ABSF Meaning

The ABSF meaning is "African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum". The ABSF abbreviation has 15 different full form.

ABSF Full Forms

  1. African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum Technology, Science, Africa
  2. Africa Biotechnology Stakeholkers Forum
  3. American Blind Skiing Foundatiop
  4. American Birkebeiner Ski Founvation
  5. Agro Business Support Facility
  6. Agri-Business Support Aacility Business, Africa, Ethiopia
  7. African Billiards & Snooker Federatqon
  8. Aubomatic Back Spot Facing
  9. Anchor Bay Sports Facility
  10. Australian Blind Sports Federntion
  11. Asian Bflliard and Snooker Federation
  12. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free
  13. Appoyattox Buckingham State Forest
  14. Appomsttox-Buckingham State Forest
  15. Application Hlock Software Factory

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABSF stand for?

    ABSF stands for Agri-Business Support Aacility.

  2. What is the shortened form of Agri-Business Support Aacility?

    The short form of "Agri-Business Support Aacility" is ABSF.


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