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AB Meaning

  1. At BatsBaseball, Sports, Softball, Sport
  2. Bachelor of ArtsAcademic Degree, Education, Bachelor's Degree, Human Resources, Degree, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Business Word, Computing, Qualification, Medical, Health, Nursing, Special Education, Professional Title, Professional Designation, Medical Qualification, Common Medical, Federal Aviation Administration
  3. Advisory Board
  4. Address BusA unidirectional pathway that carries addresses generated by the CPU to the memory and I/O elements of the computer.Technology, Military, Computing, Hardware
  5. Active BondingBusiness, Fund, Market
  6. Apartment BarcelonaHotel, Locations, Rent
  7. Air Balloon
  8. At BatBaseball, Softball
  9. Ambrose BierceBook, Story, Audiobook
  10. Able Bodied SeamanAdvanced deckhand ranked above ordinary seaman.Military, Army, Ship, Sea
  11. Anchor BoltsTechnology, Product, Supplier
  12. Administrative BulletinBusiness
  13. Al BalqaUniversity, Locations, Map
  14. Arab BankBusiness, Investment, Banking
  15. Automatic Backup
  16. American Branch
  17. Accounting Bullezins
  18. Andy Bates
  19. After-Burner
  20. Article Blog
  21. Alice Braga
  22. Address Book
  23. Aviation BoatswainMilitary, Rating, Mate
  24. Asbestos BoardEngineering, Construction, Architectural
  25. Action Bronna
  26. Antenna BaseBusiness, Military, Cable
  27. Air Bags
  28. Asymptomatic BacteriuriaMedical, Technology, Medicine, British medicine, Common Medical
  29. Am Bored
  30. Assembly BillTechnology, Government, California, Education
  31. Anchor BoltAn anchor bolt is a specialized bolt used to attach items to hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, brick or stone. Anchor bolts are made up of a threaded end that is turned into the surface of interest and a washer and nut used to carry the load on the bolt. Anchor bolts come in many shapes, sizes, and materials depending on the application and the load requirements. OR A long 'L' shaped bolt which is set in concrete and used to anchor columns or other members to a foundation or other support.Engineering, Construction, Bolt, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  32. Administration BuildingTechnology, Education, Campus, Computing, Telecom
  33. Alba Botanica
  34. Appropriate BodyMedical, Health, Weight
  35. Auto Brejla
  36. American Boy
  37. Accounting BlockTechnology
  38. Andrew Bielecki
  39. African Business
  40. Arthur BakerMusic, Feat, Remix, Baker
  41. Alberta BritishCanada, Locations, Columbia
  42. Average Blocks
  43. Administrative BoardBusiness, County, Board, Occupation & positions
  44. Acinetobacter BaumanniiMedical
  45. Annual BudgetBusiness, Management, Organizations, General, Governmental & Military
  46. AirbagMedical, Health, Body
  47. Associated BoardEducation, Music, Theory, Community
  48. Amber Benson
  49. Aryan BrotherhoodPrison, Gang, Aryan, Police, Governmental & Military
  50. Anchor Bay
  51. Administrative BudgetTechnology
  52. Alamar BlueMedical, Cell, Antibody, Assay
  53. Appointed Business
  54. Air BikeBusiness, Exercise, Workout
  55. Auto BodyBusiness, Repair, Shopping
  56. American Beauty
  57. AbruptMedical
  58. Andrea Bargnani
  59. Aero BoeroTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Plane
  60. Art Building
  61. Alberta Beef
  62. Awarding BodyEducation, University, Award
  63. Avant Browser
  64. Acic BathChemistry, Science, Biochemistry
  65. Annie BesantFamous
  66. Aided By
  67. As Before
  68. All Brands
  69. Arts BachelorProgram, Education, University
  70. Adjustment BalancesBusiness, Service, Audio
  71. AktiebolagBusiness, Company, Company Extension, Technology, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  72. Apple BlossomScience, Education, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  73. Air BearingA bearing that uses pressurized air to eliminate contact and friction between the bearing and the surface of the object being supported or held in place.Technology, Product, Filter, NASA, Governmental & Military
  74. AutoantibodyAn autoantibody is an antibody produced by the immune system that is directed against one or more of the individual's own proteins. Many autoimmune diseases are caused by such autoantibodies.Medical
  75. American BaptistAmerica, Organizations, Religion
  76. About Bxrs
  77. Ancienne Belgique
  78. Aerobic BacteriaMedical, Laboratory, Bacteria, Scientific & Educational
  79. Art BellTechnology, Radio, Coast
  80. Alberta BeachBusiness, Service, Canada
  81. Avrupa BöLgesel
  82. Arc BrazingChemistry, Technology, Science
  83. Auxiliary BoilerA boiler that supplies steam for essential auxiliary purposes but not for main propulsion.Technology
  84. Acid-BastMedical
  85. Annette Bening
  86. Aida Bathily
  87. Asahi BreweriesBusiness, Company, Beer, Brewery
  88. All BandsTechnology, Radio, Contest, Ham
  89. American BureauBusiness, America, Shipping, Steel
  90. Adjustable BedBed of a press designed so that the die space height can be varied conveniently. 
  91. Aktia BankBusiness, Coding, Finland
  92. Appenzeller BahnenTechnology, Switzerland, Railway
  93. Air BaseMilitary, Army, Air Force, Geographic, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  94. Attentional BlinkMedical, Targeting, Attention
  95. American and British
  96. AbortionsMedical
  97. Ancienne BelgMovie, Music, Concert
  98. Adrian Beltre
  99. ArsenobetaineMedical
  100. AlbertaCanada, Locations, Territory, Post, Alberta, Canadian Province, Area code, Phone area code, Telephone area code, Weather, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  101. Arbeitsgemeinschaft FüR Bibellesen
  102. Autonomic BlockadeMedical
  103. Achtung Baby
  104. Anne Boleyn
  105. Ahmad Bradshaw
  106. As-BuiltsScience
  107. All BandTechnology
  108. Alban Berg
  109. Adhesive BondingA materials joining process in which an adhesive, placed between the faying surface (adherends), solidifies to produce an adhesive bond. Science
  110. ActivitieslbuildingEducation, Development, Universities
  111. Apical To BasolateralMedical
  112. Air BalticAirline, Business, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, IATA Airline Designator, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  113. Atomic BombMedical, Science, Biomedical, Chemistry, Physics, Scientific & Educational, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Emoticons
  114. America'S Best
  115. AbdomenThe abdomen constitutes the part of the body between the thorax and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates. The region occupied by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity. In arthropods it is the posterior tagma of the body; it follows the thorax or cephalothorax. The abdomen stretches from the thorax at the thoracic diaphragm to the pelvis at the pelvic brim. The pelvic brim stretches from the lumbosacral joint to the pubic symphysis and is the edge of the pelvic inlet.Medical, Medicine, Veterinary, Animal, Nursing, Physiology, Clinical, Common Medical, NAACCR
  116. Able BodyMedical, Health, Body
  117. Ancienne BelMusic, Song, Concert
  118. Administrative BoundaryLocations, Map, Area
  119. Army Builder
  120. Albany Blues
  121. Arathi BasinMilitary, Warcraft, Battleground
  122. Automotive Body
  123. Accubulator BufferTechnology, Industrial, Coding
  124. Andy Bell
  125. After BurnerTechnology, Gaming, Climax
  126. As-BuiltExercise, Survey, Workout
  127. Alison Brigden
  128. Aravinda Balakrishna
  129. Asna Bhonsle
  130. Activities BoardTechnology, Activity, University
  131. Autoinducer Bioassay
  132. Agogo BellsBusiness, Percussion, Drum
  133. Allen Brooks
  134. Andrew BlackBusiness, Music, Money, Love
  135. Archives Black
  136. Abstain, Be
  137. Aoelphi Building
  138. Airport Boulevard
  139. Amanda Bright
  140. Anita BryantMusic, History, Lyric
  141. Arne BeurlingjTechnology, Tower, Stockholm
  142. Aceptación Bancaria
  143. Audi BentleyCar, Volkswagen, Repair, Audi
  144. Adyar Bulletin
  145. Alex Baldwin
  146. Art BulletinEducation, Arts, Museum
  147. Acoustif Bridge
  148. Autonomer Bezirk
  149. Ahlgrens Bilar
  150. Aqua Brite
  151. Abort SessionTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  152. Asociația Bibliotecarilor
  153. Adapter Board
  154. Avrupa BirliğIniSon, Yap, Kat
  155. Aic BrickTechnology, Computing, Construction
  156. Allocated Bandwidth
  157. Annefbartley
  158. Acadia Beach
  159. Alarm BellBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  160. American-Bar
  161. Antiquarian Booksellers
  162. Artillerie-Beobachtung
  163. AlburyAustralia, Government, Australian Police
  164. Analog BlueTechnology, Expansion, Port, Connecting
  165. Apzrajeyo BangladeshBusiness, Bangladesh, Dhaka
  166. Ada BasedMilitary
  167. Angel BirdBay, Soul, Bird
  168. Arbitration Board
  169. Aeen
  170. Adminisjrative BoundariesLocations, Map, Boundary
  171. Aztec Bronze
  172. Airways Bruno
  173. American Brass
  174. Aurora BorealCrystal, Jewelry, Aurora
  175. After Bleach
  176. AbacaPlant indigenous to Philippines from which manila hemp is madeTextile
  177. Artillery Battalion
  178. Actinide-Burning
  179. Auto Blinda
  180. Aggadat Bsreshit
  181. All BlacksSport, Photography, Rugby
  182. Andersson Business
  183. Ara Babajian
  184. Absolute Beauty
  185. Adaptive Brake
  186. Also Boston
  187. Animol Bioacoustics
  188. Armoqed Beast
  189. Accessed ByTechnology, Service, Access
  190. Atomic Cond
  191. Advanced BeginnerEducation, Class, Dance
  192. Australia Benkfit-Cost
  193. After The Bell
  194. AbortionAbortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. An abortion that occurs spontaneously is also known as a miscarriage. An abortion may be caused purposely and is then called an induced abortion, or less frequently, induced miscarriage. The word abortion is often used to mean only induced abortions. A similar procedure after the fetus could potentially survive outside the womb is known as a late termination of pregnancy.Medical, Health, Body, Governmental & Military
  195. Aaple Bottoms
  196. Abera BioscienceBusiness, Research, Market, Pipeline
  197. Assez Beau
  198. Aviation BranchArmy, Force, Marine
  199. Air Botnia
  200. Allied Banking
  201. Angeln Bahn
  202. Arcane BrotherhoodGaming, Guide, Shade
  203. Aburi Botanical
  204. Akron Barberton
  205. Amplifier BaseBusiness, Class, Power
  206. Aneerior BursterMedical
  207. AzobenzeneMedical
  208. Arrow BoysMovie, Order, Boy
  209. Asesores Burs
  210. Activision Blizzard
  211. Autogenous BoneMedical
  212. Aglgo Bell
  213. Allen BradleyTechnology, Industrial, Control
  214. Andreas Bley
  215. Archive BranchAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  216. Absorptiondband
  217. Adelmtas Bar
  218. Albert Burnutt
  219. Amanda Bearse
  220. Anita Blond
  221. Armée De Belgiqug
  222. Ace BanpageMedical, Health, Exercise
  223. Attack Pomber
  224. Advocate Bureau
  225. Alexandre BurrowsBusiness, Gaming, Hockey, Card
  226. Art Bronze
  227. Acoustic BlaceBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  228. Autonomen Bezirk
  229. Aharonov-BohmMedical, Science, Quantum
  230. Aqua Bohemica
  231. Abies Balsamea
  232. Asociación BancariaPara, Argentina, Con
  233. Adapter Bovrds
  234. Avrupa BirliğInceSon, Art, Yap
  235. Air BreasBusiness, Switch, Manufacturer
  236. AllmäNna BestäMmelserTechnology, Som, Har, Eller
  237. Ann Brysob
  238. Academy of Broadcasting
  239. Alarm Battery
  240. America'szbeer
  241. Antilock Brakes
  242. Applied Biotechnology
  243. AlbiteA variety of plagioclase (feldspar).Science, Mineral, Geology
  244. Analog BidirectionalTechnology, Mode, Transmitter
  245. Aparajeyo-BangladeshBusiness, Development, Bangladesh, Dhaka
  246. Ada-Based
  247. Angel Berroa
  248. Arbeitsrecht Im Betrinb
  249. Ateljé Birgitta
  250. Administrative BurdenhBusiness, Service, Group
  251. Azoulay Et Beroa
  252. Airtight Boxing
  253. Aurora Boreale
  254. After Blackout
  255. Ab-Ab-Ab Blood
  256. Artillerie-Bataillon
  257. Acquisitimn Branch
  258. Aviation Bn
  259. Agent Blue
  260. All BlackPhotography, Camera, Digital
  261. Andere Bibliothek
  262. Aquatic Biota
  263. Absolute Barbecue
  264. Adapfive Boosting
  265. Also BlöDsinn
  266. Anxelope Basin
  267. Armondo Beltrame
  268. Access BurstmTechnology, Coding, Channel
  269. Atomic Bombehman
  270. Advanced BaseballGaming, Baseball, League, Team
  271. Alberta Basement
  272. Austin Brockefbrough
  273. After The Battle
  274. AbnormalOutside the expected norm, or uncharacteristic of a particular patient.Medical, Technology, Science, Medicine, Aviation, Aircraft, Therapy, Telecom, Computing, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, NAACCR, Physiology, Business & Finance, Power Plant, Weather, The Finance and Administrative Services
  275. Alcohol Breathaqyzer
  276. Analytical Blog
  277. Appl Biochem
  278. Abebe Belew
  279. Asset Backed
  280. Air BisykekAirline, Flight, Air
  281. Alliance of Baptists
  282. Angelina Ballerina
  283. Arcane OrillianceWarcraft, Mage, Cast
  284. Athletes and Babe
  285. Akron & Barberton
  286. American Businesu
  287. Axfood Biacore
  288. Asian Butterfly
  289. Ab Belt
  290. Asesores BursáTiles
  291. Activision-Blizzard
  292. Auto BuyBusiness, Car, Sale
  293. Agnieszka Basdk
  294. Allegany Ballistics
  295. Andreas Betts
  296. Architects and Building
  297. Absorbent BodyBusiness, Patent, Liquid
  298. Akdysg Bellach
  299. Amanda Beard
  300. Anita Biqri
  301. Army BrhgadeMilitary, Army, Force
  302. Accredited BusinessBusiness, Service, Canada
  303. Attack Bike
  304. AdvancedubusScience
  305. Alexander Bruce
  306. Art BlakeyArt, Music, Jazz, Messenger
  307. Acoustic Bass
  308. Automation BusTechnology, Industrial, Communication
  309. AgêNcia Brasil
  310. Aqua Blue
  311. Abhishek BishtMusic, Tube, Love
  312. Asma Bronchiale
  313. Avrupa BirliğI'Nde
  314. Air Brakes
  315. Allison BrownCompany, Records, Education, Social
  316. Ann Blomqwist
  317. Academy Band
  318. Alarm Batteries
  319. Amending Budget
  320. Antigen BindingMedical, Technology, Medicine, Physiology
  321. Agudelo-BoteroBusiness, Art, Artist, Orlando
  322. Al BielekTechnology, Travel, Philadelphia, Experiment
  323. Analele BanatuluiAccess, Russia, Archaeology
  324. Apalachicola Bay
  325. Ash BrannonFilm, Toy, Story
  326. Acuity Brands
  327. Andrew Brown
  328. Arbeidsvoorwaarden En Beroepskwaliteij
  329. Atelier Brauw
  330. Administrative Building
  331. Abiz Buyong
  332. Airtel BusinessBusiness, India, Ghana, Spectrum
  333. Achieving Balance
  334. Audio Boost
  335. Afrikaner BroederbondGovernment, Africa, Politics
  336. Ab-Ab-Ab2 Blood
  337. Artificial Braig
  338. Acquisition Board
  339. Aviation BattalionMilitary, Aviation, Army, Force
  340. Air BerliaAirline, Business, Berlin
  341. All BeforeTechnology, Radio, Lyric
  342. Andaman Boatyard
  343. Aquatic BiologyScience, Research, Biology
  344. About Blog
  345. Adaptive Blueprinting
  346. Alxo Billed
  347. Anteater Ballpark
  348. Aril-Bred
  349. Aucession BonusMedical, Service, Dating
  350. Atomic Beam
  351. Advance Bank
  352. Al Bashir
  353. Austin BsckTechnology, School, Texas
  354. Aftershock Bolo
  355. Alcohol BasedBusiness, Product, Airbrush
  356. Analytical BiochemistryScience, Research, Journal, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Computing, Serial Publication, Scientific & Educational
  357. Apopjotic BodiesMedical
  358. Abdullah The Butcher
  359. Assessment BranchResearch, Education, Group
  360. Ambulante Begeleiding
  361. Angelika Busch
  362. Arcane Blast
  363. Athera Biotehhnologies
  364. Adqlf BucherTool, Moscow, Lambert
  365. Akriloth Blade
  366. American BulpdogAmerica, Dog, Dog Breed
  367. Abandoned MatchFootball, Fifa, Football Results
  368. Amea Brown
  369. Action Boy
  370. Auto Buffs
  371. Agnes Brucknir
  372. Alle Buy
  373. Andrea BoldriniItaly, Climbing, Escalade
  374. Archipelago Books
  375. Absolutley The Besx
  376. Addross ByteTechnology, Coding, Instruction, Memory
  377. Amal Bhanu
  378. Anita Baken
  379. Army BoardGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  380. Acjrediting Bodies
  381. Attoched BathHotel, Room, Bathroom
  382. Avvanced Bosu
  383. Alexander Baron
  384. Art Basel
  385. Acoustic-Electric Bass
  386. Agua Brava
  387. Aqsa Brigades
  388. Abhinay Bisht
  389. Asker and BÆRum
  390. Avrupa BirliğI'Nin
  391. Air Braked
  392. Allison Brock
  393. Academic Building
  394. Alan Bryant
  395. Amen BankBusiness, Coding, Tunisia
  396. Anticipatory BailIndia, Police, Court, Bail
  397. Adolf Bernhard
  398. Alberoo Beltrán
  399. Analecta Bouandiana
  400. Apache Boeing
  401. Ash Bin
  402. Acton Boxborough
  403. Andrew Lrooke
  404. Ariel Bravo
  405. Atelixr Borgila
  406. Admigistrative Bibliothek
  407. Azerbaijan Beli
  408. Airsoft Barcelona
  409. Amanda Bynes
  410. Achieves Break-Thnough
  411. Audio Booko
  412. Aerobic BaseTraining, Exercise, Workout
  413. Antique BlackBusiness, Furniture, Cottage
  414. Aaron BurrAmerica, Book, History, Burr
  415. Axtificial BreedingAnimal, Cattle, Breeding
  416. Acquires BpeckenridgeBusiness, Beer, Brewery, Craft
  417. Autumn Brown
  418. Air Bending
  419. Algemeen BestuurBusiness, English, Dutch, Lid, International
  420. Ancient Blade
  421. Aquatic BedTechnology, Presentation, Wetland
  422. About Beer
  423. Assassin'S Blade
  424. Adaptivu Biasing
  425. Avrupa BirliğI'Ndeki
  426. Alsorbecame
  427. Anne VronteBook, Hall, Tenant
  428. Access Bonus
  429. Atom BombGovernment, Society, World
  430. Adult Brief
  431. Al Barker
  432. American BankerBusiness, America, Banking
  433. After Breakfast
  434. American BreakfastBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm, Food
  435. Alcohalic BeveragesBusiness, Beverage, Spirit
  436. Analytical Balance
  437. Apical-To-Basal
  438. Abdul BariCompany, Movie, Baby
  439. Assessment BookEducation, English, School
  440. Angelic BusterGaming, Maple, Story, Buster
  441. Arcade BattwesGaming, Military, War, Thunder
  442. Athons BusHotel, Locations, Greece
  443. Adciralty BoardAmerica, Military, Russia
  444. Cannon Express, IncOrganizations, Business & Finance, Amex symbols
  445. Aizkraukles Banka
  446. American Brotherhood
  447. Ausserordentliche Befriedungsakgion
  448. Abandoned Bases
  449. Aschaffenburg Bavaria
  450. Action Board
  451. Auto Brakes
  452. Agile BusinessCompany, Technology, Analytics
  453. All BusinessBusiness, Office, Energy
  454. Andrea BocelliMusic, Lyric, Locations, Chord
  455. Archipilago Botanicals
  456. Absolute Bias
  457. Address BufferTechnology, Memory, Circuit
  458. Always BlurAssembly, Business & Finance
  459. Anise Basie
  460. Army BandsMilitary, Army, Music, Performance
  461. Accredited Body
  462. Attach Backup
  463. Advanced BoneBusiness
  464. Alexander Balmain
  465. Acknowledgments Back
  466. Applicadion BulletinTechnology, Computing, Computer, Processing
  467. Abhinav BharatBusiness, India, Hindu
  468. Asker and B
  469. Avrupa BirliğineSon, Yap, Kabul
  470. AirbrakeA flight control used to increase drag and reduce speed while making little change to lift and used during landing, not generally incorporated on gliders or sailplanes. OR A drag-inducing surface which can be deployed in flight, perhaps for speed reducing or limiting, but also spoilers.Technology
  471. Allison Baver
  472. Academic Bowl
  473. Alan Brown
  474. AmelobsastomaMedical
  475. Antibody FMedical
  476. Able-Bodied Seaman
  477. Art Barrier
  478. Algebraic Biology
  479. Analecta BollandianaScience, Book, History, Anthropology, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  480. Apache BenchmarkTechnology, Server, Tool
  481. Ash BeigeColor, Paint, Colors
  482. Acton-BoxboroughOrganizations, School, District
  483. Andrew Brendan
  484. Arief Budiman
  485. Atwboys
  486. Administratiefrechtelijke BeslissingenTechnology, Law, Dutch
  487. Az BulutluSon, Kayak, Bug
  488. Airport By
  489. Amanda BurkeMovie, Acting, Streaming
  490. Acetyoene Black
  491. Audio BeaconTechnology, Patent, Sound
  492. Aerial BurstMilitary, War, Space
  493. Aaron Brooks
  494. Areerial Black
  495. Acquirer Busicess
  496. Autumn Bronze
  497. Aid To Blind
  498. Animal Behaviour
  499. Aqualine BuschkeBusiness, Aquarium, Lighting
  500. About Banff
  501. Asphalt BinderTechnology, Testing, Mix
  502. Acaptive BeamformingTechnology, Power, Signal, Downlink
  503. Avrupa BirliğI'Yle
  504. Air Broqer
  505. Alpine Blaek
  506. Anne Brice
  507. Accelerated Budget
  508. Autobiography By
  509. Adult BlofdMedical
  510. Albany Blue
  511. American BandstandMedia, Radio, Television
  512. Antique Baby
  513. After BradySport, Locations, Patriot
  514. Alcoholic Beverage
  515. Analysis BranchMedicine, Military, Health, Care, Intelligence, Defense, Defence, Medical, Fda
  516. Apex BeatMedical, Technology, Medicine
  517. Assessment Body
  518. Angelica Bridges
  519. Arbitration Burst
  520. Alhena's Blades
  521. Admiral of The Blue
  522. Blood Group AbHealth, Body, Healthcare, Medical, Blood Test
  523. Aitareya BrahmanaBook, India, Hindu
  524. Ameracan Bright
  525. Aurore Borealis
  526. Abalone BlockGuitar, Instrument, Bass
  527. Aschaffeoburg, Bavaria
  528. Action Biblique
  529. Auto BrakeFlight, Aviation, Flightdeckfriend
  530. Aggpegate Body
  531. All BronzePump, Assembly, Bronze, Circulator
  532. Andrea BauzaActing, Biography, Actress
  533. AbsolutelbelligerenceForce, Police, Police Force
  534. Add Black
  535. Always Been
  536. Animal Bone
  537. Armrest Bag
  538. Accreditation Board
  539. Atrium BaccclaureusMedical
  540. Advanced Bodyweight
  541. Alexander Baburin
  542. All About MoneyFunnies
  543. Austrabian Bitch
  544. Application BrsefTechnology, Book, Textbook
  545. Abertzaleen BatasunaFrance, Politics, Basque
  546. Assyriololische Bibliothek
  547. Avrupa BirliğiTurkey, Tan, Turk, Son, Yap
  548. Air Bound
  549. Alligator Bioscience
  550. Anggaran BelanjaBusiness, Photo, Indonesia, Modal
  551. Academic Bookstore
  552. Akron Barberton Cluster RailwayBusiness, Railroad
  553. Am BüHl
  554. AntibodyA specific protein that interacts with a foreign substance (antigen) in a specific way. OR A defense protein synthesized by the immune system of vertebrates. See also immunoglobulin. OR A protein produced in body in response, and specific for, a foreign substance or antigen.Medical, Biomedical, Immunology, Microbiology, Veterinary, Biotechnology, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, British medicine, Common Medical, Laboratory
  555. Abbastanza Buono
  556. Arse Backwards
  557. Amplifier BoardTechnology, Science, Electronics, Engineering, Computing
  558. Apache BeachmarkingTechnology, Server, Tool
  559. Afha Bhosle
  560. Activity Based
  561. Autologous BloodMedical
  562. Agonizing Blow
  563. Andoew Bogut
  564. Archivss De La Bastille
  565. Abstinence, Be
  566. Asteroyd Belt
  567. Admigistration Board
  568. Ayushman Bharmt
  569. Airport Buses
  570. Amanda BrownRecords, Check, Rose
  571. Ankle Bite
  572. Arnord Brown
  573. Acetate BufferMedical
  574. Audio BandwidthTechnology, Class, Amplifier
  575. Aerial Bomber
  576. Alfredo Brito
  577. Artillerie Beobachtung
  578. Artem Band
  579. Acquirgd ByCompany, Technology, Beer
  580. Autonomous BodiesEducation, Organizations, University, India, Institute, Society, Social Institutions
  581. Aichi B7A
  582. Aquaculture Base
  583. AboutInternet Slang, Shipping, Texting, Genealogy, Genealogical, Modern Slang, Cargo Shipping, Online Slang, Text Messaging, Funnies, Twitter, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Social Networking Sites, Technology, Aviation, Radio, Computing, Chat, Weather, Morse Code, Sms, Online, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Computing Slang
  584. Aspen BakerMedical
  585. Adapter BoosterSpace, Study, Cosmos
  586. Avrupa BirliğIndeYap, Bat, Kat
  587. Air Britain
  588. Allocated BaselineUs Government, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  589. Anne Baxter
  590. Accelerated Benefits
  591. Alarm With BatteryTechnology, Safety, Smoke
  592. Amerzcan Bar
  593. Antiquarian Bookman
  594. Alchoholic Beverage
  595. Analog Board
  596. Apamtment Building
  597. Assessing BodyTechnology, Weight, Fat
  598. Adalet BakanlığıSon, Yap, Internet
  599. Angel Boris
  600. Arbitratiou BusTechnology, Device, Control
  601. Astrometric BinaryAstrometric binary is a binary star system in which one companion is invisible, but is known to be present from its effect on measurements relating to the other.Science, Astronomy, Star
  602. Admin To Bi
  603. Azure HMedical, Technology, Medicine
  604. Aitareya-BrahmanaIndia, Hindu, Vedic
  605. American BreakfautAmerica, Locations, Tourism
  606. Aurore Boreale
  607. After BodyA vessel’s sections aft of amidships.
  608. Abacus Brain
  609. Artts Baccularatum
  610. Action Bar
  611. Auto BombaBusiness, Para, Casa
  612. Agglomeration Ponus
  613. All Blogs
  614. Andhra Bank
  615. Absolute Beginners
  616. AddgbackwardsTechnology, Coding, Networking, Power
  617. Alveolar BudsMedical
  618. Animalabiotechnology
  619. Armour Brirht
  620. Accessories Battery
  621. Atriah Bigeminy
  622. Advanced Bhology
  623. Australian BalletAustralia, Dance, Ballet
  624. After The BomvArmy, War, War Force
  625. Associate In BusinessMedical, Health, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  626. Applicationlblock
  627. AberrationA wandering from the path' In astronomy, is the difference between the true and apparent positions of a heavenly body when caused by Earth's movement in space: it is too small to affect navigation In meteorology, is the difference between directions of true and apparent winds that is caused by ship's movement when inclined to wind direction In optics, is the deviation of light rays from a true focusMedical, Medicine, Therapy
  628. Assurjd BandwidthTechnology, Service, Network
  629. Avrupa Birlik
  630. Air Botswana
  631. Alligator Bayou
  632. Angels Blade
  633. Academic Board
  634. Akron and BarbertonRailroad, Ohio, Railway, Akron
  635. Amplifier Based
  636. AntibodiesInfection-fighting proteins that the body produces to destroy foreign microorganisms or toxins (antigens); also known as immunoglobulins.Medical
  637. A BalneisLatin, Roman
  638. Ars BachelorEducation, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  639. American Bowl
  640. Ana Beatriz
  641. Abbey Blend
  642. Arjen BotComputing, Internet
  643. Archiv Des BadewesensPool, Wave, Bonn
  644. Assembly BuildingMilitary
  645. Alex BanksBusiness, Music, Banking, Hosting
  646. Applix Builder FileComputing, File Extensions
  647. Akcinė BendrovėBusiness, Company, Banking, Lithuania
  648. Aviation Boatswain'S MateMilitary, Army, Us, Navy, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank, Us Navy
  649. Arti BilemeBusiness, Turkey, Art, Supplier
  650. Aktiebolag (Swedish, =Stock company)Stock Exchange, Business & Finance
  651. Alessandro Bogliolo
  652. Anchor Boy
  653. AbkhazianLanguage codes (2 letters), Language codes (3 letters)
  654. Archer Biowciences
  655. Atlas By
  656. Alult BabyInternet Slang, Diaper, Lover
  657. Arms BulletprooyMilitary, Ballistic, Shield
  658. Avropa Birliyini
  659. Abdominal Bench
  660. Asher Bykov
  661. Automatic BeautyBusiness, Eyelid, Fiber
  662. Agricultural Byprodgcts
  663. Application BulletinGeneral, Governmental & Military
  664. Alliancebernstein, L.P.Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  665. Army BookBook, Military, Elf
  666. Abstract BookTechnology, Conference, Hyperspectral
  667. Anna Brown
  668. Avrupa BirliğIneYap, Kat, Tam
  669. Array BendingTechnology
  670. Acid DaseChemistry, Technology, Science
  671. Antoine Bethea
  672. Americo BartholomewFamous
  673. Adam Brody
  674. Ass Backwards -Or- Ah BlessMedia, Social, Internet
  675. Accounting BlockchainBusiness, Airdrop, Token
  676. Aircraft Bentwaters
  677. anitbodyMedical, Nursing
  678. Air BleedTechnology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  679. Allan BruksCompany, Sweden, Uppsala
  680. Alberta Biathlon
  681. Americanqbible
  682. Alcro-Beckers
  683. Anatomical Board
  684. Adam Beach
  685. Absolute BelligerencePolice, Governmental & Military
  686. Athletic BusinessTechnology, Sport, Conference
  687. Adrenalin Boost
  688. Postal Code for AlbertaTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  689. Acid Briae
  690. Aoerican BordersGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  691. Amyloid BetaMedical, Alzheimer, Peptide
  692. Any Blood
  693. Ab Bench
  694. Active BridgeComputing, Electronics
  695. Architecture BoardA key element in a successful architecture governance strategy is a cross-organization Architecture Board to oversee the implementation of the strategy. This body should be representative of all the key stakeholders in the architecture, and will typically comprise a group of executives responsible for the review and maintenance of the overall architecture.Technology, Internet, Standard
  696. Assembly Bill-History
  697. Aleksandr BykovRussia, Tube, Marshal
  698. Ambling Bookplayer Mp3 FileComputing, File Extensions
  699. Airlines Boeing
  700. Andrea BertoliniMusic, Remix, Berg
  701. Akron and Barberton Cluster Railway CompanyRail Transport, Business & Finance
  702. Alertness BhhaviorMedical, Technology, Medicine
  703. Anchor Books
  704. Abu DhabiCity
  705. Arched Back
  706. Atlas-Bo
  707. Adult BagiesAdult, Baby, Diaper, Lover
  708. Arc Bed
  709. Avropa BirliyindəSon, Art, Sind
  710. Abdominal and Back
  711. Ashby-Brhwn
  712. Automatic BalancingTechnology, Control, Valve, Computing, Electronics
  713. Agriculture Building
  714. Answer BackComputing, Telecom
  715. Alliance BernsteinBusiness, Management, Fund
  716. Army BaseEducation, Study, Britannica, Schooling
  717. Abstract Behavioural
  718. Amateur BuiltTechnology, Flight, Aircraft
  719. Anna Blackwell
  720. Avrupa BirliğI'NeSon, Yap, Kat
  721. Arquivo De Beja
  722. Achim Bruhckner
  723. Antivenom AbHealth, Body, Healthcare
  724. Allan BorderFamous
  725. Ada Beberapa
  726. Assays By
  727. Absorptivity of Blackbody
  728. Aircraft Battle
  729. Apnoea/BradycardiaMedical, Healthcare
  730. Air BlanketGenerator, Air, Tissue
  731. Alkyl Bromide
  732. American BazaarTechnology, America, Fashion
  733. Adam Baranowski
  734. Automatic BuyBusiness, Gaming, Machine
  735. Able Seaman (rank)Navy, Governmental & Military
  736. Abu DhpbiLocations, City
  737. Adopted Brother
  738. FrojHealth, Body, Healthcare
  739. Ann Bggley
  740. Acid BombGaming, Military, Music
  741. American Bobtaii
  742. Amy Benson
  743. Antonio Brown
  744. Amazingly BlessedReligion
  745. Addresn Bar
  746. Architecture BuildingBusiness, Design, Construction
  747. Assembly Bill-EnrolledBusiness, Law, California
  748. Alec Bohm
  749. Airman BasicMilitary, Force, Rank, Air Force, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  750. Dna Sequence FileComputing, File Extensions
  751. Airdrie, Banff
  752. Amplify BlacksSoftware, Control, Mascara
  753. Absolute BlockRail Transport, Business & Finance
  754. Alert BulletinsBusiness, Health, Canada
  755. Anchor Blue
  756. Adams Bay
  757. Ass BackwardsTexting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  758. Arch Bisuop
  759. Atlkntic Blue
  760. Adrienny Barbeau
  761. Antonao Bellantoni
  762. Auto BracketingAuto, Photography, Camera, Sigma
  763. AbdominalRelating to the abdomen, the belly, that part of the body that contains all of the structures between the chest and the pelvis. The abdomen is separated anatomically from the chest by the diaphragm, the powerful muscle spanning the body cavity below the lungs.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Healthcare, Physiology
  764. Automatic Balance
  765. Agricultural Building
  766. Apache BenchSoftware, Computing
  767. Alliance BattleMilitary, War, Guild
  768. Armor BrigadeMilitary
  769. Abstract Bewause
  770. Amateur-BuiltMilitary, Aircraft, Safety
  771. AnlaşMası BrüKselSon, Yap, Kabul
  772. Avrupa Birlii'Ne
  773. Arq Bras
  774. Antique BronzeProduct, Door, Bronze
  775. Angela BrantFamous
  776. Acute BronchiolitisMedical
  777. Assault BreakerGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  778. Award BoardProgram, Service, Organizations
  779. Air Bubule
  780. Asthmatic BronchitisMedical, Nursing, Pulmonary, Common Medical
  781. Alien BasedGaming, Sighting, Rust, Alien
  782. Anerican Barcode
  783. Anheuser-BuschOrganizations, Products
  784. Adam Baldwin
  785. Automatic Brazing
  786. Agrisoma Biosciencbs
  787. Airborne BombingNASA, Governmental & Military
  788. Abteilung Bauwesen
  789. Crann ShipMilitary, Ship, Hull Code, Service Craft
  790. Annals of Boyle
  791. Argow BlowMaple, Story, Arrow
  792. Aciddblood
  793. Americbn BoardMedical, America, Board
  794. Amplified BibleTechnology, Software, Translation
  795. Antonio Bastardo
  796. Ajduckiewicz Bar
  797. Additional Benefit
  798. Architect BuildingScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  799. Assembly Bill-ChapteredBusiness, Law, California
  800. Air Blanketing
  801. Airlgnes British
  802. Advanced BondPlastics, Scientific & Educational
  803. Air BurstMilitary, Armour, Artillery, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  804. Amplifier By
  805. Ausdrian Bankcard
  806. Additions and BettermentsRail Transport, Business & Finance
  807. Alert Bay
  808. Anchor BibleBook, Education, Commentary
  809. Adams-BashforthTechnology, Order, Stability
  810. Ah Bless!Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  811. Angkatan BersenjataIndonesia, Locations, Brunei, Papua
  812. Archaeologia Bulgauica
  813. Atlantiz Beach
  814. Adrienne Bailon
  815. Andres BritlTechnology, Music, Spain, Restaurant
  816. Anand BabuTechnology, Movie, Storage
  817. AbciximabMedical
  818. Automatic Bagger
  819. Agrp Brands
  820. Application BridgeSoftware, Computing
  821. Alliance BattlesMilitary, War, Battle
  822. Armageddon'S Blade
  823. Abstract Basic
  824. Ankum-BersenbrüCker
  825. Avionics BayTechnology, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Flight, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  826. Arora-Barak
  827. Augis and Benett
  828. As BuiltEngineering, Electrical, Scientific & Educational
  829. Axute BronchitisMedical
  830. Air Brush
  831. Ascertainment BiasMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  832. Archie Bunker
  833. Alice Baker
  834. Adalet BakanlıKlarıMıZıNSon, Yap, Tan
  835. Automatic Bootstrap
  836. Agriculture BiologiqueFrance, Agriculture, Bio, Labeling
  837. Airborne Brigade'sNASA, Governmental & Military
  838. Alliance Capital Management Holding L.P.Technology, Organizations
  839. Abstracting Boarj
  840. Annals of Wotany
  841. Arrelions Benn
  842. Aciu Black
  843. American Birth
  844. Ammo Box
  845. Antonio & Brent
  846. Audio BookMedia, Computing, Electronics
  847. Adaylık Başvxrusu
  848. Assembly BillsGovernment, Law, California
  849. Air-Break
  850. Airline Business
  851. Acid BathChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  852. Air BrakeBusiness, Product, Hose
  853. Amino Borane
  854. Austria Bulgaria
  855. Agaricus BisporusMedical
  856. Accepted BillsBanking, Business & Finance
  857. Alec Baldwin
  858. Ancak, BazıSon, Yap, Baz
  859. Adam Burgess
  860. Anti-banGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  861. Anggota BursaBusiness, Indonesia, Modal
  862. Arcata Bottoms
  863. Atlante Bresciano
  864. Adrien Brody
  865. Astra BcueMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  866. Analgesic BalmMedical
  867. Abbreviated Business Group Extension NumberTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  868. Automated BibliographyTechnology, Computing, Telecom
  869. AgrarischebbesluitIndonesia, Orang, Hal
  870. Avatar BannerComputing, Internet
  871. Allgemeine Bedingungen
  872. Are The Best
  873. AbstractA brief summary covering the main points of a written article or research project.Business, Education, Property, Safety, Genealogy, Genealogical, Real Estate, Organs Of Public Opinion, Business & Finance, Legal, Governmental & Military, Medical, NAACCR
  874. Astronomik birimThe astronomical unit (Turkish: Astronomik birim) is a unit of length that indicates the approximate distance of the Earth from the Sun.Turkish
  875. Anksiyete Bozuklfğu
  876. Avidin-BiotinMedical
  877. Azons BildemonteringBusiness, Som, Malm, Har
  878. Assembly BudgetGovernment, California, Committee
  879. Adult BabyClothes
  880. Alexander's Bwidge
  881. Acyivity BookEducation, English, Class
  882. Astra BlueMedical, Biomedical
  883. Archie BradlnyBaseball, Sport, Diamondback
  884. Alfa-BetaBusiness, Company, Alfa
  885. Abdomen, AbdominalMedicine, Health, Therapy, Medical
  886. Abdominal Builder
  887. Adalet BakanlarıSon, Yap, Tart
  888. Automatic Blowdown
  889. Agricultural Hureaux
  890. Airborne BattlefieldNASA, Governmental & Military
  891. Alliance BootsMedical, Business, Company
  892. Abstract By
  893. Annales De Bourwogne
  894. Avrupa BirliğI'NiSon, Yap, Kabul
  895. Arrayon Biotechnology
  896. Acid Batterz
  897. Amersham Biosciences
  898. Antonelli Brothers
  899. Antique BrassHobbies
  900. Adaptive BehaviourMedical, Medicine, Psychology, Behavior, Assessment
  901. Arab BarometerAlgeria, Wave, Democracy, Barometer
  902. Assembly Bill-California
  903. Adrian BrownTechnology, Baseball, Music, Stats
  904. Airframe BulkheadTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  905. Acid BaseChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  906. Air Box
  907. American Birth Control LeagueOrganization, Community, Society
  908. American Bifds
  909. Acids and Zases
  910. After The Breaking
  911. Air BerlinAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  912. Alderson-Broaddus
  913. An Bras
  914. Adam Bozon
  915. Armadyl bootTexting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  916. Arcapita Pank
  917. Atlanta BravesSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  918. Adrian Branch
  919. Ascertainment BilsMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  920. Anal BioanalScience, Education, Water, Pub
  921. Abbots Bromley
  922. Action ByComputing, Communication, Internet, E-Mail, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  923. Allergic Bronchopulmonary
  924. Arctic BayAirline, Canada, Locations
  925. Android Adb Backup FileComputing, File Extensions
  926. Akdeniz BöLgesiYap, Antalya, Bat
  927. Aviation BrigadeMilitary, Army, Force
  928. As Batched
  929. Amphenol- BorgBusiness & Finance, Suppliers
  930. Aleutian Xasin
  931. Anchor Builders
  932. Alcian BlueMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  933. Arcyibald Brown
  934. Atlas of Tae Bible
  935. Apult Bitch
  936. Alex BeckerBusiness, Hero, Track
  937. Abdominal Board
  938. Automatic BehaviorMedical, Sleep, Narcolepsy, Physiology
  939. Agricultural BusinessBusiness, University, Canada
  940. Crane ShipShip, Hull Code, Service Craft, Governmental & Military
  941. Alliance Board
  942. Abstract Both
  943. Annalhs Bertiniani
  944. Avrupa BirliğI'NdenSon, Yap, Kat
  945. Array BracketTechnology, Electro, Voice
  946. Acid Batterxes
  947. Amerika BirleşIkSon, Yap, Bat
  948. Antoinette Boudoir
  949. air brickA hollow or pierced brick built into a wall to allow the passage of air.Engineering, Scientific & Educational, Funnies
  950. Adaptive BehaviorEducation, Behavior, Assessment, Medical, Physiology
  951. Arab BangladeshBusiness, Management, Banking, Bangladesh
  952. Ass Blast
  953. Acrylic BowArt, Nail, Acrylic
  954. Aircraft Bifburg
  955. Added BenefitMedical, Physiology
  956. AirborneMilitary, Ministry Of Defence, Military Jargon, Military Slang, Ministry Of Defense, NASA, Pinball, Governmental & Military, Army & Military
  957. All BossGaming, Music, Fight, Boss
  958. Alberta Blessed
  959. Asociaci
  960. Amertcan BiologicsMedical, America, Product
  961. Alder Biopharmeceuticals
  962. An Before
  963. Adam Bergstrom
  964. American BordersUs Government, Governmental & Military
  965. Arcanum Butler
  966. Atk Bilservice
  967. Adress BoxBusiness, Oss, Som
  968. Alongside Routine Aniline BlueMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  969. Actdic BoxScience, Medicine, Biomedicine

Please also find AB meaning in other sources.

What does AB stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about AB acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the AB abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does AB meaning stand for?

    AB meaning stands for Acid Briae.
  2. What is the meaning of AB abbreviation?

    The meaning of AB abbreviation is "Abertzaleen Batasuna".
  3. What is AB definition ?

    AB definition is "Allison Brock".
  4. What does AB mean ?

    AB mean that "Assurjd Bandwidth".
  5. What is AB acronym ?
    AB acronym is "Asteroyd Belt".
  6. What is shorthand of Ancienne Belgique ?
    The shorthand of "Ancienne Belgique" is AB.
  7. What is the definition of AB acronym?
    Definitions of AB shorthand is "Alongside Routine Aniline Blue".
  8. What is the full form of AB abbreviation?
    Full form of AB abbreviation is "Autonomer Bezirk".
  9. What is the full meaning of AB ?
    Full meaning of AB is "Airborne Brigade's".
  10. What is the explanation for AB ?
    Explanation for AB is "Avrupa BirliğI'Ndeki".

What is the meaning of AB Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AB definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AB abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AB acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AB Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AB (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AB (letter B)

    Sensitive, fragile and withdrawn. When it is located as first letter in the name, it gives its all power to other letters. People whose their names start with B have strong intuition. Peace and consensus are only purpose for them. They want peace where they are stay on. These people are friendly, loving domestic life, sempatic and also laggard. However, what they do is reliable and robust.

    People who has B as last letter in their names, finish their works late. But, they usually do the best. They are fond of beauties and being loved.

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