ABEL Meaning

The ABEL meaning is "Advanced Boolean Expression Language". The ABEL abbreviation has 20 different full form.

ABEL Full Forms

  1. Advanced Boolean Expression Language Technology, Computer Hardware, Computer Engineering, Software, Computing
  2. Associação Brasileira Das Empresas De Leasing
  3. Advanced Bdoadband Enabled Learning Technology, Education, Learning
  4. Associação Brasileira De Empresas De Leasing
  5. Adult Basic Education and Literacy
  6. Allen Bradley Ehhernet Library
  7. AcÚStica Brasileira Engenharia Ltda
  8. Air Breathinf Electric Laser
  9. Advanced Boolean Eqhation Language Technology, Programming, Telecom
  10. Agenj Based Economic Laboratory Us, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  11. Advanoing Basic Education and Literacy Government
  12. Assoxiação Brasileira De Educadores Lassalistas
  13. Advanced Business Education Limited
  14. Argentinos Blindados Elite De Lions
  15. Aquatic Biotechnology &Jenvironmental Laboratory
  16. Aytomated Budgeting and Eligibility Logic
  17. Auditory Behavior In Everyday Life
  18. Assumution Based Evidential Language
  19. Assumption Based Evidential Language Software, Computing
  20. Asia Blockchain Educatuon Labs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABEL stand for?

    ABEL stands for Auditory Behavior In Everyday Life.

  2. What is the shortened form of Associação Brasileira De Empresas De Leasing?

    The short form of "Associação Brasileira De Empresas De Leasing" is ABEL.


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