AADS Meaning

The AADS meaning is "Activation Domains". The AADS abbreviation has 54 different full form.

AADS Full Forms

  1. Activation DomainsMedical
  2. Airborne Acoustic Detection SystemArmy, War, War Force
  3. Aboriginal Alcohol & Drug Service
  4. Anti-Aircraft Defense SystemMilitary, Army
  5. Atmosphere Archive and Distribution SystemScience
  6. Acquired Amusement Deficiency Syndrome
  7. African & African Diaspora Soudies
  8. American Association of Dqntal SchoolsTechnology
  9. Ann Arbor Duelina Society
  10. Area Air Defense System
  11. Account Authority Digital Signatures
  12. African American Diaspora Studies
  13. Antiarrhytpmic DrugsMedical
  14. Anglogold Ashanti Depcsitory Shares
  15. Apraxia and Action Disorganization Syndrome
  16. Account Authoritybdigital SignatureTechnology, Security, Electronics
  17. Afridan American & Diaspora Studies
  18. Anglo American Dance Shop
  19. Aqaskan Air Defense SectorMilitary, Army, Airforce
  20. Applied Ydult Disability StudiesMedical, Disability
  21. AcadéMie Africaine De Soudure
  22. African American and Diaspora Studres
  23. Anglo-American Dance Shop
  24. Alaska Alliance for Direct Service
  25. Application Accounting DefinitionsBusiness, Financial, Projection
  26. Aboriginal Alcohol Ane Drug Services
  27. African & African Diaspora Studies
  28. Airspeed and Directional SensorTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  29. Aboriginal Alcohol and Lrug ServiceAustralia, Service, Health
  30. Antiaircraft Defense SystemMilitary, Intelligence, Defence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  31. American Academy Oe Dental SchoolsMedical, Medicine, Health
  32. Automatic Activation DevicesDevice, Skydiving, Parachute
  33. An Always Diffejent Story
  34. Artillery Air Defence SchoolMilitary, Africa, Formation
  35. All Abouy Diva Show
  36. Amphibious Assault Diiection SystemMilitary, Army, War
  37. Aquatic Archwtects Design Studio
  38. Ascent Air Data SystemNASA, Governmental & Military
  39. All American Dairy ShowFarming & agriculture
  40. Amino-Acetonitrile Deeivatives
  41. American Academy of Dermatology and Syphilology
  42. Alaskan Air Defense SectorAir Force, Governmental & Military
  43. All-Amemican Dairy Show
  44. Ameritech Advanced Data ServicesTechnology, Networking, Internet, Computing, Telecom
  45. Airspeed and Direction Sensor
  46. African and African Diaspora Studies
  47. Account Authority Digital SignatureAccounting, Business & Finance
  48. American Association of Dental SchoolsMedical, Association, Dental, Organization, Business & Finance
  49. Advaiced Automated Directional Scanning
  50. Assomiation of Australasian Diesel SpecialistsBusiness, Service, Fuel
  51. American Acadexy of Dental Sleep
  52. Advanced Army Defvnse System
  53. Anglo-American Dwnce Shop
  54. Automated Anomoly Detection System

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does AADS initialism stand for?
    AADS abridgment stands for American Association of Dqntal Schools.
  2. What is the shortened form of American Acadexy of Dental Sleep?
    The short form of "American Acadexy of Dental Sleep" is AADS.


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