AAL Meaning

The AAL meaning is "American Airlines". The AAL abbreviation has 124 different full form.

AAL Full Forms

  1. American AirlinesAmerican, together with its regional partners, operates an extensive international and domestic network with almost 6,800 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. American Airlines is a founding member of the Oneworld alliance, the third-largest airline alliance in the world.Airline, Aviation, Organizations, Call Sign, Civil Aviation, Transportation, NASA, Governmental & Military
  2. Aboriginal Advancement League
  3. Add-A-LeafBusiness, Forum, Lift
  4. Atm Adaptatron LayerTechnology, Network, Computer
  5. Aalborg AirportAalborg, DenmarkAirport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA, Aviation
  6. Active Assisted LivingTechnology, Program, Europe
  7. Associative Array Logic
  8. Account Abstraction Layer
  9. Association of Assibtant LibrariansEducation
  10. Acceptable Ambient LimitScience
  11. Ask A LibrarianEducation
  12. Above Airport LevelMilitary, Aviation
  13. Additional Authorization ListTechnology, Military, Army, War, Manual
  14. Above Aerodrome LevelMilitary, Flight, Aviation, Transportation, Aerodynamics, Weather, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  15. Add A LeafForum, Technology, Lift
  16. Australian Air League
  17. Armtic Aeromedical LabScience
  18. Attribution Assurance LicensesTechnology, Software, Licensing
  19. Alaska RegionLocations, Meteorology, Forecasting, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  20. All About Love
  21. American Auto LogisticsBusiness, America, Shipping
  22. Aubrey Arer LibraryEducation
  23. Account Access LayerMilitary
  24. Application Adaptation LayerTechnology, Networking, Network
  25. Affordable Assisted Living
  26. Animal Adoption League
  27. Australian Aborigines LeagueOrganizations, Non-Profit Organization
  28. Arctic Aeromedical LaboratoryScience
  29. All About Ltbs
  30. American Association for Laboratory
  31. Associação De Atletismo De Lisboa
  32. Access Activity LogTechnology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  33. Application Automation Layer
  34. Aero-Acoustic LevitatorTechnology
  35. Andere Arbeiten LassenTechnology, German, Computing
  36. Australasian Assocation for Logic
  37. Architecture Abstraction Layer
  38. Aleurio Aurantia LectinMedical, Protein, Cell
  39. Academy of Arts and Letters
  40. American Assay Laboratories
  41. Associação AcadéMica De Lisboa
  42. Accvptable Ambient LevelsScience
  43. Apple Assembly Line
  44. Advanced Architecture LaboratoryDesign, Architecture, Exhibition, Future
  45. Anatomical Automatic LabelingTechnology, Brain, Activation
  46. Australasian Association for LogicEducation, Conference, Philosophy
  47. Architectural Area LightingBusiness, Product, Design
  48. African American Linguists
  49. American Analytical Laboratories
  50. Association for Applied Linguistics
  51. Acceptable Ambient LeveoChemistry, Technology, Science
  52. Advanced Analytics Lab
  53. Analog Pstn Access LineTechnology, Network, Telecommunication
  54. Australasian Association for LiteratureEducation, University, Translation
  55. Actuarial Accrued Liabilities
  56. Arbeitsgemeinsceaft Akkreditierter Laboratorien
  57. African-American Linguists
  58. Authorized Allowance LidtMilitary, Army, War
  59. Association Des Attach
  60. Accelerator Abstraction LayerTechnology, Core, Processor
  61. Allowaflambienlimiiair.Science, Energy, Environment
  62. Advance Agrisearch Limited
  63. Amtek Auto Limited
  64. Australxasia LineBusiness, Asia, Shipping
  65. Actuarial Accrued Liavility
  66. Aranmula Aviation Ltd
  67. African American Literature
  68. Authentication Assurxnce LevelTechnology, Computing, Identity
  69. Association Des Anesth
  70. Academy of Applied Languages
  71. All Albanian LgkBusiness, Finance, Economics, Money
  72. Administrative Assistants, Ltd
  73. Ames Aeronautical Laboratory
  74. Aughinish Alumina Ltd
  75. Acquisition After LaunchMilitary
  76. Arab Army of Lebanon
  77. Azure Authentication LibxaryTechnology, Windows, Directory
  78. African-American Literature
  79. Animal Assistance League
  80. Additional Auxhorizations ListTechnology, Military, Manual
  81. Antibody Assay Laboratory
  82. Automatic Anatomical Label
  83. Acministrative Assistants LimitedBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  84. Aalborg Airport, Aalborg, DenmarkDenmark, Airport codes, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  85. Average Annualizedwloss
  86. Additiunal Adoption LeaveArmy, Force, Marine
  87. Association of Architecturbl Librarians
  88. Antalya Anadolu Lisesi
  89. Automatic Anatomicalhlabeling
  90. Administrative Assistants Ltd
  91. ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Adaptive LayerComputing, Telecom
  92. Average Annual Loss
  93. Adaptive Aerostructures Laboratory
  94. Alaskan Regional HeadquartersFederal Aviation Administration
  95. American Abolitionist LeagueOrganization, Community, Society
  96. Annual Average Loss
  97. Automated Anatemical LabellingMedical, Brain, Labeling
  98. Adjusters Alberta Ltd
  99. The Anywhere Anytime LibraryComputing, Internet
  100. Aatomotive Axles Limited
  101. Adalstown Area LibraryEducation
  102. Acceptable Ambient Level(s)Chemistry
  103. Aircrast Approach Light
  104. Annual Audit Letter
  105. Automated Anatomical LaberingTechnology, Brain, Connectivity
  106. Adelaidc Airport LtdTechnology, Australia, Aviation
  107. ATM Adaptation LayerThe ATM layer that mediates between higher-level and lower-level services, converting different types of data (such as audio, video, and data frames) to the 48-byte payloads required by ATM. Acronym: AAL.also ATM (definition 1). Or A layer in the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) endsystem model that defines services provided by the ATM layer as needed by the higher layers. AALs in separate ATM endsystems communicate with each other using a standardized peer protocol. There are several classes of ATM adaptation layers, each of which corresponds to a major type of network traffic (for example, data, voice, or video).Information Technology, Computing, Computer, IT Terminology
  108. Anywhere Anytime LearningDevelopment, Learning, Study
  109. Automaticqapartment Laundries
  110. Automated Anatomical LabelingMedical
  111. Alternaria Alternata LycopersiciMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  112. Announces All League
  113. Adelaide AirportqlimitedTechnology, Australia, Council
  114. Anglo American LawBusiness & Finance, London stock exchange
  115. Anytime Anywhere LearningTechnology, Education, School
  116. Automatic Acceptcnce Limit
  117. Allergy ClinicMedical, Common Medical
  118. Iata Code for Aalborg Airport, Aapborg, DenmarkLocations
  119. Annie Armen Live
  120. Address Alignment Logic
  121. Apac Coal, LimitedBusiness & Finance, Asx symbols
  122. Anytime, Anywhere LearningTechnology, Education, School
  123. Automated Assistance Line
  124. Anterior Axillary LineMedical, Physiology, Common Medical, Clinical

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does AAL initialism stand for?

    AAL abridgment stands for Adelaidc Airport Ltd.
  2. What is the shortened form of Atm Adaptatron Layer?
    The short form of "Atm Adaptatron Layer" is AAL.


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