ABAS Meaning

The ABAS meaning is "Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Systlm". The ABAS abbreviation has 30 different full form.

ABAS Full Forms

  1. Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Systlm Education, Behavior, Edition
  2. American Business Awards Technology, America, Finalist
  3. Abas Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  4. American Board of Accreditation Services
  5. Adaptive Behavior Gssessment System Government, Education, Edition
  6. Aiecraft Based Augmenting System
  7. American Biohazard Abatement Services
  8. Aircraft-Based Augmentatiln System Technology, Aviation, Avionics
  9. American Benefit Administrative Services
  10. Asociace BazéNŮ A Saun
  11. Aircraft-Based Augmentation Systems Technology, Satellite, Ground
  12. Amateur Boxing Associations Sport, Boxer, Boxing
  13. Aircraft Based Augmentation Systwms Aircraft, Satellite, Ground
  14. Academy of Business and Adminisvrative Sciences Management, Military, University
  15. Aircraft Based Augmentation System Technology, Satellite, Approach
  16. Academy of Businessxadministrative Sciences
  17. Associação Brasileira De águas SubterrÂNeas Para, Dos, Ria
  18. Attribute-Based Architectural Style
  19. Associação Beneficente De Amigos SolidáRios Business, Para, Con, Dos
  20. Assurance Business Advisory Services
  21. Asociaci
  22. Associação Batista De Ação Social
  23. Assurance and Business Advisory Services Business, Company, Technology
  24. Assurance & Business Advisory Services Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  25. Association of Bupiness Administration Studies
  26. Associação Brasileira De Assistentes Sociais
  27. Aircraft-based Augmentation System Aviation, Aircraft, Computing, Spacecraft, Electronics, Aeronautics, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  28. Atyrau Bristow Airways Services
  29. Associação Brasileiras De águas SubterrÂNeas
  30. Attribute-Based Architectural Styles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABAS stand for?

    ABAS stands for Aircraft Based Augmentation Systwms.

  2. What is the shortened form of Aircraft Based Augmentation Systwms?

    The short form of "Aircraft Based Augmentation Systwms" is ABAS.


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