ABDR Meaning

The ABDR meaning is "Air Battle Damage Report". The ABDR abbreviation has 17 different full form.

ABDR Full Forms

  1. Air Battle Damage Report Military
  2. Abacus Direct Corp. Organizations
  3. Aircraft Battle Damage and Repair Military
  4. Aircraft Battle Damage Report Technology
  5. Alaska Birth Defects Registry Alaska, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  6. Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Technology, Military, Ministry Of Defense
  7. Akademi Bekerja Dari Rumah Product, Semiconductor, Voltage
  8. Airfield Battle Damage Repair Military
  9. Asian Biotechnology and Development Review Media, Radio, Television
  10. Army Battle Damage Repair Military, Army Regulation
  11. Aux Berges Du Ruisselet
  12. Arlotti, Beccu, Desideri, Raimondo
  13. Australian Breast Device Registry Medical, Australia, Surgery
  14. Analytics Big Data Repository
  15. Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry Medical, Australia, Blood
  16. Au Bout Des Reves
  17. Associacao Brasileira De Direitos Reprograficos Para, Dos, Pia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABDR stand for?

    ABDR stands for Air Battle Damage Report.

  2. What is the shortened form of Abacus Direct Corp.?

    The short form of "Abacus Direct Corp." is ABDR.


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