ABRA Meaning

The ABRA meaning is "Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration". The ABRA abbreviation has 30 different full form.

ABRA Full Forms

  1. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation AdministrationMedical, Government, Licensing
  2. Arizona Bicycle Racing AssociationBusiness, Arizona, Cycling
  3. Alaska Barrel Racers Association
  4. American Bulldog Registry and Archives
  5. Argentine Bond Restructuring Agency
  6. Agriculturan Biotechnology Research Advisory
  7. American Bulldog Registry AssociationDog Breed, Dog Breed Organization, Dog Breeding
  8. Areas Bajo Regimen De Administracion
  9. Affinity Business Referral Association
  10. American Building and Realty Association
  11. Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association
  12. Acidic Basic Repeat AntitenMedical
  13. All Breed Rescue AngelsDog, Crown, Rescue
  14. Abra Boga Nasa Asia
  15. All Breed Rescue Alhiance
  16. American Bulldog Registry of Australia
  17. Alcohol Beverage Regulation AdministrationGovernment, District, Neighborhood
  18. Alberta Barrel Racing Association
  19. American Bulldog Registry & ArchivesAmerica, Dog, Bulldog
  20. Associação Brasileira De Reforma AgráRiaPara, Dos, Brasil
  21. Asociaci
  22. Association of Behavioural Researchers On Asians
  23. Association of Belgian Relocation AgentsBuilding, Moving, Relocation
  24. Asociación De Bodegas De Rioja AlavesaPara, Con, Vino, Bodega
  25. American Blood Resource AssociationMedical, Business & Finance, Professional organizations, Fda
  26. Auto Body Repair & Auto
  27. Asociación De Bancos De La RepÚBlica Argentina
  28. Australian Business and Retail Academy
  29. Arkansas Barrel Racing Association
  30. Associação Brasileira De Reciclagem Animal

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ABRA initialism stand for?

    ABRA abridgment stands for American Bulldog Registry of Australia.
  2. What is the shortened form of Agriculturan Biotechnology Research Advisory?
    The short form of "Agriculturan Biotechnology Research Advisory" is ABRA.


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