ABNF Meaning

The ABNF meaning is "Association of Black Nursing Faculty". The ABNF abbreviation has 12 different full form.

ABNF Full Forms

  1. Association of Black Nursing Faculty Medical, Education, Journal
  2. Association of Black Nursing Faculty In Higher Education Medical, Medicine, Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  3. Association for Biological Nitrogen Fixation
  4. Allied Radio Frequency Agency Basic Notification Form Military
  5. Abandoned But Not Forgotten Photo, Sex, Locations, Pic
  6. Augmented Backus-Naur Form Technology, Computing, Telecommunications, Technical
  7. Augmented Bnf Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  8. Augmented Backus
  9. Augmented Backus-Naur Format
  10. Augmented Backus-Naur Form
  11. Augmented Backus Naur Format
  12. Augmented Backus Naur Form Technology, Grammar, Syntax

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABNF stand for?

    ABNF stands for Augmented Backus Naur Format.

  2. What is the shortened form of Augmented Backus-Naur Form?

    The short form of "Augmented Backus-Naur Form" is ABNF.


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