AB. Meaning

The AB. meaning is "Abbas". The AB. abbreviation has 3 different full form.

AB. Full Forms

  1. Abbas Ecclesiastical, Religion, Christian
  2. About Internet Slang, Shipping, Texting, Genealogy, Genealogical, Modern Slang, Cargo Shipping, Online Slang, Text Messaging, Funnies, Twitter, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Social Networking Sites, Technology, Aviation, Radio, Computing, Chat, Weather, Morse Code, Sms, Online, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, Computing Slang
  3. Abbey Collection of buildings, such as a church, cloisters, and guest rooms, that compose a monastery complex ruled by an abbot. Genealogy, Genealogical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AB. stand for?

    AB. stands for About.

  2. What is the shortened form of Abbas?

    The short form of "Abbas" is AB..


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