ABG Meaning

The ABG meaning is "Arterial Blood Gas". The ABG abbreviation has 104 different full form.

ABG Full Forms

  1. Arterial Blood GasMedical, Nursing, Cardiology, Respiratory, Chemistry
  2. Abingdon AtrportAirport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA
  3. Arterial Bljod GasMedical, Nursing, Cardiology
  4. Arterial Blood GasesMedical, Technology, Nursing, Respiratory, Physiology, Clinical
  5. Automatisierte Biometriegest
  6. Antique Bright Gold
  7. Advance Business Grapsics
  8. Artisan Business GroupBusiness, China, Investor
  9. Aortobifemoral GraftMedical
  10. Air-Bone GapsMedical, Health, Otorhinolaryngology
  11. Asocikci
  12. Acoustic Bash GuitarBusiness, String, Instrument
  13. Automgtisierte Biometriegestützte Grenzkontrolle
  14. Abakan-AhiaAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code
  15. Anti-Blooming GateTechnology, Camera, Sensor, Pixel
  16. Ads By GoogleBusiness, Forum, Gaming, Sex, Drive, Car
  17. Artery Bapass GraftMedical, Medicine, Coronary
  18. Aortic Bifurcation GraftMedical
  19. Agricultural Bank of Greece
  20. Asian Beautiful HirlsPorn, Sex, Girl
  21. Acsountability Block Grant
  22. Atlantic Baking Group
  23. Association Bernard Gregory
  24. Answers By GatewaySoftware, Computing
  25. Adopted Bc Grace
  26. Anywhere Board GamesTechnology, Gaming, Card
  27. Agri Business Group
  28. Asian Babl GirlSex, Asia, Asian
  29. Asiwn Beach GamesGaming, Sport, Locations
  30. American Brewers Guild
  31. Atlanta Botanical GardensPlant, Atlanta, Garden, Botany, Scientific & Educational
  32. Abitya Birla GroupBusiness, Company, Group, India
  33. Avis Budget Group
  34. Anybody But GingrichGovernment, Politics, Policy, Governmental & Military
  35. African Burial GroundEducation, Africa, Monument
  36. Asiarbusiness Gateway
  37. Asbury Automotihe Group IncTechnology, Organizations
  38. Allen Bonde Group
  39. Atlantacbotanical GardenPlant, Atlanta, Locations
  40. Active Belt Grindwr
  41. Average Blood Glucose
  42. Anton Bruckner Gymnasium
  43. African Big Game
  44. Asda Beach GamesGaming, Locations, Vietnam
  45. Air-Bone GapMedical, Patient, Hearing
  46. Aligner Blade GuideBusiness, Knife, Diamond
  47. Aterial Blsod GasMedical, Arterial, Pulmonary
  48. Acluire Benefits Group
  49. Autonomous Bougainville AovernmentGovernment, Papua, Mining, Guinea
  50. Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium
  51. Advanced Businessrgroup
  52. Ashton Rond Gigg
  53. Appui Budg
  54. African Barwick GoldBusiness, Africa, Mining
  55. Algae Blue GreenBusiness, Moment, Glucogen
  56. Atas Bawah Goyang
  57. Acoustic Bass Guitars
  58. Abelag AviationAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  59. Auto Bus GrantTransportation, Governmental & Military
  60. AxiobuccogingivalMedicine, Health, Care, Medical, Blood Test
  61. Abstract Board GameGaming, Play, Pastime, Abstract
  62. Air Bone GapMedical, British medicine
  63. Asian Baby Girls
  64. Area-Based GrantMedicine, Health, Cure, Medical, British medicine
  65. Air Base GroupAir Force, Governmental & Military
  66. Axiobucco-GingmvalHealth, Body, Healthcare
  67. Absolute Black GraniteBusiness, India, Supplier
  68. alveolar bone graftingMedical, British medicine
  69. Altenhilfe Beratungs Gmbh
  70. Arab Bank Group
  71. Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.Computing, Nyse symbols
  72. Arram Berlyn GardnerBusiness, Company, London
  73. Awkward Black GirlGirl, Misadventure, Episode, Love
  74. Absolute Best GuaranteedBusiness, Products
  75. Autogenous Bone GraftMedical, Bone, British medicine
  76. Aboasive Belt Grinding
  77. Access Business GroupBusiness, Company, Supplier
  78. Aqua Blue Gradient
  79. Anscombe Broadcasting Group, LTD.Media
  80. Armed Berber Group
  81. Absolute Beginner'e Guide
  82. Arterial Blood Gas "Sats"Medical, Nursing, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Blood Test, Clinical, Common Medical, Pulmonary Hypertension
  83. Iata Code for Abingdon Airport, Abingdon, Queenslans, AustraliaLocations
  84. Access Border Gateway
  85. Apresiasi Band Ganesha
  86. Aerobic Bacterial GeneratorLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  87. African Barrick GoldBusiness & Finance, London stock exchange
  88. Arjosari-Borobudur-GadangLocations, Terminal, Surabaya
  89. Absolute Beginners Guide
  90. Abakan-AviaAirline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  91. Abingdon Downs, AustraliaAustralia, Iata Airport Codes
  92. Groupe Ab SaOrganizations
  93. Academic Business and GovernmeneGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  94. Appui BudgéTaire GéNéRal
  95. American Barley GenomicMedical, Human genome
  96. Australian Business GroupBusiness, Australia, Investment
  97. Arizona Business Gazette
  98. Abmormal Blood GasMedicine, Health, Cure
  99. Automatic Bus GrantUs Government, Governmental & Military
  100. Axiobuccogingival DentistryMedicine, Health, Cure, Medical, British medicine
  101. Academia-Business-Governxent
  102. abnormal blood gasMedical, British medicine
  103. Aural Beariog Generator
  104. Area Based Grant

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ABG initialism stand for?
    ABG abridgment stands for Arjosari-Borobudur-Gadang.
  2. What is the shortened form of Appui BudgéTaire GéNéRal?
    The short form of "Appui BudgéTaire GéNéRal" is ABG.


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