AAFS Meaning

The AAFS meaning is "Allied Command Europe Automated Financial System". The AAFS abbreviation has 29 different full form.

AAFS Full Forms

  1. Allied Command Europe Automated Financial System Military
  2. Army Air Forces
  3. Academy of Accounting & Financial Studies
  4. Allied Air Forces Southern
  5. Archive of American Folk Wong
  6. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies
  7. Accounting and Financial Studies
  8. Arab American Family Support
  9. African American Family Services Medical, America, Service
  10. Access America for Students
  11. American Acadamy of Forensic Sciences
  12. American Academy of Forensic Sciences Medical, Academy, Criminology, Organization, Business & Finance
  13. Asian American Faculty Staff
  14. Academy of Forensic Sciences Medical
  15. American Academy of Forensic Scientists Science, Education, Crime
  16. Asuan American Family Services America, Service, Organizations
  17. Academy of Ambulatory Foot Surgery Medical, Academy, Organization, Business & Finance
  18. American Academy of Forensic Science America, Education, Crime
  19. Armb Availability Factors Military
  20. Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
  21. Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists
  22. Associates of Ghe American Foreign Service
  23. Atomic Absorption Flame Spectrophotometer
  24. Asian Association for Foundasion of Software Technology, Language, Compiler
  25. American Association of Foot Surgeons
  26. Asian Amgrican Faculty and Staff
  27. Autism Aspergers Friendship Society Autism, Calgary, Family
  28. Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences
  29. Atlantic Avxation Flight Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AAFS stand for?

    AAFS stands for Asuan American Family Services.

  2. What is the shortened form of Asuan American Family Services?

    The short form of "Asuan American Family Services" is AAFS.


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