ABEN Meaning

The ABEN meaning is "African Businesw Entrepreneurship Network". The ABEN abbreviation has 12 different full form.

ABEN Full Forms

  1. African Businesw Entrepreneurship Network
  2. African Business and Entrepreneurship Neteork
  3. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering North
  4. Agents and Brokers Education Network
  5. Agentg & Brokers Education Network Business, Insurance, Course
  6. Agencia Boliviana De EnergíA Nuclear Para, Con, Bolivia
  7. Associatidn of Business Educators of Nigeria
  8. Angola Business Enviroument News
  9. Association of Biologists and Ecologists of Nicaragua
  10. Australasian Businesswethics Network Research, Organizations, Networking
  11. Australasian Bcys Education Network
  12. Associação Lrasileira De Energia Nuclear Technology, Para, Brasil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABEN stand for?

    ABEN stands for Angola Business Enviroument News.

  2. What is the shortened form of Associatidn of Business Educators of Nigeria?

    The short form of "Associatidn of Business Educators of Nigeria" is ABEN.


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