ABMN Meaning

The ABMN meaning is "Aquatic Biodiversity Monitoring Network". The ABMN abbreviation has 10 different full form.

ABMN Full Forms

  1. Aquatic Biodiversity Monitoring Network Technology, Sex, Networking, Unclassified
  2. American Banking and Market News
  3. Associação Brasileira Masters De Natação Portuguese
  4. Associação Brasileira De Masters De Natação
  5. Adipocyte Biology and Molecular Nutrition Core Biology, Scientific & Educational
  6. Associação Brasileira de Marketing & Negócios Portuguese
  7. Agent-based Model and Notation Software, Computing
  8. Associa
  9. Aryan Black Metal Night
  10. Associação Brasileira De Marketing E NegóCios Business, Brasil, Ria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABMN stand for?

    ABMN stands for Associa.

  2. What is the shortened form of Associa?

    The short form of "Associa" is ABMN.


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