmentative Alternate Communication
  442. Acute Angle ClosureConstruction
  443. American Academy of Child
  444. Aircraft Acquisition Committee
  445. Animal Alliance of CanadaGovernment, Group, Canada
  446. Association of Alabama Camps
  447. Additional Assistant Commissioner
  448. Aquarian Age Community
  449. Accessibility Advisory CouncilInternet Slang
  450. auditory association cortexMedical, British medicine
  451. Asbestos Abatement Council
  452. Adoption for All ChildrenOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  453. Associação AcadéMica De CoimbraPara, Sport, Organizations
  454. Armagh Astronomy Center
  455. Augmentative and Assistive ComputingTechnology, Computing, Computer, Processing, General, Governmental & Military
  456. African American ChatsComputing, Internet
  457. Aruokun Ancestral CommunityEducation, Communication, Tune
  458. Automatic Assessment Configuration
  459. Asynchronous Audio Communication
  460. Agro Alim Conseil
  461. Arancel Aduanero Com
  462. Automotive Advertisers Council
  463. Alyst Acquisition Corp
  464. Accreditation Advisory Council
  465. Air Approach Control
  466. Advance Air ChartersFilm censorship
  467. All About Cars
  468. Augmentative-Alternative CommunicationEducation, Device, Speech
  469. Aeronautical Administrative CommunicationTechnology, Network, Control, Federal Aviation Administration
  470. Mike Monroney Aeronautical CenterAviation, Governmental & Military
  471. Automotive Applications Committee
  472. American Associoation of Colleges
  473. Autoclaved Aerated ConcreteConstruction
  474. American Academy of ChefsAmerica, Organizations, Scholarship
  475. Air Command and Control System Advisory CommitteeMilitary
  476. Animal Agriculture Coalition
  477. Association of American Clubs
  478. Activities for The Athletically Clined
  479. Aquaculture Advisory Council
  480. Aerostar Aircraft Corporation
  481. Access Authorization CertificateTechnology, Telecom
  482. Acute acalculous cholecystitisMedical, British medicine
  483. Advanced Audio Coding FileComputing, File Extensions
  484. Association of American CollegesTechnology, Education
  485. Argon Alternating Current
  486. Augmentative Assistive CommunicationEducation, Alternative, Autism
  487. Apple Audio CodecComputing, Hardware
  488. Arts Advising CentreEducation
  489. Automatic Area Code
  490. Asymmetry Analysis CollaborationGeneral, Governmental & Military
  491. Afro-Asian Center
  492. Arancel Aduanero ComÚNCon, Internacional
  493. Augmented Alternative CommunicationTechnology, Community, Speech
  494. Alumni Affairs Committee
  495. Accreditation and Approvals CommitteeTechnology, Education
  496. Advance Acquisition Contract
  497. All-Aspect CapabilityGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  498. Augmentative Alternative CommunicationDevice, Alternative, Communication, Toastmasters
  499. Aeronautical Administration CommunicationAviation, Governmental & Military
  500. Alternate Area CodeComputing, Telecom
  501. Automotive Accessories Connection
  502. American Airports Corporation
  503. Autobody Association of ConnecticutAuto, Motor, Business & Finance
  504. Ambush At Corellia
  505. Airborne Aircraft Controller
  506. Animal Advisory Committee
  507. Association of Arkansas Counties
  508. Acer America Corporationration
  509. All All Categories
  510. Aquaculture Association of CanadaTechnology, Canada, Fish
  511. Aerospace and Advanced CompositesScience
  512. Access Alarms CustodianScience
  513. Army Air Corps (British Army)United Kingdom, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  514. Alternative Augmentative CommunicationSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  515. Asset Acceptance Capital
  516. Architectural Anodizers Council
  517. Augmentative and Assistive CommunicationTechnology, Autism, Children
  518. Alabama Alliance of ChurchesReligion
  519. Arts Across The Curriculum
  520. Automatic Approach Control
  521. Anniversary of The Asian-African ConferenceGovernment, Africa, Indonesia
  522. Associação Academica Coimbra
  523. Aerostar Aircraft Corporationration
  524. Aramco Associated Company
  525. Accreditation Advisory Committee
  526. Adult Activities Center
  527. All-Anglophone Conference
  528. Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationMedical, Education, Educational, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  529. Aeronautical Administrative CommunicationsTechnology, Military, Control, Telecom
  530. Associate and Advisory Committee

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What does AAC stand for?

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  1. What does AAC meaning stand for?

    AAC meaning stands for Al Arish, Egypt.
  2. What is the meaning of AAC abbreviation?

    The meaning of AAC abbreviation is "Advisory Appointments Committee".
  3. What is AAC definition ?

    AAC definition is "Army Acquisition Corps".
  4. What does AAC mean ?

    AAC mean that "American Academy In China".
  5. What is AAC acronym ?
    AAC acronym is "Augmentative Alternative Communication".
  6. What is shorthand of Animal Advisory Committee ?
    The shorthand of "Animal Advisory Committee" is AAC.
  7. What is the definition of AAC acronym?
    Definitions of AAC shorthand is "Asian African Conference".
  8. What is the full form of AAC abbreviation?
    Full form of AAC abbreviation is "Alternate Area Code".
  9. What is the full meaning of AAC ?
    Full meaning of AAC is "Acer America Corp".
  10. What is the explanation for AAC ?
    Explanation for AAC is "Advisory Appointment Committee".

What is the meaning of AAC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AAC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AAC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AAC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AAC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AAC (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AAC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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