ABDL Meaning

The ABDL meaning is "Adult Babies and Diapers Lovers". The ABDL abbreviation has 15 different full form.

ABDL Full Forms

  1. Adult Babies and Diapers Lovers Sex, Baby, Diaper
  2. Adult Baby Diaper Lover Internet Slang, Sex, Girl
  3. Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Porn, Girl, Diaper
  4. Adult Baby, Diaper Lover Girl, Baby, Diaper
  5. Adult Baby & Diaper Lover Sex, Girl, Diaper
  6. Adult Babies Diaper Lovers
  7. Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers
  8. Adult Baby and Diaper Lovers
  9. Associação Brasileira Para O Desenvolvimento De LiderançAs Technology, Networking, Lead
  10. Arctic Babies Decorator Lamp
  11. Andersen Bollerslev Diebold and Labys
  12. Automatic Binary Data Link Technology
  13. Adult Baby Diaper Lovers Sex, Girl, Diaper
  14. Adult Baby and Diaper Love
  15. Associação Brasileira De Difusão Do Livro

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABDL stand for?

    ABDL stands for Adult Baby & Diaper Lover.

  2. What is the shortened form of Associação Brasileira Para O Desenvolvimento De LiderançAs?

    The short form of "Associação Brasileira Para O Desenvolvimento De LiderançAs" is ABDL.


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