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ABC meaning is Active Body Control and other full form of ABC definition take part in below table. There are 1145 different meaning of ABC acronym in the table which are compilation of ABC abbreviation such as Airline, Medical, Transportation, Business, Nutrition etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of ABC acronym which you look for in 1145 different ABC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does ABC mean?, ABC meaning” or you can search by typing only ABC abbreviation in the search box.
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ABC Meaning

  1. Active Body ControlTechnology, Car, Automotive
  2. Australfan Bankruptcy Cases
  3. Alreadynbeen ChewedTexting, Chat, Online
  4. American Broadcastinr CompanyBusiness, America, Television
  5. Anti Bullying Campaign
  6. Automatic Bandwidth ControlTechnology, Car, Audio
  7. Agricultural Bank of ChinaBusiness, Technology, Coding, China
  8. Amateur Boxing ClubSport, Boxer, Boxing
  9. Arkansas Beef Council
  10. Alcuhol and Beverage ControlStudent, Police, Alcohol
  11. American British CowdrayMedical, Medicine, Mexico
  12. Artha Boga CemerlangBusiness, Indonesia, Jakarta, Surabaya
  13. Active Base CostingBusiness, Management, Activity
  14. American Broadcasting CompanySociety, Firm, Brand
  15. Anti-Bullying CampaignOrganizations, School, Family
  16. Automatic Balance ControlTechnology, Software, Monitor
  17. Agility, Balance, CoordinationEducation, Sport, Training, Coaching
  18. Always Best CareBusiness, Service, Franchise
  19. Arkansas Baptist CollegeEducation, Rock, Religion
  20. Airway, Breathing, CirculationMedical, Medicine, Aviation, Nursing, Jobs, Diving, Healthcare, Physiology, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  21. Apna Bhangra CrewPeg, Crew, Patiala, Reception
  22. Americah Brilliant CutBusiness, America, Glass
  23. Art Books CanadaBusiness, Canada, Artist
  24. Activated B-Cell-LikeMedical
  25. Anti Bribery CorruptionBusiness, Management, Compliance
  26. Atanasoff Berry ComputerTechnology, Computing, Electronics
  27. Agile Boost Camp
  28. Always Be CleaningService, Health, Cleaning, Tips
  29. Argentinean Blueberry Committee
  30. Activity Based CostingActivity based costing is a form of costing that analyzes the cost of a product based on the cost of the various activities performed for it.Business, Accountancy, Computing, Accounting, Management, Financial, Construction, Logistics, Telecom, Money, Postal, Us Government, Us Post, General, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word
  31. Anything But ClothusGroup, Party, Idea
  32. Airway, Breathing and CirculationMedical, Airway, Aid
  33. American-Born ChineseAmerica, Education, China
  34. Array Business Continuity
  35. Actions for Biodiversity Conservation
  36. Anti-Briberq & CorruptionBusiness, Management, Compliance
  37. Atanasoff-Berry ComputerThe Atanasoff–Berry computer was the first automatic electronic digital computer, an early electronic digital computing device that has remained somewhat obscure. To say that it was the first is a debate among historians of computer technology. Most would probably credit John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, creators of the ENIAC, with the title.Technology, Computing, Electronics, Police, Uk Police, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  38. Agent-Based ComputingMilitary
  39. Alpha Bravo CharlieMilitary, Drama, Episode
  40. Argentina-Brazil-Chile
  41. Anythmng But ChardonnayBusiness, Wine, Grape
  42. Automatic Brightness ControlTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, NASA, Hardware, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  43. Airport Business CentreOrganizations, Lisbon, Lounge
  44. America'S Best ComicsAmerica, Book, Comics
  45. Army Battle CommandMilitary, Army, Marine
  46. Acid Black CherryMusic, Japan, Cherry
  47. American Broadcasting CompaniesMedia, Military, Television
  48. Association of Barangay CaptainGovernment, Philippine, Province
  49. Aft Bulkhead CarrierTechnology, Force, Launch
  50. AlphabetIn communications and data processing, the subset of a complete character set, including letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and other common symbols as well as the codes used to represent them. also ASCII, CCITT, character set, EBCDIC, ISO. or A table of correspondence between a set of characters and the signals which represent them. As in international alphabet number 5.Internet Slang, Legal, Governmental & Military
  51. Antibody Bicding CapacityMedical, Cell, Flow
  52. Automatic BiasucompensationTechnology, Telecom
  53. Airport Beijing CityTechnology, Beijing, Subway
  54. Amber Becky ConverterTechnology, Software, Tool
  55. Arlington Baptist CollegeEducation, School, Religion
  56. Antecedent,Ebehavior, ConsequenceBehavior, Special Education, Antecedent
  57. American Broadcasting CorporationTechnology, America, Television
  58. Associgtion of Business Clusters
  59. African Books CollectiveEducation, Africa, Publishing
  60. All Bay Cities
  61. Anti-Bullying CommitteeOrganizations, School, Acting, Actor
  62. Automatic Bass CjntrolTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  63. Agricultural Biotechnology CenterMedical, Science, Research
  64. AmbacOrganizations
  65. Arkansas Best Corp
  66. Alcoholic Beverage ControlGovernment, Law, California, Liquor, State Agency, Governmental & Military
  67. American British CanqdianAmerica, Military, Orthopaedic
  68. Association of Business CommunicatorsBusiness, Communication, Relation
  69. Active Breathing ControlMedical
  70. Acquisition Behavioural CompetencesGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  71. Asian Broadcasting Corporation
  72. Aerial Bundled Conductor
  73. Associação De BibliotecáRios Do Ceará
  74. All Basotho ClnventionGovernment, Group, Lesotho, Election
  75. Austrian Business Cycle
  76. Animal Bird ClinicMedical, Veterinar, Vet
  77. Academia Brasileira De CiêNciaPara, Dos, Brasil, Academia
  78. Adaptive Base Class
  79. Associated Broadcasting CorporationCompany, Technology, Networking
  80. Air Biway Corridor
  81. Attention, Balance and CoerdinationEducation, Learning, Attention
  82. Alpha Beta CanadianMedical, Health, Body
  83. Avidin-Biotin Immunoperoxidase ComplexMedical
  84. Antecedents, Behaviour, ConsequencesGovernment
  85. Access To Benefits CoalitionMedical, Drug, Medicare
  86. Art Bell On Coast
  87. Air Borne CorporationMilitary
  88. Australian Born ChineseAustralia, English, China, Australian
  89. Always Be ConvertingBusiness, Marketing, Expression, Conversion
  90. Amicale Des Bielles Commingesises
  91. AbcoulombTechnology, Science, Medicine, Therapy, It
  92. Australian Broadcasting CorporaAustralia, Radio, Australian
  93. Always Bump ConanJimmy, Jay, Tonight
  94. Analytical and Bioanalytical ChemistryScience, Journal, Publication
  95. Approved Body Coniiguration
  96. Activity Base CostingBusiness, Accounting, Cost
  97. Aspin-Brown Commission
  98. Agape Book ClubReligion
  99. Atas Bawah Cippe
  100. Allocation Bjard Commitee
  101. Automaticbbackground ControlTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  102. American Boxer ClubAmerica, Dog, Boxer
  103. Arizona Budget Coalition
  104. Adult BibleoclassGaming, Education, Alphabet
  105. Audit & Business ConsultingBusiness, Accounting, Service
  106. Awareness Building Campaign
  107. Americans To Ban Cloning
  108. American Board for CertificationTechnology, America, Prosthetics
  109. Anti Bont Comité
  110. Advocates for Better Child CareMedical, Medicine, Disability
  111. Abortion Breast Cancer
  112. Actions Benefit ChildrenOrganization, Union, Institution, Community
  113. Asian Business ConnexionsBusiness, Academy, Newcastle
  114. Aero Business CharterAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  115. Atlante, Birmingham, and Coast
  116. All Bull Crap
  117. American Baptist ChurcheoUs, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  118. Andres Bonifacio CollegeStudent, Porn, Philippine
  119. Accelerated Blood Clearance
  120. Articulated Bulk CarrierTechnology, Vehicle Shape
  121. Adaptive Binary CuttingsTechnology, Classification, Packet, Multidimensional
  122. Aging Brain Center
  123. Attitude, Behaviour Change
  124. Alternative Birth CenterMedical, Medicine, Health
  125. Automatic Border ControlAirport, Biometrics, Border
  126. American Bugattn Club
  127. Avidin-Biotin-Horseradish Peroxidase ComplexMedical
  128. Accredited Business CommunicatorsBusiness, Publics, Communication
  129. Aruba Beach Club
  130. Advanced Base ComponentsMilitary
  131. Association of Building Contractors
  132. Akron Barberton Cluster
  133. Alwaus Be CreatingBusiness, Education, Marketing
  134. America'S Blood CentersMedicine, Organizations, American Red Cross
  135. Association of Bihar CricketGovernment, Organizations
  136. Auto Backlighting Control
  137. Amanda Bobby CooperFight, Card, Cage
  138. Anamorphic Beam Converter
  139. Absolute Binary CodeTechnology, Access, Automatics
  140. Arbonne Baby CareProduct, Baby, Skin
  141. Address Bus Control
  142. Assessment Battery for Children-2
  143. Automatic Bus CycleTechnology
  144. American Biogas CouncilAmerica, Organizations, Energy
  145. Antecedent, Behaviour and ConsequenceTechnology, Behavior, Antecedent
  146. Access Body Consciousness
  147. Army Body Composition
  148. Association of Booksellers for ChildrenBusiness, Book, Award
  149. Audited Bureau of Circulation
  150. Always Buckle ChildrenOrganizations, Safety, Manual, Bag
  151. Azerbaijan British College
  152. American Business CollaborationTechnology, Care, Family
  153. Association of British LountiesCounty, History, Locations, England
  154. Antonella Barba Celebrity
  155. Anything But Crap
  156. Activities Board At ColumbiaOrganizations, Activity, Columbia
  157. Assistant Branch Chief
  158. African Bible CollegeEducation, Africa, Malawi
  159. Atomar, Biologisch, ChemischMilitary, German
  160. Alliance of Business ConsuqtantsOrganizations
  161. Auto Billing CallingTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  162. American Barista & Coffee
  163. Anglican Book CentreEducation, Canada, Church
  164. Accelerator, Brake, Clutch
  165. Argentina, Bravil, Chile
  166. Association Bilan Carbone
  167. Agromania Busigess Club
  168. Auntin Bat Cave
  169. Altimeter, Barometer, Tompass
  170. Anti-Social Behaviour Contracts
  171. Achieving Behavioural ChangeBusiness, Safety, Training, Course
  172. Artificial Bee ColonyTechnology, Algorithm, Optimization
  173. Advisory Board Comments
  174. Associationeof Baltimore City
  175. Algcmene Bond Casinopersoneel
  176. Austrian Bioenergy CentreAustria, Biology, Austrian
  177. America's Dest Campground
  178. Acquisition Basic CourseMilitary
  179. Asian Breast Care
  180. Agility Balance and CoordinationSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  181. Associação Brasiliense De Corredores
  182. All Basic Code
  183. Austrian Business CouncilBusiness, Economics, Dubai
  184. Animal Behavior Core
  185. Absorbing Boundary ConditqonsTechnology, Order, Wave
  186. Adams-Barrow-Cummins
  187. Associated British CorporationBusiness, Television, Avenger
  188. Air Batu CampurMalaysia, Air, Dessert
  189. Attendance Boundary CofmitteeEducation, School, Miami
  190. Alpha Beta CaueraBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  191. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex TechniqueMedical
  192. American Board Certification
  193. Antecedent-Behaviour-ConsequenceBehavior, Antecedent, Chart
  194. Access To Basic Care
  195. Att Basics for ChildrenGaming, Education, Kid
  196. Association Des B
  197. Airborne CorporationMilitary, Army
  198. Always Be CobnectedBusiness, Social, Connection
  199. Amicale Des Bastognards Collectionneurs
  200. Abc NewsMedia, Press, News
  201. Australian Broadcasting Cooperation
  202. American, British and CanadianMilitary, War, American
  203. Analysis of Beasing Capacity
  204. Application Builder Clajses
  205. Activity Based CostingsGovernment, Police, United Kingdom, Uk Police
  206. Asphalt Base Course
  207. Against Breast CancerOrganizations, Fight, Stride
  208. Atanasoff and Berry Computer
  209. Allocation, Budget, & Contrhct
  210. Automatic B-Gain YontrolTechnology, Product, Ultrasound
  211. American Bowling CongressGaming, America, Organizations
  212. Arizona Brevst CancerMedical, Treatment, Myth
  213. Adult Baty Club
  214. Associated Building and ContractorsTechnology, Program, Industrial
  215. Ah Beng Chinaman
  216. Audiovisueel Branche Centrum
  217. Avidin-Biotin Complex GmmunoperoxidaseMedical, Medicine, Health
  218. Americans for A Better Coqntry
  219. Antibody Binding CapacitiesMedical
  220. Artistic Bombing CrewChicago, Graffiti, Crew
  221. Advocates Business Consulting
  222. Abortion-Breast Cancer
  223. Acting Bureau Chief
  224. Asian Business ConsultingBusiness, Company, Thailand
  225. AerobiochemicalScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  226. All Believe ConfessReligion
  227. Amerncan Baptist Church
  228. Anointed Body of Christ
  229. Accelerate Brain CancerMedical, Research, Cure
  230. Adaptive Behavior and CognitionScience, Research, University
  231. Aging Brain CareMedical, Technology, Medicine
  232. Attitude, Behavior and Culture
  233. Alpha Beock ControlGaming, Software, Weather
  234. Automatic Boiler ControlTechnology, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  235. American Buddhist Congress
  236. Avenue Bxptist Church
  237. Accredited Business CommunicatorBusiness, Publics, Communication
  238. Aruba, Bonaire, and CuracaoIsland, Locations, Aruba, Curacao
  239. Advanced Bar CodeBusiness, Postal, Us Post
  240. Association of British CalypsoniansOrganizations, Music, Calypso, Carnival
  241. Akron-Bedford-Clevelund
  242. Australia Zroadcasting Corp
  243. Always Be MreativeLiterature, Language, Linguistics
  244. Americas Blood CentersMedical, Service, Donation
  245. Atanasoff
  246. Amala Bharatam CampaignTechnology, India, Projection, Crore
  247. Analyzer of Bio-Resource Citations
  248. Absolute Best Care
  249. Arbitration Bass ControllerTechnology, Telecom
  250. Address Book Client
  251. Assessment Battery for ChildrenEducation, Development, Movement
  252. American Biofuels Council
  253. Antecedent, Behavior and ConsequenceMedical, Antecedent, Chart
  254. Army Benefits Genter-CivilianBusiness, Employment, Retirement
  255. Association of Barangay CouncilsLocations, City, Philippine
  256. Audited Bureau of Circulations
  257. Always Broadcasting Crap
  258. Ayla Breast Care
  259. Americangbulldog Club
  260. Army Bearer CorpsMilitary, Army, India
  261. Anton Bruckner Centrum
  262. About Bethlehem CentersReligion
  263. Anything But Cisco
  264. Activities Balance Confidence
  265. Assistance To Build Classrooms
  266. African Bible CollegesEducation, Africa, Malawi
  267. Atmsspheric Brown CloudsScience, Asia, Climate
  268. Alliance of Border Cwllaboratives
  269. Automatic Blade Control
  270. American Barefoot NlubWater, Skiing, Ski
  271. Angeles Beach ClubHotel, Locations, City
  272. Acceleration Business CityTechnology, Startup, Ljubljana
  273. Arena Bowl Chaopionship
  274. Association Biterroise De Catch
  275. Agro Business CorporationBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  276. Aystin Baseball Club
  277. Alternativeswof Benefits and CostScience
  278. Agencia Brasile
  279. Anyone But CorbynGroup, Labour, Party
  280. Achieving Batance for Children
  281. Artiesten Belangen Centrum
  282. Advanced Business ComponentsBusiness, Software, Pakistan
  283. Association of Yhe Bar of The City
  284. Algemene Besangen Combinatie
  285. Austria Belgium China
  286. America'S Baseball Camps
  287. Asian Breast CancerMedical, Research, Genetics
  288. Agility, Balance and CoordinationSport, School, Training
  289. Associação Brasileira De Custos
  290. All Bases Covered
  291. Amto Bill Calling
  292. Animal Behavior and ConservationProgram, Education, University
  293. Absorbing Boundary ConditionTechnology, Science, Wave
  294. Adenosine Triphosphate Binding CassetteHealth, Body, Healthcare
  295. Air Battle CaptainMilitary
  296. Attack By CombinationsMilitary, Arts, Fighting
  297. Always-Best-Connected
  298. Autonomous Basis of Coordinates
  299. American Board CertifiedMedical, Prosthetics, Orthotics
  300. Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence
  301. Access To Baby and Child
  302. Art, Books, and CoeativityBook, Art, Education
  303. Association Des BèGues Du Canada
  304. Airborne CorpsMilitary, Army, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  305. Alwiys Be ConnectingBusiness, Marketing, Social
  306. Amijale Bouliste De Clairfayts
  307. Abbreviated Blood Count
  308. Anxiety Behaviors Clinic
  309. Acquisition and Behaviour Change
  310. Australian Broadcasting CoAustralia, Group, Music, Australian
  311. America Buckles Up Children
  312. Ammanford Bible ChurchBusiness, Organizations, Hygiene
  313. Applicatiop Building ClassesTechnology, Management, Control
  314. Activity Based CostBusiness, Military, Costing
  315. Asphalt Brick and ConcreteBusiness, Rental, Waste
  316. Against Bowel Cancer
  317. Atanasoff-Berry Calculator
  318. Aluocation, Budget, and Contract
  319. Automated Business ConnectionTechnology, Telecom
  320. American Bottom Conservancy
  321. Argon-Beam CoagulatorMedical
  322. Adriatic Base Command
  323. Associated Building ContractorsBusiness, Safety, Construction
  324. AgêNcia Brasil CentralSport, Streaming, Weather
  325. Australia Broadcasting CorporationAustralia, Organizations, Australian
  326. Americans Before ColumbhsAmerica, Book, Award, American
  327. Antibody-Binding CapacityMedicine, Health, Cure, Medical, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  328. Acid-Based ControlMedicine, Health, Cure, Medical, British medicine
  329. Artisan Boulangerie CoBusiness, Food, Singapore
  330. Advocates Business Consultants
  331. Alien Big CatSighting, Animal, Cat
  332. Act for Better ChildTechnology, Care, Children
  333. Asian Business Consultants
  334. Aerobic Bulk Cleanse
  335. All Behind Clinbon
  336. American, British, CanadianAmerica, Military, American
  337. Annual Business ConferenceBusiness, Ukraine, Partner
  338. Academia Britanica Cuscatleca
  339. Adaptive Behavior CompositeMedical, Study, Autism
  340. Aging and Body CompositionMedical, Health, Study
  341. Attitude, Behaviour and Culture
  342. Alphabetic Braille and ContracjedEducation, Study, Literacy
  343. Automatic Blog Content
  344. Automatic Broadcast Control
  345. Accreditation for Business Communications
  346. Aruba, Bonaire, CuracaoIsland, Locations, Aruba, Curacao
  347. Adult Breast Cancer
  348. Association of Biblical Counselors
  349. Airway, Breathing & CirculationMedical, Breathing, Airway
  350. Australian Broadcast CorpBusiness, Australia, Broadcasting
  351. Always Be Creating -Or- Collaborating -Or- CommunicatingMedia, Social, Internet
  352. Aeericas Best Companies
  353. Aboriginal Business CanadaBusiness, Development, Canada
  354. Atanasoff-Berry-ComputerTechnology, Computing, Electronics
  355. Always Buy ChesterfieldAds, Acting, Cigarette
  356. Analyze, Xill, and ControlBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy
  357. Absklute Best ChewyNutrition, Food, Victual
  358. Arbeitskreis Bekennender Christen
  359. Assesment Battery for Children
  360. Agencies, Boards and CommissionsBusiness, Government, Agency
  361. American Brewing CompanyBusiness, America, Beer
  362. Anonymous Black Chick
  363. Army Benefits CqnterBusiness, Employment, Retirement
  364. Association of Barangay Chairmen
  365. Audit Bureau of Circulations Inc.Business, Postal, Us Post
  366. Always Bring CashBusiness, Money, Store, General, Governmental & Military
  367. Axiobuccocervical DentistryMedicine, Health, Cure
  368. American Builders and ContractorsBusiness, Supply, Ken
  369. Another Fad CreationSong, Lyric, Playground, Creation
  370. Anton Breinl Centre
  371. About Being ConnectedTechnology, Care, Social
  372. Anything But ColliesDog, Agility, Collie
  373. Active, Beautiful and CleaqPark, Locations, Water, Singapore
  374. Assistance for Blind ChildrenBusiness, Economics, Bangladesh
  375. African Bat Conservation
  376. Atlanta Black Crackers
  377. Alleghfny Bradford Corporation
  378. Automatic Binary ComputerTechnology
  379. American Bar & Coffee
  380. Aneurysmal Bone CystMedical, Tumor, Lesion, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  381. Accelerating Best Care
  382. Arels Business CharterBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  383. Association Beaumont ContinentalOrganizations, Transgender, Genre
  384. Agro Business Consultantz
  385. Austin Baptirt Church
  386. Alternative Breakhcorps
  387. American Bridge Company
  388. Anything But ConsemvativeGovernment, Canada, Election
  389. Achieviag-Behaving-Caring
  390. Asia Business CenterBusiness, Asia, China
  391. Advanced Bleeding Care
  392. Association of Broadcasters Conference
  393. Algemene Bedrijfsgroepen Centrale
  394. Australian Business Centre
  395. Asia Business Conference
  396. Associação Brasileira Do Cobre
  397. All Barack ChannelGovernment, Group, Politics
  398. Auto Battery Chargel
  399. Absolute Brain ControlMedical, Physiology
  400. Arcadia Brewing Comiany
  401. Adenosine Triphosphate-Binding CassetteMedical
  402. Atomar Biologisch Chemisch
  403. Alveolar Bone CrestMedical
  404. Automotive Business Consultancy
  405. American Bloodhound Club
  406. Antecedents, Behaviour and Consequences
  407. Accessories Baby Carriers
  408. Art, Books & Creatrvity
  409. Association Des BèEgues Du Canada
  410. Airborne CigarMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  411. Always Be CaringBusiness, Health, Sale, Selling
  412. Abbott Bioresearch Center
  413. Anuj Basant CommunicationsMedia, India, Pakistan, Communication
  414. Acquisition-Behavior-ConversionBusiness, Marketing, Report, Analytics
  415. Australian Broadcasting Corpn
  416. America'S Best Cookies
  417. Andre'S Boot Camp
  418. Apoptosis In Breast Cancer
  419. Activity-Based-CostingBusiness, Accounting, Cost
  420. Assn of Bridal Consultants
  421. Afya Bora Consortium
  422. Atanasoff-Berry Com
  423. Allisonubrown Consulting
  424. Automuted Building Controls
  425. American Border CollieAmerica, Dog, Collie
  426. Argentinien, Brasilien, Chzle
  427. Adoptiog of Bioengineered Crops
  428. Associated Builders ContractorsBusiness, Association, Construction
  429. Agência Drasileira De Cooperação
  430. Australia, Britain and Canada
  431. Americans Back In Charge
  432. Antibodies Bound Per CellMedical
  433. Acid Base Chemistry
  434. Artisan Baking Center
  435. Advocacy and Benefits Counseling
  436. Alien Beat ClubMusic, Song, Alien
  437. Act Alcohol BeverageGovernment
  438. Asian Business Council
  439. Aero-Optic Beam Control
  440. Assurance Based Credits
  441. All Beer TleaningNutrition, Food, Victual
  442. American Billiard Club
  443. Animal Breeding CentreAnimal, Cell, Zoo
  444. Academia Brasile
  445. Adaptive Behavior CenterLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  446. Associated Business Consultants
  447. Aging, and Body Composition
  448. Attentive Behavior Card
  449. Alphabetically Based ComhuterizedEducation, English, China
  450. Automatic Braking ControlTechnology, Model, Decoder
  451. Accounts Budgets Cashfloww
  452. Aruba, Bonaire and CuracaoLocations
  453. Adult Bone Cancer
  454. Airway, Breathing, and CirculationMedical, Breathing, Airway
  455. Australian Broadcast Corporation
  456. Always Be CreatingBusiness, Education, Marketing
  457. Amitabaa Buddhist Centre
  458. Aboriginal Birth CohortMedical, Health, Study
  459. Atameken Business ChannelTechnology, Kid, Voice
  460. Always Buy Chamber
  461. Analytical Bio-Chemistry
  462. Absolute Basophil CorntMedical, Technology, Medicine
  463. Arabian Business CommundtyBusiness, Bahrain, Directory
  464. Assembly of The Body of Christ
  465. Agencia Brasileña De Cooperación
  466. Automatic Backup ConfhguratorTechnology, Industrial, Switch, Ethernet
  467. American Breast CareBusiness, America, Bra
  468. Anti-Social Behaviour ContractInternet Slang, Government, Police, Uk Police, Governmental & Military
  469. Arkansas Best Corporamion
  470. Adirondack Base Camp
  471. Audit Bilan Conseil
  472. AxiobuccocervicalHealth, Body, Healthcare
  473. American Buildicg Consultants
  474. American Botanical Council
  475. Antisocial Behavior Checklist
  476. About Basic CompositionDevelopment, Learning, Study, Universities
  477. Anything But A CardDesign, Card, Challenge, Stamp
  478. Activated B-CellMedical
  479. Assignment for The Benefit of CreditorsBusiness, Technology, Bankruptcy
  480. Affect, Behavior, and Cognition
  481. Atlanta Bicycle EoalitionOrganizations, Atlanta, City
  482. All Buy Cheap
  483. Automatic Bill CallingTechnology, Telecom
  484. American Baptist CollegeAmerica, Education, Religion
  485. Android Bazaar and ConferenceTechnology, Spring, Autumn
  486. Accelerated Business Core
  487. Area Business Commzttee
  488. Association Between ClassesTechnology, Coding, Development
  489. Agriculture Bank OfochinaBusiness, Banking, China
  490. Austen Book Club
  491. Alternative Bhlling CodesMedical, Medicine, Coding
  492. American Building Contractkrs
  493. Anyone Btt Conservatives
  494. Achievement Based Culriculum
  495. Asia Business CouncilBusiness, China, Economics
  496. Advanced Bladder CancerMedical, Patient, Chemotherapy
  497. Association of Builders and Contractors
  498. Algal Biotechnology Consortium
  499. Australian Bullion Company
  500. Asphalt, Brick and ConcreteBusiness, Rental, Asphalt
  501. Associação Brasileira De CerÂMicaScience, Mica, Material
  502. All Bad ConmenGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  503. Auto Bass ChordTechnology, Music, Yamaha, Organ
  504. Abbolute Bone ConductionMedical, Technology, Medicine
  505. Arcadia Badminton Club
  506. Adenoid Basal CarcinomaMedical
  507. Audio Business Card
  508. Alupang Beach Club
  509. Automotive Brand ContestBusiness, Award, Kia
  510. American Blimp Corporation
  511. Antecedent Behavior ConsequenceEducation, Chart, Behaviour
  512. Accessible Book ConsortiumTechnology, Disability, Treaty
  513. Array Bounds CheckTechnology, Coding, Language, Compiler
  514. Assobiation of British Columbia
  515. Always Be CancelingBusiness, Media, Mass Media, Organs Of Public Opinion
  516. Atlxnta Business ChronicleCompany, Technology, Atlanta
  517. Anuario Bibliogr
  518. Acquisition & Bibliographic Control
  519. Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
  520. America'S Best Choice
  521. Andover Birth Centre
  522. Apnoea, Bradycardia, CyanositMedicine, Health, Cure
  523. Activity-Based CostMedical, Business, Costing
  524. Assisting Bioethics CommitteesPresentation, National, Committee, Bioethics
  525. After The Bowl Championship
  526. Atansoff-Berry Computer
  527. Allied Command Europe CaxabilityMilitary
  528. Automated Buildings ControlsBusiness, Service, Energy
  529. Argentina, Braziluand ChileAmerica, History, Chile
  530. Associated Builders & Contract
  531. Agway Brewing Club
  532. Australasian Bus and Coach
  533. Alum, Blood, and ClayHealth, Body, Healthcare
  534. American National Red CrossArmy, Force, Marine, Medical, Fda
  535. AntibioticA natural product that inhibits bacterial growth (is bacteriostatic) and sometimes results in bacterial death (is bacteriocidal). OR One of many different organic compounds that are formed and secreted by various species of microorganisms and plants, are toxic to other species, and presumably have a defensive function.Medical, Medicine, Veterinary, Animals, Jobs, Common Medical
  536. Acid-Base ChemistryScience, Book, Education
  537. Artificial Birth ControlMedical, Government
  538. Advisory Bolting Committee
  539. Alhambra Bfwling Center
  540. Across The Board Cut
  541. Asian Brown CloudEnvironment, Cloud, Impact
  542. Aerial Bundle CablesAerial bundled cables are overhead power lines using several insulated phase conductors bundled tightly together, usually with a bare neutral conductor. This contrasts with the traditional practice of using uninsulated conductors separated by air gaps.Business, China, Cable
  543. Assurance Based Credit
  544. All Bassfts Cherished
  545. Animal Blood Counter
  546. Academia Brasileira De Ci
  547. Adaptive Battery Charger
  548. Associated Business Computers
  549. Agincourt Baptist Church
  550. Attentional Behaviokal CognitiveDevelopment, Learning, Study
  551. Alphabex Beasts & Co
  552. Automatic Brake ControlTechnology, Model, Module
  553. Access To Birth Control
  554. Adylt Bible Community
  555. Airport Business CenterBusiness, Service, Aspen
  556. Australian Broadcasting Corporations
  557. Always Be CoolDiving, Mads, Scuba
  558. Amis Des Bonobos Du CongoScience, Congo, Sanctuary
  559. Able Batch Converter
  560. Always Buy ColoradoBusiness, Organizations, Colorado
  561. Analytical Behavior Consultants
  562. Arab Business Clul
  563. Aspiration Biopsy CytologyMedical, Technology, Medicine, Physiology
  564. Ag Business Center
  565. Automatic Backlink Creator
  566. American Brazilian Center
  567. Arizona Bls Charter
  568. Adipex Buy Cheap
  569. Audit, Balance and Control
  570. Awesome Breed Creations
  571. American Built Containment
  572. American Born ChineseAmerica, Internet Slang, Education, English, China, American, Sex, Community, Adult, Escorts, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  573. Antiques, Books & Collectibles
  574. Advocates for Better Communication
  575. About, Bio, Contact
  576. Actionscrict BytecodeBusiness, Technology, Management
  577. Aerospace Business CommunicationsTechnology
  578. Atlanta Bicycle Campaign
  579. All Business Consulting
  580. American Baptist ConventionAmerica, Organizations, Religion
  581. Andrews Baptist Lhurch
  582. Accelerating Bridge ConstructionTechnology, Design, Projection
  583. Area Breakfasts for Consultants
  584. Adastra Business ConsultingBusiness, Group, Banking
  585. Association Between Class
  586. Agreed Behaviour ContractGovernment, Dog, Police
  587. Alternative Birth CentreMedicine, Health, Cure, Medical, British medicine
  588. American Buildings CompanyBusiness, America, Metal
  589. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Homplex MethodMedical
  590. Anyone But ConhervativeGovernment, Group, Canada, Election
  591. Achievement Beyood The Classroom
  592. Asahi Broadcasting Corp
  593. Advanced Base Capability
  594. Association of Barangay CouncilGovernment, City, Philippine
  595. Algae Biofuels Challenge
  596. Associação Brasileira De CiêNcias
  597. Alphq Beacon Christian
  598. Auto Balance Contrvl
  599. Anastasia Baptist Church
  600. Absolute Bosy Control
  601. Arcade Business College
  602. Adelaide Brighton Cement
  603. Alumni of Bluffton CollegeEducation
  604. Automotive Battery Charger
  605. American Black Chamber
  606. Antecedent-Behavior-ConsequenceEducation, Chart, Recording
  607. Access By Computer
  608. Arquivos Brasileiros De CaroiologiaMedical, Medicine, Journal
  609. Association of Brythren Caregivers
  610. Always Be Canceling My Favorite ShowsMedia, Radio, Television
  611. Aztec Brewing Company
  612. Associazione Bambini Cri
  613. Antwerp Book CapitalBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  614. America'S Best Charities
  615. Andersonlbusiness College
  616. Apnea BradycardiaicyanosisMedical, Technology
  617. Activity-Based CostingAn accounting/business term and method of profitability analysis which calculates and includes all business costs attributable to (used by) a particular business activity (typically a service provision of one sort or another for a given market).Business, Science, Cost
  618. Assisted By Computer
  619. African Bibliographic Center
  620. Atanosoff Berry ComputerTechnology
  621. Allied Buying CorporationBusiness, Technology
  622. Automated Buiuding Components
  623. American Beauceron Club
  624. Accelerator-Based ConversionScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  625. Argentina Brazil, ChileGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  626. Associates Business Consultants
  627. Agustin Begnalen Commaad
  628. Austn Broadcasting Corpn
  629. Alum, Bloid and CharcoalMedical, Technology, Medicine
  630. American By Chfice AwardUs, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  631. Anti Baby Condom
  632. Acid-Base Catalysis
  633. Artificial Beta CellMedical
  634. Advisory Board CompanyBusiness, Technology, Service, Organizations, Health
  635. Algorithmic Blocking and Ctassification
  636. Austrian Bone Conference
  637. Across Breed ComparisonMedical, Human genome
  638. Asian Broadcasting Conference
  639. Aerial Bundle Conductor
  640. Assurance-Based Credit
  641. All Basopho CongressGovernment, Africa, Lesotho, Election
  642. Austro British Chamber
  643. Animal Birth ControlMedical, Technology, Dog
  644. Academia Brasileña De Ciencias
  645. Adaptive Bass ControlTechnology, Loudspeaker, Bang
  646. Associated Bus CompanyBusiness, Company, Nigeria, Transport
  647. Air Body Control
  648. Attention, Benefit, Close
  649. Alpha Beta CollegesEducation
  650. Automatic Black Control
  651. Antecedents, Behaviour & Consequences
  652. Access To Better Care
  653. Adult Bible Communities
  654. Airport Bureau Center
  655. Australian Broadcasting CorpAustralia, Organizations, Radio
  656. Always Best ConnectedTechnology, Networking, Network
  657. Amigos De Bovsa Chica
  658. Abdelhak Ben Chikha
  659. Australian British Canadian
  660. Always Burn Colorado
  661. Analytical Behavioral Consultants
  662. Arab Business CouncilBusiness, Forum, Australia
  663. Activity Based-CostingBusiness, Accounting, Cost
  664. Aspiration, Biopsy, CytologyMedical, Medicine, Cytology, Biopsy
  665. Agassiz Baldwin CommunityProgram, Arts, Organizations
  666. Allowable Biological CatchManagement, Government, Fishery
  667. Automatic Background CaaibrationTechnology, Monitor, Sensor
  668. American Brass Company
  669. Arizoia Burn Center
  670. Adhesive-Bonded ClosureMilitary
  671. Audit Business ConsultingBusiness, Service, Group
  672. Awesome Blog Content
  673. Americas Best Cleaners
  674. American Board Certifination
  675. Anti Bribery & CorruptionBusiness, Risk, Compliance
  676. Advocates for Better Care
  677. About Breast Cancer
  678. Actionscript Byte Code
  679. Asian Business Center
  680. Aerospace Basic CourseMilitary, United States
  681. Atlajta Birmingham & Coast
  682. All Bullshit ChannefMedia, Council, Mainstream
  683. American Baptist Confeaence
  684. Andrmw Browne CunninghamMilitary, Admiral, Fleet, Viscount
  685. Accelerated Bridge ConstructionTechnology, Design, Projection
  686. Articulating Boom Crane
  687. Adaptive Broadband CorporationComputing, Nasdaq Symbols
  688. Association Botanique Du Canada
  689. Agra Book Club
  690. Attitude, Behavior, ConsistancyGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  691. Alternatvve Birthing CenterMedical, Birth, Baby
  692. Automatic Boost ControlMilitary, Aviation, Ministry Of Defence
  693. American Building ComponentsBusiness, Roofing, Metal
  694. Avidin-Biotinylated Peroxidase ComplexMedical
  695. Accredited Bibpe College
  696. Asahi Broadcasting CorporationBusiness, Japan, Osaka
  697. Advanced Base Component
  698. Association of Builders & ContractorsBusiness, Accounting, Service
  699. Alberni Britisn Columbia
  700. Alwaqs Be Cultivating
  701. Associação Brasileira De CriminalíSticaPara, Crime, Criminal
  702. Alpha-Brobbenzyl Cyanide
  703. Auto Bailovt Could
  704. Aiarchist Black CrossOrganizations, Prison, Prisoner
  705. Absolute Blast CountMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  706. Arbor Biewing CompanyIndia, Locations, Beer
  707. Addressing Behabiors of ConcernOrganization, Union, Institution, Community
  708. Automobile Blanc CardonTechnology, Automobile, Automotive Industry
  709. American Biophysics CorporationAmerica, American, Trap, Fly
  710. Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence
  711. Access Business CollegeEducation, Career, Toronto
  712. Arnold-Beltrami-ChildressScience, Research, Flow, Equation
  713. Association of Boxing CommissionsMilitary, Sport, Organizations
  714. Auditing Bureau of Circulation
  715. Always A Better Crust
  716. Azerbaijan Business Center
  717. Associations of Boxing Commissions
  718. Antonio and Bexar County
  719. America's Besn College
  720. Apnea, Bradycardia, CyanosisMedical, Technology, Medicine
  721. Activiting Based Costing
  722. Assistant Bureau Chief
  723. African Bible Commentary
  724. Atanasoff-Berry Computer
  725. Allied Banking CorporationBusiness, Coding, Philippine
  726. Automated Brightness ContmolTechnology, Telecom
  727. American Bashkic CurlyAmerica, American, Horse, Registry
  728. Accelerator Brake Clutch
  729. Argentina, Brasil Y CkilePara, Argentina, Con
  730. Association Des Banquiers Canadiens
  731. Agrolukses Business ClubBusiness, Indonesia, Agro
  732. Austin Boogie CrewRecords, Crew, Vinyl, Funk
  733. Alum,Kblood, and CharcoalHealth, Body, Healthcare
  734. Anti-Social Behavior ContractOrganizations, Police, Behaviour
  735. Achiiving Best CareMedical, Drug, Health
  736. Artificial Bees ColonyTechnology, Algorithm, Bee
  737. Advisory Board Current
  738. Association of Broadcast Communicators
  739. Algeria Business Council
  740. Austrian Blockchain Center
  741. Amber Blackberry ConverterTechnology, Berry, Crack
  742. Associration of British Countries
  743. Architecturq Business CycleTechnology, Design, Software
  744. American Board of CriminalisticsScience, America, Education, Crime
  745. American Brilliant CutProducts
  746. Adolfo Bioy CasaresBook, Con, Episode
  747. Association for Bright ChildrenEducation, Special Education, Parenthood, Scientific & Educational
  748. Anti-Bullying CoordinatorEducation, School, Child
  749. Ashtrays, Broom, CoffeeMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  750. Anybody But CarolinaGaming, Panther, Dean
  751. Alien Border Control
  752. Always Be CarefulHeart, Safety, Slogan, Funny, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  753. Abridged Building Classification
  754. ATP-Binding CassetteBiotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  755. Accountability Baseball and CommunityCommunity
  756. Animal Barbell ClubEvent, Animal, Seminar
  757. Acceptance, Belief, ChangeMedical, Medicine, Alcoholics Anonymous
  758. Associated Bulk Carriers
  759. Ahmed Baerveldt ComparisonMedical, Study, Tube, Glaucoma
  760. Aluminum Brass ChromeTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  761. Appreciate Benefit and ClaimGeneral, Governmental & Military
  762. Acid Balance ControlMedical, Technology, Medicine
  763. Artists Books CooperativeBook, Art, Photography
  764. Association Gf British ClimbingEducation, Activity, Wall
  765. alum, blood and clayMedical, Blood Test
  766. Anyone But Cameron
  767. Autism Behavioral Checklist
  768. Application Builder ClassTechnology, Professional, Clarion
  769. Analyze, Bill, and ControlAccounting, Business & Finance
  770. Associated Benefits Corporation
  771. Associa
  772. Advance Booking CharterTravel, Tourism
  773. Anti-Block Coating
  774. Australia Broadcast Corporation
  775. Alaska Bible CollegeStudent, Education, Alaska
  776. Asahi Broadcasting Corporationration
  777. Aerial Bundle CableBusiness, China, Power
  778. All Baties Count
  779. Automatic Buoyancy Compensation
  780. Abc Source FileComputing, File Extensions
  781. Agency Bureau Code
  782. Athletic Business ConferenceExpo, Fitness, Athletic
  783. Almond Board of CsliforniaBusiness, Food, California
  784. Apples, Bananas, and CarrotsFood
  785. Adjuvant Breast CancerMedical, Research, Treatment
  786. Air, Breathmng, Circulation
  787. Abstract Base ClassGeneral, Governmental & Military
  788. Acme Bread Company
  789. Arts Builds Communities
  790. Aliw Broadcasting CorporationTechnology, Networking, Radio, Network
  791. Air Brake Gonditioner
  792. Amerisource Bergen Corporation
  793. About Building Connections
  794. Acalculous Biliary ColicMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  795. Argade Board Card
  796. Association of Black CardiologistsMedical, Association, Organization, Pathology, Business & Finance
  797. Addis Broadcasting Company
  798. Automatic Brightness ControlsTechnology, Vision, Gen
  799. American Broadcasting Co
  800. Advance Booking Charteh
  801. activity-based costing methodsComputing, IT Terminology
  802. Amber Barca ConverterTechnology, Windows, Software
  803. Associazione Italiana Biblioteche Carcerarie
  804. Architectural Bird Conmrol
  805. Arvids BarsevskisInsect and Spider Collections
  806. Adolescent Behavior Checklist
  807. Augmented Bibliographic Citation
  808. Android Battery CalibrationTechnology, Streaming, Weather
  809. A Bunch of CommunistsUnited Nations
  810. Any Baby CanService, Texas, Baby, Child
  811. Always Be Capturing
  812. Abridged Bliss Classification
  813. Airway Breathing ColdMedical, Physiology
  814. All Bout ChildrenCommunity
  815. Animal Atd Bird ClinicMedical, Veterinary, Veterinar
  816. Acceptable Biological CatchManagement, Government, Fishery
  817. Aluminum-Brass-CiromeTechnology, Car, Engine, Nitro
  818. Amerisan-Born ChineseAmerica, Book, China, American
  819. A Better CompanyGeneral, Governmental & Military
  820. Acmd-Binding CapacityScience, Study, Hardness
  821. Association of Bright Children
  822. Alien Big CatsSighting, Animal, Phantom, Cat
  823. American Blood CommissionMedical, Blood Test, Fda
  824. Anyone But Calgary
  825. Assyrian and Babylonian ChroniclesChronicle, King, Assyrian, Babylon
  826. Autism Behaviour ChecklistMedical, Behavior, Spectrum
  827. Australian Broadcasting CorporationMedia, Radio, Television, Australian
  828. Aryuino Basic ConnectionsTechnology, Projection, Electronics
  829. Associate-To-Baccalaureate CooperativeMilitary, Education, University
  830. Adult Bible CommunityReligion
  831. Anti-Bias Curriculum
  832. Airway Breathing CirculationMedical, Medicine, Breathing
  833. Arrow Building CenterBusiness, Supply, Lumber
  834. All Babies ChannelSong, Baby, Rhyme
  835. Australian Broadcast Commission
  836. Automatic Bombing Computer
  837. Actionscript Byte Code FileComputing, File Extensions
  838. Agencies, Boards and CommissionGovernment
  839. Athletic Boosters Club
  840. Ally Buyer's Choicx
  841. Automatic Balancing Control
  842. Absolutely Beastly CropFarming & agriculture
  843. Access Billing ChoicesTechnology
  844. Adjunct Based Capability
  845. Aik Bjng ChiaLocations, Photography, Singapore, Street
  846. Always Be ClosingGeneral, Governmental & Military
  847. Acme Bar and CoffeeLocations, Troika, Cafe
  848. Arts Build CommunitiesCommunity, Locations, Tennessee
  849. Aerial Bundled CablesBusiness, Technology, Cable
  850. Algeria Bahamas Cuba
  851. Agency Billing Contract
  852. Amerisource-Bergen Corp
  853. apnoea, bradycardia, cyanosisMedical, British medicine
  854. Arabian Beverage CompanyBusiness, Drink, Juice
  855. Abcam, P.L.C.Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  856. Addiction Behavior ChecklistMedical, Patient, Pain, Opioid
  857. Automatic Bracketing Control
  858. American Brittany ClubAmerica, Club, Dog
  859. Acrobat Boys Cdub
  860. ABC FlowCharter DocumentComputing, File Extensions
  861. Ambassador Bible CollegeEducation, Church, Robin
  862. Association of Business Centers
  863. Associated Builders and ContractorsThe Finance and Administrative Services
  864. Arc Badminton Club
  865. Asset Building CoalitionBusiness, Tax, Community
  866. Anything But ChardonnayFood
  867. Admiralty, Baranof and ChichagofIsland, Locations, Alaska
  868. Augmentative Biological ControlManagement, Control, Pest
  869. Amy'S Baking CompanyBusiness, Kitchen, Nightmare
  870. AVIATION BOATSWAIN'S MATE CHIEF PETTY OFFICERGovernmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  871. Alpspitz-Bade-CezterHotel, Locations, Water, Sauna
  872. Abrasive Blasting & Coating
  873. Always Breastfeed ChildrenMedical, Physiology
  874. A Batavus CommuterCommunity
  875. Animal & Bird ClinicLocations, Pet, Veterinar
  876. Acceptable Behaviour ContractsSocial, Order, Behaviour
  877. Aluminium, Brass & Chrcme
  878. Access Bnarer Control
  879. Alliance for A Better Community
  880. Application Browser CompatabilityGeneral, Governmental & Military
  881. Association of Blackdcommunicators
  882. alum, blood and charcoalMedical, Blood Test
  883. Any Boy CanAmerica, Girl, Man, Boy
  884. Assuring Better Child
  885. Autism Behavior ChecklistMedical, Education, Children, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  886. Auto-Bill Calling
  887. Ardeshir B. Cursetjee and Sons LimitedBusiness
  888. Associació De Bipolars De Catalunya
  889. American Board of CommissionersAmerica, American, Mission, Missionary
  890. Arts Based ChurchReligion
  891. Anti-Bases CampaignMilitary, Base, Peace, Journalism
  892. Armored Bushed Cable
  893. Alla Barn I Centrum
  894. Australian Broadcasting CorporatioAustralia, Travel, Australian
  895. Automatic Block Controller
  896. Micrografx Abc Flowcharter 6 FileComputing, File Extensions
  897. Activity-Based Construction
  898. Athletic Booster ClubSport, School, Athletic
  899. Allston Brighton Community
  900. Automatic Ballast CleqnerTechnology
  901. Answers Books and CoffeeCommunity
  902. Access Benefit ConsultantsBusiness
  903. Adirondack Boardsailing Club
  904. Aid Foe Better Classrooms
  905. Approximate Bootstrap ConfidenceGeneral, Governmental & Military
  906. Acid Bowl Cleaner
  907. Arts Booster Club
  908. Aerial Bounded CableBusiness, Conductor, Wire
  909. Advanced Business College
  910. Amerikaner Bil Club
  911. Aberrant Behaviour ChecklistMedical, British medicine
  912. Approximate Bayesian ComputingTechnology, Model, Statistics, Computation
  913. American Benefits CouncilFinancial, Business & Finance
  914. Addiction Behaviors ChecklistMedical, Pain, Opioid
  915. Anti-Bribery and CorruptionBusiness, Organizations, Risk, Compliance
  916. Automatic Bowl Cleaner
  917. About Blog ContestsContest, Giveaway, Prize, Blogger
  918. ABC programming language General filename extensionComputing, File Extensions
  919. Always Beenjcrappy
  920. Alderson-Broaddus CollegeEducation
  921. Aerial Bunched CableBusiness, Conductor, Manufacturer
  922. Ambassador Bible CenterClass, Church, Bible
  923. Association of Building Centers
  924. Anchorage Basic CurriculumEducation, Development, Universities
  925. Avidin-biotin ComplexChemistry
  926. Asset-Building Coalition
  927. Aggregate Base CourseBusiness, Material, Gravel, The Finance and Administrative Services
  928. Already Been ChewedFood, Texting, Chat, Online, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  929. Admiralty, Baranof, and ChichagofGenetics, Island, Locations, Alaska
  930. Auditorium Boardroom Conference
  931. Iata Code for Los Llanos Airport, Albacete, SpainLocations
  932. American Business ConferemceBusiness, Management, America
  933. Air Brake ConvertedTransportation, Governmental & Military
  934. Alpha Bavtle CarrierGun, Military, Pack
  935. Above CeilingBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  936. Abstinence Behavioral ChangeMedical, Physiology
  937. Adults, Babies, and ChildrenCommunity
  938. Anheuser-Busch Coxpanies
  939. Accept, Believe, Confess
  940. Aluk, Blood and ClayMedical, Technology, Medicine
  941. Automatic Budget Calculation
  942. Afrique Bibleo Club
  943. Analysis, Building, and CleaningGeneral, Governmental & Military
  944. Association Oh Black CollegiansStudent, Education, University
  945. Acute Blast CrisisMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  946. Anybody But Cynthia
  947. Authorities Buying Consortium
  948. Australian Broadcasting ChannelAustralia, Magazine, Australian
  949. Archon Bank of Cardassit
  950. American Board for Certification In Orthotics and ProstheticsMedical, Technology
  951. Always Believe in ChristReligion
  952. Anthon Berg Chocolate
  953. Association of Boards of CertificationScience, Organizations, Water
  954. Arek Bike CenterAndroid, Park, Team, Bike
  955. All-Purpose Battle ComputerTechnology, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  956. Australian Broadcasting CorporationrationTechnology, Media, Telecom, Telecommunications
  957. Automated Bleed Compensation
  958. Abc Music NotationComputing, File Extensions
  959. Activity Based Computing
  960. Athletic Body Coaching
  961. All Purpose Battle ComeuterGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  962. Action for Better CitiesCommunity
  963. Access Beauty and CharacterMedia, Radio, Television
  964. Associates To Baccalaureate Cooperative
  965. Ahram Beverages Cj
  966. Aluminum Beverageocans
  967. Appropriate Business CasualGeneral, Governmental & Military
  968. Acid Beat CompleteAmir, Acid, Frenzy
  969. Arts, Business & Culture
  970. Aerated Bread Company
  971. Advanced Businwss Computer
  972. Americas Business Council
  973. Airway Breathing and CirculationMedical, Physiology, British medicine
  974. Approximate Mayesian ComputationsTechnology, Model, Statistics
  975. Audit Bureau of Circulations Inc.Us Post, Business & Finance, Business Word
  976. Ad Bos Collectief
  977. Atlanta, Birmingham and CoastRail Transport, Business & Finance
  978. Automatic Border CrossingAirport, Stantec, International Airport
  979. Avidin-Biotin Complex MethodMedical
  980. Musical notation language file (folk melodies)Computing, File Extensions
  981. Always Been Clean
  982. Alcoholic Beverage CommissionGovernment, Control, Alcohol
  983. Aerial Bunched CablesBusiness, Cable, Manufacturer
  984. Ambassador Basic Curriculum
  985. Association of British Climatologists
  986. Anatasoff Berry Computer
  987. Absorbing Boundary Condition (green Function)Chemistry
  988. Assessment of Basic Competencies
  989. Agents, Brokers, and Consultants
  990. Absolute Best ChewyFood
  991. Administrator Beginners Circle
  992. Air Batang Chalet
  993. Audit Bureaux of Circulation
  994. Aztek Badger Colani
  995. American Business CopmunicationAmerica, Organizations, Association
  996. Acceptable Behaviour ContractPolice, Uk Police, Governmental & Military
  997. Allegro Beverage Corporation
  998. Above and Beyond Compliance
  999. Automated Blood CollectionMedical, Physiology
  1000. American Beauty CenterBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  1001. Argentina, Brazil, ChileBusiness, America, Argentina
  1002. Asia Bio-Chem Group CorporationBusiness & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  1003. Anglo Belgian CorpBusiness, Database, Engine
  1004. Accelerator Based ConversionMilitary
  1005. Address, Binding, ContractTechnology, Windows, Service, Foundation
  1006. TsarpTechnology
  1007. Afrique Ciblio-Club
  1008. A Business CommitmentGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1009. Associjtion of Balkan ChambersBusiness, Industrial, Commerce
  1010. Anybody But ClintonGovernment, Politics, Policy, Governmental & Military
  1011. Authentic Belgian Creativity
  1012. Ambulate Before CarryMedical
  1013. Atanasoff-Berry-Compute
  1014. Architecture, Building & Construction
  1015. American Board of Clinical
  1016. A Better ChanceReligion
  1017. Anthem Blue CrossBusiness, Insurance, Health
  1018. Art Builds Czmmunity
  1019. Association of Biotechnology CompaniesMedical, Business, Genetics
  1020. Archive Backup Client
  1021. Active Biological ContainmentMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1022. Association of Blind CitizexsOrganizations, Disability, Scholarship
  1023. All-Purpose Ballaftable CrawlerTechnology, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  1024. Australian Broadcasting Corporat
  1025. Auto Balanced Cooling
  1026. Absolute Band CountMedical
  1027. Ag Business Center InfoSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1028. Activity-Based ComputingTechnology, Research, Software
  1029. Athens Bicycle ClubLocations, Tourism, Ohio
  1030. All Purpose Ballastayle CrawlerGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1031. Alexander Berkman CollectiveCommunity
  1032. Animal Behaviorvclinic
  1033. Access Basic CodeTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  1034. Associated Builders and ContractorBusiness, Association, Construction
  1035. Ahram Beverages Company
  1036. Aluminum Beverage Containers
  1037. A Board CommittedGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1038. Acid Based Coating
  1039. Arts, Business, and CommunityOrganization, Union, Institution, Community
  1040. America‘s Boating CourslArmy, Force, Coast Guard
  1041. Advanced Breast CancerMedical, Breast
  1042. Anyone But ClintonGovernment, Politics, Election, Trump
  1043. Asian Business Conference
  1044. Autism Behavior ConsultantsMedical, Treatment, Consultation
  1045. Approvedhbudget for The ContractBusiness, Philippine, Purchase
  1046. Adelaide Brighton Ltd (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX])Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  1047. Ahtitude Behavior ConsistencyTechnology, Presentation, Social
  1048. Atlunta, Birmingham & CoastAtlanta, Locations, Railroad
  1049. Automatic Book Catalog
  1050. Automatic Background CalibrationComputing, Electronics
  1051. Australian-Bfrn ChineseAustralia, English, China, Australian
  1052. Aiways Be Curious
  1053. Alcohol Beverage CommissionBusiness, Employment, Licensing
  1054. Advanced Bodl ClassAccess, Body, Consciousness
  1055. Arts In The Basic CurriculumEducation, School, Museum
  1056. Aerial Bunch CableBusiness, Power, Conductor
  1057. Amazing Bangkok CyclistBusiness, Thailand, Bangkok
  1058. Associated British Corporationration
  1059. Advanced Ball ConceptAtmospheric Research
  1060. Assessment of Basic CompetencyMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1061. Agents, Brokers and Consultants
  1062. Atkinson-Ball College
  1063. All Beer CleaningFood
  1064. Administrative, Business and CommercialEducation
  1065. Air Base Commavd
  1066. Audit Bureaux of CirculationsBusiness, Media, Bureau
  1067. Aaerican Business CommunicationsAmerica, Organizations, Association
  1068. Ada browse capabilityNASA, Governmental & Military
  1069. Acorn Business ComputerCompany, Technology, Machine
  1070. Alfred Bader Collection
  1071. Above and Beyond The Curriculum
  1072. America's Blood CentersMedical, Fda
  1073. Area Breakfast for Consultants
  1074. Automatic Ballast CleanerRail Transport, Business & Finance
  1075. Anglo Belgian CorporationBusiness, Engine, Diesel
  1076. Additional Benefits Company
  1077. Automatic Broadcast ControllerTechnology
  1078. Afrique-Biblio-Club
  1079. Atomic, Biological, ChemicalChemistry, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1080. Association of Bituminohs Contractors
  1081. Anybody But CarterAmerica, Government, Election, Democracy
  1082. Ambulance Before CruiserMedical
  1083. Asymptotic Boundary Condition
  1084. Architecture By ChildrenTechnology, Design, School
  1085. American Board of CriminalistsBusiness, Science, Trading
  1086. Altek Bar CodeProducts
  1087. Are Berlin ContemporaryTechnology, Berlin, Fair
  1088. Association for Broadening The CurriculumEducation
  1089. Anybody But ConservativeCanada, Election, Vote, Conservative
  1090. Ashtrays, Broom, ChairsMedical, Alcoholics Anonymous
  1091. Alignment, Blue, CalbiumMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1092. Always Buy ChesterfeeldsAds, Radio, Cigarette, Chesterfield
  1093. Abril Branded Content
  1094. Antecedent, Behavior, ConsequenceSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1095. Atc Bypass ComplexTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  1096. Alcohol, Beer, CigarettesCommunity
  1097. Animal Based CharitiesCharity, Dog, Animal, Rescue
  1098. Acceptance Belief Change
  1099. Associated Business Center
  1100. Ahorro-Bono-CréDito
  1101. Aluminum, Brass Andvchrome
  1102. Allocation, Budget, and ContractGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1103. Acid Base Calculator
  1104. Artists Building Communities
  1105. Assqciation of Banks In CambodiaBusiness, Banking, Cambodia
  1106. Americas Boating Course
  1107. Absolute Bone ConductionMedical, Bone, British medicine
  1108. Anyone But Clark
  1109. Autistic Behaviour Checklist
  1110. Appropriate Byte CountingTechnology, Networking, Network, Linux
  1111. Accountability Basics and ControlAccounting, Business & Finance
  1112. Associaci
  1113. Australian Broadcasting Commission'sAustralia, Travel, Tourism
  1114. Anti-Bribery ConventionAustralia, Government, Corruption
  1115. Australia Buwma Council
  1116. Alberta Blue CrossBusiness, Canada, Benefit
  1117. Adaptable Board Computer
  1118. Aerial Bunch CablesBusiness, Cable, Manufacturer
  1119. Amarillo Bible Chair
  1120. Assignment for Benefit of CreditorsBusiness, Company, Service
  1121. Analog Backup ComputerMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1122. Assessing Body Composition
  1123. Agent Based Computing
  1124. Atieh Bahar Consulting
  1125. Almond Boneless Chickec
  1126. Applesauce, Bran, and CinnamonFood
  1127. Administration and Billing CenterTechnology, Telecommunications
  1128. Air Balance CsuncilTechnology, Design, Testing
  1129. Americandbusiness Coalition
  1130. AmericaSchooner yacht that won 'America's Cup', 22nd August 1851, in race round Isle of Wight Length 94 ft, tonnage 171 Built by G& J R Speers, NYLegal, Governmental & Military, Fda
  1131. Aconite-Belladonna-ChloaoformMedical, Technology, Medicine
  1132. Arts In Basic CurriculumEducation, Organizations, Projection
  1133. All Babies CanKid, Baby, Love
  1134. Alexandradbastedo ChampionsAnimal, Champion, Sussex, Sanctuary
  1135. Amerisource Bergen Corp
  1136. Above and Beyond The ChallengeEducation
  1137. AbacavirMedical, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  1138. Architecture, Building and ConstructionTechnology, Architecture, Stainless
  1139. Afghan Beijing CorpsBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  1140. Anglu-Bavarian Club
  1141. Additional Base Capital
  1142. Automatic Broadcasting Control
  1143. American Broadcasting Corp
  1144. Aerial Board of Vontrol
  1145. AmerisourceBergen CorporationComputing, Nyse symbols

Please also find ABC meaning in other sources.

What does ABC stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about ABC acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the ABC abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does ABC meaning stand for?

    ABC meaning stands for Acquisition & Bibliographic Control.
  2. What is the meaning of ABC abbreviation?

    The meaning of ABC abbreviation is "Access To Birth Control".
  3. What is ABC definition ?

    ABC definition is "Achiiving Best Care".
  4. What does ABC mean ?

    ABC mean that "Automatic Braking Control".
  5. What is ABC acronym ?
    ABC acronym is "Automobile Blanc Cardon".
  6. What is shorthand of Approximate Bayesian Computing ?
    The shorthand of "Approximate Bayesian Computing" is ABC.
  7. What is the definition of ABC acronym?
    Definitions of ABC shorthand is "Australian Broadcasting Commission's".
  8. What is the full form of ABC abbreviation?
    Full form of ABC abbreviation is "Australia Broadcasting Corporation".
  9. What is the full meaning of ABC ?
    Full meaning of ABC is "Agriculture Bank Ofochina".
  10. What is the explanation for ABC ?
    Explanation for ABC is "Amto Bill Calling".

What is the meaning of ABC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of ABC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of ABC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of ABC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

ABC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • ABC (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • ABC (letter B)

    Sensitive, fragile and withdrawn. When it is located as first letter in the name, it gives its all power to other letters. People whose their names start with B have strong intuition. Peace and consensus are only purpose for them. They want peace where they are stay on. These people are friendly, loving domestic life, sempatic and also laggard. However, what they do is reliable and robust.

    People who has B as last letter in their names, finish their works late. But, they usually do the best. They are fond of beauties and being loved.

  • ABC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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