ABAD Meaning

The ABAD meaning is "Agency for Barani Area Development". The ABAD abbreviation has 13 different full form.

ABAD Full Forms

  1. Agency for Barani Area Development Business, Pakistan, Rawalpindi
  2. Aged, Blind and Disabled
  3. Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure
  4. American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry Medical, Dental, Griffin
  5. Air Battle Analysis Divisionsion Military
  6. Air Base Air Defense
  7. Agency for Barani Areas Development Farming & agriculture
  8. Asociacion Bancaria Argentina De Deportes
  9. Amyloid-Beta Binding Alcohol Dehydrogenase
  10. Avrupa Birliği Adalet Divanı Turkish
  11. Anti-Bullying Advice Directive
  12. Association of Builders and Developers Business, Pakistan, Karachi, Unclassified
  13. Associação Brasileira De Atacadistas E Distribuidores Brasil, Palestra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABAD stand for?

    ABAD stands for American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry.

  2. What is the shortened form of Asociacion Bancaria Argentina De Deportes?

    The short form of "Asociacion Bancaria Argentina De Deportes" is ABAD.


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