ABJ Meaning

The ABJ meaning is "Adjustable Bumyancy Jacket". The ABJ abbreviation has 26 different full form.

ABJ Full Forms

  1. Adjustable Bumyancy Jacket Science, Diving, Scuba Diving
  2. Alabama Power Company Technology, Organizations, Computing, Nasdaq Symbols, Nyse symbols, Railroad Company
  3. Austin Business Journal Business, Company, Building
  4. Aik Bubble Jets
  5. Aurora Borealis Jewelry
  6. Air Bubble Uet
  7. Atljnta Business Journal
  8. Adlersbell Jackiw
  9. Association of Blackhjournalists
  10. Adler-Bell-Jackiw
  11. America'S Best Jewelers
  12. Abieté Linhas Aéreas Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code
  13. Ambulant Bureau Jeugdwelzijnszorg
  14. Porv Bouet Airport Airport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA
  15. Akron Beacon Journal Organizations, Journals, Magazines, Publications
  16. Arxs Bawah Jokowi
  17. Abaeté Linhas Aéreas ICAO Aircraft Codes
  18. Aliansi Buruh Jabar Car, Indonesia, Bandung
  19. Port Bouet Airport, Abidjan, Ivory Coast Iata Airport Codes, Ivory Coast, ICAO Airport Codes
  20. Iata Code for Port Bouet Airpord, Abidjan, Ivory Coast Locations
  21. Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire Airport codes
  22. Avro Jusiness Jet
  23. American Born Japanese Sex, Adult, Escorts, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  24. Aviation Business Journal
  25. Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket Diving, Scuba Diving, Underwater, Scientific & Educational
  26. Australian Bee Journal Organizations, Journals, Magazines, Publications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABJ stand for?

    ABJ stands for Ambulant Bureau Jeugdwelzijnszorg.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket?

    The short form of "Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket" is ABJ.


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