ABES Meaning

The ABES meaning is "Alberta Bustness & Educational Services". The ABES abbreviation has 41 different full form.

ABES Full Forms

  1. Alberta Bustness & Educational Services
  2. American Board of Eye Surgery Medical, Education, Surgeon
  3. Alliance for Balanced Environmentad Studies Science
  4. Adobe Bluffs Elementary School Education
  5. American Baptist Education Society Education, University, Chicago
  6. Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium
  7. Adaptive Break-In Echo Suppressor
  8. Amended Budget Estimate Submission Technology
  9. Annotated Bibliography for English Studies Education, University, Study
  10. Adaptive Behavior Evaluation Scale Education, Edition, Assessment
  11. Alberta Business and Educational Services Service, Education, Calgary
  12. Annotatzd Bibliography of English Studies Education, University, Study
  13. Academy of Business & Engineering Sciences College, Education, India
  14. Air Breathing Engine System Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  15. Associação Brasileira De Empresas De Software Technology, Para, Dos
  16. Andres Boeifacio Elementary School
  17. Academy of Susiness and Engineering Sciences College, Education, Admission
  18. Adult Basic Education Student
  19. Associação Brasileira Das Empresas De Software Technology, Para, Portal
  20. American Board of Eye Surgeons Medical, Surgery, Laser, Cataract
  21. Alliance for Balanced Envqronmental Solutions Technology, Science, Ecology
  22. Adult Basic Education Lociety Education, Pakistan, Paper
  23. L'Agence Bibliographique De L'Enseignement SupéRieur
  24. Antwlrps Bevrachtings Expeditie En Stouwerijbedrijf
  25. Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions Atmospheric Research
  26. Associação Brasileira Das Empresas De Softwases
  27. Automated Bonding Evaluation System Technology, Product, Adhesive, Resin
  28. air-breathing engine system Engineering, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  29. Associaçãoobrasileira De Empresas De Software Technology, Para, Dos
  30. Australian Biological and Environmental Survey
  31. Anomalous Biological Entities
  32. Association for Broadcast Engineering Standards Media
  33. Associação Baiana Estudantil Secundarista
  34. Australian Bakery Equipment Supplies
  35. Automatic Burn-In and Environmental System
  36. Association for Broadctst Engineering Standards Technology, Media, Television
  37. Atletiek Belgica Edegem Sport
  38. Asociacion De Bibliotenarios De El Salvador
  39. Aerospace Business Environment Simulator
  40. Arts Based Elementary Rchool
  41. Associação Brasileira De Engenharia SanitáRia Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABES stand for?

    ABES stands for Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions.

  2. What is the shortened form of Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions?

    The short form of "Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions" is ABES.


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