ABLA Meaning

The ABLA meaning is "Assessment of Basic Learningiabilities". The ABLA abbreviation has 22 different full form.

ABLA Full Forms

  1. Assessment of Basic Learningiabilities Science, Disability, Autism
  2. Asia Business Leader Awards Company, Technology, Asia
  3. American Belgian Laekenois Association Dog, Breeder, Breed, Belgian, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  4. Africa Business Leaders Awards
  5. American Ballet of Los Angeles
  6. Academia Boituvense De Letras E Artes
  7. Amateur Bicycle League of America
  8. Amateur Basketball League Arad Sports, Basketball, Amateur
  9. Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act Government, Health, Alcohol
  10. Asia Business Leaders Award
  11. Association Belge De Linguistique Appliquéf Education, Android, Linguistic
  12. Asia Business Leaders Awards Business, Asia, Indonesia, Awards & medals
  13. Asheville Business Leaders Association
  14. Acute Blood Loss Aneqia Medical
  15. Austin Black Lawyersdassociation
  16. Acute Blood Loss Anemia Medical, Physiology
  17. Associação Grasileira Das Locadoras De Automóveis
  18. Art by Latina Artists Performing arts
  19. Association Belge De Lingusstique Appliqu
  20. Associa
  21. Asociacion Bautista Latino Americana
  22. Asian Business Leaders Association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABLA stand for?

    ABLA stands for American Ballet of Los Angeles.

  2. What is the shortened form of Art by Latina Artists?

    The short form of "Art by Latina Artists" is ABLA.


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