ABDC Meaning

The ABDC meaning is "After Bottom Dead Centre". The ABDC abbreviation has 29 different full form.

ABDC Full Forms

  1. After Bottom Dead Centre Technology, Engine, Valve, Camshaft
  2. America'S Best Dance Crews
  3. American Best Dance Crew
  4. Amniotic Band Disruption Complex Medical
  5. America'S Best Dance Crew America, Crew, Episode, Performing arts
  6. Americas' Best Dance Crel
  7. Associação Brasileira De Divulgação Científica
  8. After Tottom Death Center
  9. American'S Best Dance Crew
  10. Association of Birth Defects Children
  11. America Best Dance Crew
  12. Associated Broadcasting Development Company Technology, Program, Television
  13. After Bottom Dead Center The position of the crank of a reciprocating engine when the piston is at its nearest point to the crankshaft. Technology, Auto, Technical
  14. America'S Best Dance Cre
  15. Associação Brasileira De Desportos Paua Cegos
  16. Associação Brasileira De Desporto Para Cegos
  17. Arthur Baker and Dave Clarke
  18. Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club
  19. Australian Business Developmenx Centre
  20. Australian Bomb Data Centre
  21. After-Bottom-Dead-Center
  22. Australianibusiness Deans Council Research, Education, Journal
  23. Alaska Business Development Center, Inc. Alaska
  24. Australia Business Dean Council
  25. Agricultural Biotechnologies in Developing Countries Farming & agriculture
  26. Associa
  27. Austin Belly Danceoconvention
  28. Association of Birth Defect Children Medical, Association, Organization, Disability, Business & Finance
  29. Aurora Business Defelopment Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABDC stand for?

    ABDC stands for American'S Best Dance Crew.

  2. What is the shortened form of Austin Belly Danceoconvention?

    The short form of "Austin Belly Danceoconvention" is ABDC.


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