ABM Meaning

The ABM meaning is "Account-Based Marketing". The ABM abbreviation has 235 different full form.

ABM Full Forms

  1. Account-Based MarketingMarketing
  2. Accountancy, Business and ManagementBusiness, Education, School
  3. Air Burst MunitionsMilitary, Vehicle, Puma
  4. Abertawe Bro MorgannwgMedical, University, Health
  5. Agriculture Business ManagementBusiness, College, Course
  6. Activity Based ManagementFinance, Stock, Investing, Computing, Electronics, Logistics, Us Government, General, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word, IT Terminology
  7. Agent Based ModellingTechnology, Model, Modeling
  8. Photo AlbumComputing, File Extensions
  9. Activity-Based ManagementMedical, Business, Cost
  10. Accountancy, Business & Management
  11. Activities Based ManagementBusiness, Finance, Human Resources
  12. Accounting Business and ManagementProgram, Education, School
  13. Ansar Bayt Al-MaqdisMilitary, Group, Egypt
  14. Account Based MarketingManagement, Marketing, Trade
  15. Accountancy, Business, and ManagementBusiness, Education, School
  16. Agro-Business Management
  17. Advanced BenchmarkingBusiness, Management, Administration, Goverance
  18. Assembly Band Movement
  19. Average Bandwidth Monitor
  20. Abm Industries IncorporatedTechnology, Organizations
  21. Apollo Boat Mfg
  22. Africa Business Media
  23. Accountancy Board of MaltaBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  24. Asynchronous Balanse Mode
  25. Advanced Bomb MachineArmy, War, War Force
  26. Association of Business Media
  27. Alat Bantuan MengajarTechnology, Guru, Surat
  28. Applied Biological MaterialsScience, Antibody, Sequencing
  29. Ars Benevola MaterMusic, Ars, Hirsch
  30. Agency Budget MatrixBusiness, Government, Allotment
  31. Atomic Blue Metallic
  32. Auto Banishment MatchSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  33. Altas, Bajas Y Modificaciones
  34. Acoustic Body Music
  35. Agriculture Biotech and MedicalTechnology, Biotechnology
  36. Associação Baiana De Medicina
  37. Advanced Behavioral Modeling
  38. AsociaţIa BăNcilor Din Moldova
  39. Aventure Du Bout Du MondeTechnology, Voyage, Globe
  40. Abm Industries, Inc.Organizations
  41. Anti-Ballastic Missile
  42. Air-Burst Munitions
  43. Accounting and Business Management
  44. Astro BasséE Montois
  45. Advanced Boiler Management
  46. Association of Breastfeeding MothersEducation, Group, Baby
  47. Alaska Business MonthlyBusiness, Alaska, Anchorage
  48. Academia Brasileira De M
  49. Applied Ballistics MunitionsMilitary, Ammo, Ammunition
  50. Array-Based Management
  51. Agencja Badań Marketingowych
  52. Atm Buffer ManagerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  53. Author'S Big MistakeMedia, Radio, Television
  54. Alexander Bain & Murray
  55. Accunet Bandwidth ManagerTechnology
  56. Associação Bahiana De Medicina
  57. Activity Based Metrics
  58. Asociación De Banqueros De MéXico
  59. Auxiliary Board MemberGovernment, Teaching, Faith
  60. Abm Business Machines
  61. Anat Baniel MethodMedical, Children, Movement
  62. Air-Bursting Munition
  63. Accounting, Business and ManagementProgram, Education, School
  64. Advanced Bit ManipulationTechnology, Instruction, Core, Processor
  65. Association of Banks MalaysiaBusiness, Banking, Malaysia
  66. Alabama Beach Mouse
  67. Academia Brasileira De MÚSica
  68. Application Business Messages
  69. Aroostook Band of Micmacs
  70. Agence Bordelaise De Mannequins
  71. Asynchronous Balances ModeTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  72. Authentication Billing Manager
  73. Alden Balch MemorialEducation
  74. Accountant'S Business ManualBusiness
  75. Associazione Bellunesi Nel Mondo
  76. Air Burst MunitionGun, Military, Vehicle
  77. Activity Based ModelingTechnology, Management, Model
  78. Art Bibliographies ModernTechnology, Arts, Library
  79. Automotive Base Mechanic
  80. AbamectinMedical, Medicine, Therapy
  81. Analyses De Biologie MéDicaleMedical, Stage, Formation, Sup
  82. Air Breathing MissileMilitary, Army, Military Engineering
  83. Accountancy and Business Management
  84. Advanced Biological MarketingBusiness, Agriculture, Soybean, Marketing, Business & Finance
  85. Association of Banks In MalaysiaBusiness, Banking, Malaysia
  86. Avrupa Barış MeclisiLen, Turkish, Frankfurt
  87. Abrasive Blasting Material
  88. Application Briefing MeetingMedicine, Health, Care, Medical, Fda
  89. Army Ballistic Missile
  90. Agaricus Blazei MurrillMedical, Cancer, Mushroom
  91. Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine
  92. Alberta Bolt Makers
  93. Accounting Business Management
  94. Association of Business MentorsBusiness, Coaching, Mentoring
  95. Air Bursting Munitions
  96. Apu Build-Up ManualTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  97. Activity Based MethodologyTechnology, Architecture, Enterprise
  98. Art-Business-Moda
  99. Agent Based Model
  100. Automatic Building MachineBusiness, China, Roll
  101. Australian Board of Missions
  102. Alternative Business Model
  103. Air-Breathing Missile
  104. Advanced Bill of Material
  105. Assigned Board Member
  106. Avocet Bolaang MongondowBusiness, Indonesia, Mining
  107. About Ballistic Missile
  108. Applied Business Management
  109. Agaricus Blazei Muril
  110. Attention Bond Mechanism
  111. Alat Bantu MendengarConsultation, Sale, Hearing, Bantu
  112. Accounting & Business Management
  113. Armor Breakpoint ModelMilitary
  114. Advanced Business ManagerBusiness, Management, Software
  115. Association of Biology Majors
  116. Air Bursting MunitionGun, Military, Vehicle, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  117. Appointment Based ModelMedical, Pharmacy, Medication
  118. Art Book Magazine
  119. Agent-Based Model
  120. Autologous Bone MarrowMedical, Medicine, Body, Bone, British medicine
  121. Alternative Bond Market
  122. Activity Based MethodBusiness, Accounting, Management
  123. Ahwatukee Board of Management
  124. Advanced Bill of MaterialsTechnology
  125. Asset Baseline MonitorTechnology, Security, Agent
  126. Aviation Boatswain'S Mates
  127. Aboriginal Business Match
  128. Apple Business Manager
  129. African Battery Metals
  130. Attentional Bias ModificationBusiness, Study, Money
  131. Accountancy Business Management
  132. Arkiv, Bibliotek, Museum
  133. Advanced Brain MonitoringTechnology, Education, Sleep
  134. Association of Bayside Municipalities
  135. Alat Bantu MengajarTechnology, Guru, Visualizer
  136. Appointment-Based Model
  137. Art, Book, MagazineTechnology, Book, Art
  138. Agency On Bay ManagementTechnology
  139. Atomic Broadcast Manager
  140. Autobiographical MemoryMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  141. Always Be MarketingBusiness, Marketing, Social, Money, General, Governmental & Military
  142. Alternating Block MethodTechnology, Flood, River
  143. Activity-Base Management
  144. alveolar basement membraneMedical, Bone, British medicine
  145. Associação Bosque MarapendiPara, Dos, Ria
  146. Air Battle Management
  147. Active Block MappingTechnology, Backup, Ranger
  148. Access Bandwidth ManagerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  149. AraşTıRma Bilgi Merkezi
  150. Aggregate Bearer MeasurementTechnology, Military, Telecommunication
  151. PhotoPlus Album fileComputing, File Extensions
  152. Associação Brasileira De MutuáRios
  153. Akademi Binaan MalaysiaBusiness, Malaysia, Training
  154. Association of Bahamas MarinasIsland, Locations, Resort
  155. Axle Back Muffler
  156. Academia De Bombeiros Militar
  157. A Buck MoreGeneral, Governmental & Military
  158. Automated Banking MachineBanking, Mortgage, General, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  159. adjusted body massMedical, Bone, British medicine
  160. Aviation Boatswain'S MateMilitary, Army, Us, Navy, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank, Us Navy
  161. Air Battle ManagersManagement, Military, Force
  162. Texas and Pacific RailwayOrganizations
  163. Accelerated Bachelor To Master
  164. Arabian Business Machines
  165. Ages Beyond MystTechnology, Gaming, Patch, Chronicle
  166. Asynchronous Balanced ModeInformation Technology, Computing, Computer, Telecom
  167. Associação Brasileira De Museologia
  168. Akademi Badminton Malaysia
  169. Association of Board Makers
  170. Avrupa Bilgi MerkezleriTechnology, Networking, Enterprise, İzmir
  171. AbeamThe bearing of an object 90 degrees from ahead (in a line with the middle of the ship).Aviation, Governmental & Military
  172. Assistant Branch ManagerBanking, Business & Finance
  173. Bamaga Injinoo Airport, Bamaga, Queensland, AustraliaAustralia, Iata Airport Codes
  174. Advertising Brand ManagementBusiness, Education, Marketing, Management, Business & Finance
  175. Air Battle ManagerManagement, Military, Force, Air Force, Governmental & Military
  176. Northern Peninsula AirportBamaga, Queensland,AustraliaAirport, IATA Code, IATA, Aviation
  177. Accelerated Bachelors To Masters
  178. Arab Business Machines
  179. Agent Based ModelingTechnology, Model, Simulation
  180. Automatic Bottle MachineProducts
  181. Associação Brasileira De Materiais
  182. Airflow Balancing MeterBusiness, Android, Anemometer
  183. Associate In Business Management
  184. Area Based Matching
  185. Avrupa Bilgi MerkeziTechnology, Ankara, Istanbul
  186. anti-ballistic missileTechnology, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  187. A Big MistakeChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  188. Advantage Business Media
  189. Missouri Pacific RailroadOrganizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  190. Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineMedical, Business, Protocol, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  191. Arab Business Machine
  192. Agent Based ModelsTechnology, Modeling, Simulation
  193. Ashdown Bass MagnifiersMusic
  194. Associação Brasileira De Metais
  195. Airborne Battle Management
  196. As Ball Milled
  197. Area Based ManagementBusiness, Development, Durban, Township
  198. Agri-Business ManagementEducation, Institute, Admission
  199. Apogee Boost MotorSpace, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, NASA, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  200. Amalan Belajar Matematik
  201. Aero AlbatrosAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  202. Acquisition Bus MonitorNASA, Governmental & Military
  203. Advanced Business Machines
  204. Iata Code for Bamaga Injinoo Airport, Bamaga, Queensland, AustraliaLocations
  205. Academy Bullets Masters
  206. Antique Boat MuseumMuseums
  207. Music AlbumComputing, File Extensions
  208. Associação Brasileira De MunicíPos
  209. Air Bombing Mode
  210. Ammonia-Beam Maser
  211. Accountancy, Business, Management
  212. Area-Based Management
  213. Agile Beam ManagementTechnology
  214. ABM Industries Incorporated (New York Stock Exchange [NYSE])Computing, Nyse symbols
  215. Assured British MeatMedical, Business, Veterinary
  216. Associação Brasiliera De Metalurgia
  217. Antiballistic MissileNASA, Governmental & Military
  218. Bamaga Injinoo AirportAirport, Locations
  219. Academy Badminton Malaysia
  220. Agaricus Blazei MurillMedical, Science, Biomedical, Food, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  221. Acute Bacterial MeningitisMedical, British medicine
  222. Associação Brasileira De MunicíPios
  223. Air Blown MortarTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  224. Advisory Board of Ministry
  225. Accountancy, Business Management
  226. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderte In Den Medien
  227. Aggressive Behavior Management
  228. Asynchronous Balance ModeComputing, IT Terminology
  229. Associação Brasileira Dos MutuáRios
  230. Akademi Borsa Merkezi
  231. Associação Brasiliera De Metales
  232. Advance Bill of MaterialsNASA, Governmental & Military
  233. Azeri Bass MusicRemix, Bass, Arabic
  234. Academia De Bombeiro Militar
  235. Albemarle & Bd.Business & Finance, London stock exchange

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ABM initialism stand for?
    ABM abridgment stands for Accounting, Business and Management.
  2. What is the shortened form of Associação Baiana De Medicina?
    The short form of "Associação Baiana De Medicina" is ABM.


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